Sunday, May 17, 2015


Splendid cocoon.
I no longer live at home;
have taken up residence in my room
like a semi-detached adolescent.

Sleep is supposed to let the demons out.
I compose letters with doodles in the margins.
No need to replace the bulb in the bedside lamp.
I have developed night vision.

I believe in scenery, look out the window. 
Monkey swing branch to branch in the maple. 
Steal from the sleeping cap peddler.
Throw down my hat.  Sweat.

Turn my pillow, search for the cool side.
Pace around like waiting for a biopsy.
Accentuate my hard R's.  Then roll them.
I am ready for Carnegie Hall.

I pray to the electric fan.
Belt it.  Sounds like yodeling.
My hair blows out in a radiant halo,
grows long enough to cover my Venus bits.

Time stands still like I am twelve.
I rise one last time from the open mattress.  
Dust bunnies pollinate the air.
My wings visceral and lacy in the dark.

tk/May 2015

A superb delivery by R.A.D. Stainforth...


  1. Tess, I LOVE this. I can feel her in my own chest.
    Particularly drawn to this:
    "My wings visceral and lacy in the dark."

  2. How do you make insomnia beautiful? Ask Tess. ;-)

  3. Primavera expressionista...superb!

  4. can so nightly ritual...but no halo....xx

  5. Love the caps for sale reference:)

    1. I was hoping someone would recognize that...

  6. This is incredible. I love these lines:
    "Sleep is supposed to let the demons out."
    "I believe in scenery"
    "I pray to the electric fan."
    "My wings visceral and lacy in the dark."

  7. I got a vivid picture with this one. You captured the restlessness so poetically. Well done!

  8. I felt like I was reading art. So many wonderful phrases. I love that last line.

  9. No amount of sleep can change what i am , Donnie Darkness !

  10. "No need to replace the bulb in the bedside lamp.
    I have developed night vision."

    Love this detail... How the wings give the speaker almost dragonfly-like abilities.

  11. Yes, indeed - insomnia like a Pollack painting!

  12. The best summary I could say is there was nothing about this I did not love!

  13. This is my new favorite Tess it's beautiful! I enjoyed the prompt and have a nice week.

    I am no longer using G+ comments on my blog right now. Hugs!

  14. I pray to the electric fan. - it was a humid sticky night here last night and I couldn't sleep and I had to have that fan running..trying to drown out the humming.


  15. This is splendid, Tessy.
    I loved reading it outloud.


  16. This was a beautiful read where every word flowed together in harmony. Lovely visual.

  17. I love the night fan, quietly humming "The Way We Whirr."

  18. Lovely stuff, enough magic to light any darkness.
    Anna :o]

  19. Bravo, I'm living many of your lines, perfectly! Except my days from age 16!

  20. 'sounds like yodeling.' Magical stuff, like fairy dust, you know

  21. ah yes.....Venus on the Half Shell.....stupendous poetry!


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