Thursday, April 3, 2008

Unmade Bed

There has been some blog chat lately about having a serene bedroom,
to evoke comfort and sleep. A few years ago, we painted the whole
room, even the ceiling, a rich dark bittersweet brown and I absolutely
adore it. It’s peaceful, simple and elegant. After I went up to make and
tweak the bed for my "serene bedroom" blog photos, I decided to leave
it unmade. It looked lovely, romantic and comfortable with the sun
streaming through the skylight onto the rumpled sheets. Maybe I
should think about leaving it this way more often.


  1. I agree with you... to leave your bed on occasion with its "tormented sheets" (someone described my morning-after-the-night-before bed that way) just makes it the more appealing. My unmade bed always makes me want to slide back in, to find that still-present warmth and rumpled welcome.

    Your bedroom is so lovely and I think serene describes it perfectly: the warm colour, the sloping ceiling, the window looking out on a maze of trees (the best thing to see out of a bedroom window)... you must have a wonderful green canopy in the summer to look at.

    Sigh... now, if I didn't have a 9am meeting, I'd be heading back to bed myself.

  2. just needs a book and cup of could stay there all day! :)

  3. By the way, I'm so struck this morning as to how the colours of your blog - the background grey, the lovely photographs - are all working so beautifully together.

  4. Thank you BP...I'm thinking serene. :)

  5. Very nice and relaxing colors. This just looks like a bedroom where one would sleep well.


  6. May I join the chorus of admiration for your bedroom? It's just beautiful.

    I painted the ceiling of my room the same as the walls, just as you did, since I have a sloped ceiling as well. It really does give a room that jewel-box feeling.

    May you enjoy many nights of peaceful slumber in your airy aerie!

  7. LL, Thank you! I love your jewel box analogy. Yes, painting the ceiling the same color gave it an enclosed, safe and cozy feeling. Perfect retreat for curling up to sleep.

  8. I absolutely love the Bittersweet Brown color...I would say also very serene and romantic...leaving the bed unmade created much more interest ...lot of design going on with the ceiling as it!....Dee Dee

  9. Yes, it looks like a painting! The wall color is wonderful....

  10. P.S. I like the bedside lamp too, it's quite pretty.

  11. I adore your bedroom. Beautiful simplicity. And, the sunlight, oh the sunlight!

  12. Damn maid service! We went out for Bloody Mary's, breakfast and and a stroll they still haven't repaired the bedroom!!

  13. Oh, daaaling, good help is so hard to find these days...;);)

  14. I was so taken with your unmade bed picture that I would like to use it in a video I am putting together of my interpretation of Dylan's 'One Too many Mornings'. I will, naturally, credit you and also include the URL of your choice in the text accompanying the video on YouTube. Please let me know which URL - or if you have any objections !!

    I enjoyed your blog ...


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