Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Anton Karas

If you are an enthusiast of The Third Man, the subject of my
morning post, you will enjoy this clip on YouTube of Anton Karas,
the Viennese zither player who is best known for composing and
performing the background theme for this film. Click [here].

Thank you Lavinia for sharing this!


  1. Simply marvellous! I just had a listen:)

    I have heard many words used to describe this music, but the one word that really hit the nail on the head for me, is "jaunty".

    The jauntiness of this tune perfectly captures Harry Lime's insouciance and devil-may-care demeanour. By the way, this music is also used extensively in the radio series, "The Lives Of Harry Lime".

  2. Oh my! The famous ferris wheel scene is on youtube too! Don't you just love the way Harry Lime calls everyone "Old Man"?

  3. Or should I say, "Old Girl"? ;);)


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