Sunday, November 16, 2014


Speedway soars
without pit or champion.
Glow of dashboard.
Echo of centrifugal force.

Cars never cross the finish line
bleached with tire marks.
White-knuckled steering wheels.
Endless narrow-eyed loop.

At night there is no grandstand. 
I am the only fan.  Awake.
Dizzy with silent exhaust.
Inhaled secrets.

Drivers envy the cool
underside of my pillow.
I hide under the covers.
Dream headlong.

tk/November 2014

Charming read by R.A.D. Stainforth and Amy the cat...


  1. I really like that third stanza. Good stuff.

  2. I particularly like the cat accompaniment to R.A.D.'s reading! I like the thought of driving round an empty race course at night - excellent.

  3. It gets to be a stretch with lots of eventualities. Makes it interesting! Great lines Tess!


  4. I'm right there feeling those same curves upon the roadway of life. Funny how such a simple photo of a mere highway can spark such depth from within everyone of us. Bravo Tess, on your own words, and such a thought provoking theme.

  5. Inhaled secrets....nicely illustrated by both: R.A.D.Stainforth and Amy the Cat. :)x

  6. Indeed a creative composition Tess!

  7. Took me back to some three am drives I've been on. White-knuckled steering wheels I too have known.

  8. There are a few really powerful lines.

  9. Bravo Tess I don't know how you do it! Love it!
    For the last several weeks no one has come to comment on my poems from here. I visit other's work but they don't visit mine. I don't know why this is happening but it ruins the fun of writing with Mag. I have written with Mag for years and this never happened before. This is not sour grapes I'll come back at a later date but will drop out for now. Thanks again Tess! <3

  10. I like the abyss that exists between the pillow drivers and undercover creepers !

  11. love the dizzy with silent exhaust line..x

  12. I have done some night time `drives` in my time.

  13. Just a blast from your blogosphere past. Was delightful to visit your blog after an expanse of many years....and you a Tess and my third girl is a (little) Tess. Your blog is a beautiful place of intellectual engagement and peacefulness as ever.

  14. Wow - this is superb. I looked at the photo and kinda twisted up my face, thinking "what can one write about this?" Each line of your poem is truly excellent. I have not written in an age. Yup an age. Now I am wondering if this will push me?


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