Sunday, March 30, 2008

Flea Market Finds

This weekend was the last of the seasonal monthly antique shows at
the fairgrounds. It runs November through March and I never miss
a show if I can help it. There are literally hundreds of dealers, and
since it was the last show of the season, they were ready and willing
to dicker. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure, right?
Above are three of my little treasures.
[vintage framed Atlas moths-$20, crusty 16" candelabra-$30,
13" primitive ovid jug-$30]


  1. This is too funny. I've been picking some of my treasures out that I've found over the years to photograph for the Tea Society blog as well. Funny how great minds think!tee hee.. I found a neat little article about finding treasures that I'm going to post on there as well. I think you will appreciate it very much.

    Happy Sunday...
    Rebecca (Ladies Historic Tea)

  2. Great finds, know you will treasure each.
    I must read Shirley's book again too - I'm not sure if she's still living, she would be 83 so it's quite possible. I must check with a friend.

  3. Oh I love your finds! The candelabra is especially stunning. You are so right about one person's treasures... I have had the most interesting finds in these sorts of sales. The St. Lawrence market in Toronto has a north section and every Sunday there is an antique/flea market. It's a treasure trove. I go wonky-eyed each time I go. Happily, my favourite second-hand book-sellers have a stall there and there is always something to pick up as they have an eerily similar taste to mine in book genres. :)

    You did a splendid job placing your new treasures too, by the looks of things.

  4. Oh - a question: any idea why that is called an "Ovid" jug? Maybe it's an ancient Roman design?

  5. Your St. Lawrence market sounds like so much fun...I want to go! There weren't many old books at the show this weekend. I'm drawn like a magnet to those booths. I haven't found resting places for my items yet....they kind of float around the house for a few days until they settle. ;)

    Yes, that's my take on the "ovid" jug. I'll have to check on that.

  6. Beautifully photographed, your lovely old "market" finds. Always a pleasure to visit... I especially like the jug, but each are very lovely indeed. It seems we all have that treasure seeking gene somewhere about our person.

    Thank you for such kind comments on my letter writing post...Dee Dee

  7. The toys are out of my league, but then it's not like your talking fancy hotel prices. Your choices artistically are sweet.

  8. I can almost smell the warm sweet beeswax scent of the candles in that pretty candelabra!


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