Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fuck It

Fast prayer. 
Just two words. 

Eyes wide open.
Candle unnecessary.

Simple, yet superior.
Release never felt this good.

Know what you know. 
Mean what you mean.

No room for gooey in the middle.
Unsuspecting saint.

He controls as much as he can.
But not everything.

Come what may.
What-the-hell faith.

Never prayed this hard.
And meant it.

tk/May 2015

Serious, hushed read by R.A.D. ... as if he's in church ...


  1. Love this! Pretty fond of the author, too...

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  3. excellent and thanks for this image...we're all having a bit of fun with it!

  4. I'm not sure you're poem is linked Tess. I came here from my blogroll and don't see you on Mag.
    That said, hell yes Tess I hear you and join you. "Fuck It!"
    Enjoy your week ahead and I had fun as usual. Big hug!

  5. Wow. This is a lot of fun. Really good. I enjoy irreverence in all it's wonderful forms.


  6. that was so fast...:)

  7. It's short and simple. Good one.

  8. Even the Adjustment Bureau loses their shit sometimes ....

  9. I like the finality of this! Comes over beautifully.

  10. Yes that's how to pray.. Just mean it...

  11. It puts in a moment. I know that feeling.

  12. Perfect form for the subject matter. And I enjoyed the prompt!


  13. I LOOOOOOOVE this poem.

    This is my favorite line: "Know what you know." GREAT advice.


Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence.
― O. Henry (and me)