Sunday, November 9, 2014


Convict me of dandelions
and large puddles of ketchup,
the June scent of Scioto rain.

At breakfast I get drunk on Bach,
with a chaser of Copland and Joplin,
hotdogs from a cart, by noon.

Find me guilty of eating at the kitchen sink,
ordering drive-thru McDonald's fries
you shotgun, me in a Stetson.

I pretend to hate mosquitoes on the Fourth of July
come at me with sparklers, buckeyes,
those little American flags stapled to sticks.

I want to pursue our life, liberty, and happiness,
but there's something you should know

I love A. Lincoln, shamelessly.

tk/May 2013 

R.A.D. Stainforth...a rare step out of his black and white world...


  1. When I click on to the creative writing group a religious gospel page comes up - not sure if this is intentional or not!

  2. Love the end or ...just beginning... :)

  3. Oh yes, I love them too! Not the puddles of ketchup, but I know so many who eat puddles of it! This is a real live American short- you served as deliciously as if it were a fresh baked apple pie!

  4. Really is amazing...thanks, Tess! You know I love that puddles...with fries. And I love my A. Lincoln! Also, please, may I have a side of Copland?

  5. I love A. Lincoln, shamelessly.

    She should not be stifled from pursuing what she craves for. Abe and whatever is named after him ought to be good elements! Great write Tess!


  6. I love A.Lincoln too :)
    Great words, Tess :)

  7. A perfect snapshot of America. One of your best.

  8. ...I understand...!

  9. The first line is so interesting! I love how you wove so much Americana into this!

  10. Excellent poem, Tess. Love that ending.

  11. Its ok to love the flag if you still have legs !

  12. A true American indeed. Love this Tess!!


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