Monday, March 31, 2008

Charming Artist

I framed this great little print by the talented artist, Rima, and hung
it near our back steps. Her wonderful blog site is called
The Hermitage. (She's listed as one of my favorites on my sidebar.)
Rima features incredibly enchanting and informative blogs, full of art,
legends and history. Her delightful style of writing is truly a joy to read.
As an added bonus, some of her charming prints are available to
purchase online.


  1. Ahh thank you Willow for this :) It's a delight to see my work in a frame on a wall in a far off country :) Thank you for you kind words and enthusiasm.
    Scotland is warming up a little, but we are still having the odd onslaught of hails and winds. Weather for curling up by the fire :)
    Take care and happy days to you and yours x Rima

  2. Beautiful arrangement on the the colors of the room Willow. I popped over the Rima's blog...I love what she does...thank you for the good tip, I will spend a little time there today..
    Thanks for sweet comments ..all happening by accident on my blog :) clicked on something and got a nice surprise...Good wishes for the day...Dee Dee

  3. Beautiful! That a wonderful spot for it! So neat that it's from Scotland, too! :)

  4. Hi Willow,

    I like the composition of these pieces on the wall. With the pretty plate, and the wall device beneath, makes for a nice rectangle of objects. You have a good eye for design!

    P.S. I'm still plugging away at my fledgeling blog, and have re-arranged and whatnot even more this morning. Thanks for all your encouragement!

  5. Thanks, know, I am trying to chose a new color for this room. The walls look fine from a distance, but are in great need of a new coat of paint and I am ready for a change! After I've had soft colors for a decade, I'm ready again for rich and vibrant.

  6. Yes, Rima's site is amazing! I hope all of you will enjoy visiting her.

  7. The blue and cream is so good together. Lovely picture Willow, to enhance your lovely home.


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