Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mexican Chicken

I am not particularly fond of casseroles, in fact I never make them...
except for this one recipe, which I made all the time when I had a
house full of teenagers. It was very popular about 10 years ago.
Everyone loved it and it fed a crowd. (I haven't made it in ages.)
WT is back in town and I had some leftover tortillas. We will be
eating it for makes wonderful leftovers. The recipe can be
adjusted easily to accommodate taste preferences. It is very mildly
spicy, but you can kick it up if you like more. Low fat versions of the
ingredients work well, too.

Mexican Chicken Casserole

6 cooked, shredded boneless skinless chicken breasts
8 large soft tortillas
1 28 oz. can diced tomatoes
2 cans cream chicken soup
1 small can navy beans
1 4 oz can mild green chiles
2 C shredded cheddar
1 T onion powder
1 clove minced garlic
1 t pepper
chives or green onions (optional)

Mix tomatoes, soup, beans, chiles, onion powder,
garlic and pepper in large bowl (all undrained) plus broth
from the cooked chicken. (If there's no broth, then add
1 C water.)

Layer in 13"x 9" pan, starting with just enough mixture
to cover the bottom, then four of the tortillas, all of the
shredded chicken, 1 C cheese, more mixture, rest
of the tortillas, mixture and end with last cup of cheese
on top. Sprinkle with chives or green onions.

Bake 350 for 45 minutes or until bubbly in center. Let
rest for 20 minutes to congeal.

Garnish with sour cream and fresh cilantro.


  1. Yumm-o! That looks wonderful. I know my Taylor would love this....anything Mexican! (was it all that mexican food I ate while pregnant with him???) Thanks for sharing. I'll make this soon!

  2. Your bedroom looks lovely.
    Peaceful and gorgeous.
    We return to Marrakech at the end of the week.
    Visit us there at
    I also really enjoy Katherine Mansfield.
    May I add you to my blog roll?

  3. Lucky WT! Yum yum! I love discovering new recipes... thanks for sharing.

  4. Elizabeth, oh yes, please do add me to your blog roll. I would be very honored! Thanks so much for your nice comments!

  5. Betsy, you guys will love this! I am surprised you don't already make this's right up your ally. Really creamy and delicious. Let me know what you think.

  6. BP, me too! I am planning on making your Tai Chicken Satay for WT this weekend. It's wonderful! :)

  7. Willow...this looks delicious...I'm going to try it this weekend. Had to glance at your beautiful bedroom once again...I love it! Glad your WT is back again......Dee Dee

  8. Yummy ! Comfort food my fav. S.

  9. This looks so delicious for my family~~I know you're a great cook so I can't wait to try!
    Thanks for your lovely site~I "visit" you each morning with coffee!! It adds such richness and lovliness to my days!
    Blessings to you

  10. Vickie..hi!! :) What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for your sweet comment. I'm headed out the door, but I owe you a nice long chatty email! Hugs to you dear friend!

  11. Hi Willow. This recipe sounds like it makes a lot, perhaps too much for my usual number of diners, but it looks so yummy and we love mexican food, (we usually make soft tacos) so I am going to halve the ingredient volumes and try it like that. I'll let you know how it turns out...

  12. This sounds very delicious, and easy. In fact, I've made myself a copy of it so I can try it out soon. Thanks for the recipe!


  13. Willow, I'm off to buy the ingredients to make this casserole. I've decided to make it in the original quantity as you describe in your ingredient list, and just enjoy the leftovers! I am going to photograph the casserole and let you have a peek!

  14. LL, Hope you enjoy it! I think you'll be glad you have the leftovers...just pop a serving into the microwave...easy peasy japanesey!

  15. Did I mention that I did end up finding canned navy beans? Glad I did, their texture is softer than kidney beans adn the white colour was a good complement to the orange-red tomatoe colour.

  16. thank you, Willow. Just copied this to serve a crew of teenage boys who will be watching final installments of "John Adams" with us tonight after church.

    here from Mod Object, deb meyers

  17. Hi Deb, I hope your gang will enjoy the dish! Isn't the John Adams series fabulous? We are really enjoying it...the history...the acting...the well done.


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