Sunday, May 3, 2015

Piss Proud

On the other side of the pond
They take the piss. 

I have a hard time wrapping
My matter-of-fact American mind
Around this pastime.

It's backwards in every logical way. 
Why the hell would someone want piss?
What do they do with it after they've taken it?

I heard it's based on a morning erection,
Brought on by a full bladder.

Appears this is the only reason
Anyone might want to be
On the receiving end.

tk May 2015

Humorous retro-esque read by R.A.D. ...that SNIFF (!) 


  1. Nice! That's funny. I lived in Scotland for two years and they were notorious for "taking the piss". It was like a national pastime. Let's see if we can "wind him up" was what everybody did in the pub every night. Maybe that's why we're so uptight in America. In Britiain, if the pissee actually got angry, he lost. To be unflappable was a high honor. Here we have a chronic case of righteous indignation. :-\

  2. Ha ha..yes ...unless its of the real 'morning glory' of course;)

  3. As for the winner of the Urinary Poetry Prize of the year - urological candidate. :-)

  4. LOL good one

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  5. on the receiving end...oh!

  6. * arched eyebrow, side-lipped smirk * ~

  7. Oh, absolutely...hahaha. Your Irish is showing ;)

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  9. Ha.. yes that's exactly captured the strange habit.. sometimes I think (some) guys are closer to dogs.

  10. Thanks For Sharing that.i hope " you've more interesting . i hope this ' blog will be ' a better blog someday ....thank you.

  11. Along with the fact that "morning glory " makes me giggle !

  12. Sheds new light on "full of piss & vinegar"... Huge grin.

  13. Thanks for the morning laugh! RAD's reading was spot on as usual. Enjoy your week.

  14. Ah yes, only being read by R.A.D. could make this sooooooooo sexy!

  15. Brilliant! yes we do tend to 'take the piss' - straight faced too!

  16. The actual term "piss proud" derives from the morning collection of, or "taking the piss", for the dying industry...
    in its overnight, concentrated form it was the best fixer of certain dyes....
    during the day, it gets weaker....
    makes you think about all these "naturally dyed" clothes you can buy nowadays...
    just whose pee are you wearing?

  17. Ha! Thanks for the giggle this morning.

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