Friday, April 4, 2008

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is a wonderfully talented young artist. His pottery
creations are a modern variety of lines, shapes, textures and colors.
My daughter gave me this charming little giraffe for Christmas last
year. It is part of his fabulous menagerie collection of animal figures,
which are my particular favorites. His stores are mostly on the east
and west coast, with the exception of Chicago, I think. However,
many independent shops carry a sampling of his great creations.
His line has now expanded into bedding, furniture, home decor and
all kinds of other goodies.


  1. Dear little giraffe! I love pottery. Willow, will you tell us more about Uncle Guy, the handsome, yet short-lived gentleman photographed on your blog?

    And I LOVE "Thou shalt fear no protocol." Just my kind of motto, being one who bristles at rules. :)

  2. LOVE him, such an incredibly talented designer ! thanks for reminding me to totally peruse his amazing site !

  3. BP, You must have been picking up my brain waves! Guy's birthday is coming up this week and I'm planning a blog on him.

    There is a long story that goes along with my motto. WT found it in a magazine at I time when it was very meaningful to me. I cut it out and have had it posted ever since!

  4. Susan, I knew Jonathan Adler would be right up your ally! Glad you are enjoying his site. :)

  5. Jonathan Adler is new to me..I'll be sure to do little research on him..very nice...Dee Dee

  6. Good morning Willow! Your little giraffe is awfully sweet. I had never heard of this designer, but of course I will now look him up on the web, I am curious to see more of his work. Well today is the day---I'm going to make your mexican casserole for dinner. Everyone agrees your photo of the casserole looks mouth-watering. One change only...I am using kidney beans instead of navy beans, as I couldn't find navy beans!


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