Friday, March 28, 2008

Vintage Bottles

As I have mentioned before, I love vintage things. I am attracted to
the history, mystery and beauty they portray. One of my very first
collections as a teenager, was vintage glass bottles. The browns,
greens, blues and clear ones all compliment each other. Some of my
treasure is in the little round window of the mud area by the back door.
Others are mixed in with vintage stoneware in my kitchen windowsills.
The sun shines through the glass and shows off the colors so nicely.
My two favorite bottles are the ones my son dug up on our property
from the river bank below our house, one dry summer day when the
water had receded.


  1. I love the amber glow the bottles give as the light comes through them. Sort of like a stained glass window... :)

  2. Beautiful! Just yesterday I was wishing for a vast collection of vintage bottles after I spotted a photo on Apartment Therapy of a tray filled with a variety of them. So pretty when they're grouped together in the sunlight, don't you think?

  3. Yes, sunlight is the brings them to life, much like stained glass.

  4. And thanks for the tip on Apartment Therapy...just took a look...nice photos and ideas!! Love it.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pictures..Now and then I come across lovely old bottles, but these are the best I've seen...beautiful the browns.. and I like how you have grouped them with the stoneware..

    Thank you for the nice comments about my new header :-) Dee Dee

  6. What very lovely bottles.. I have some old bottles by my window too :)
    One of them has a pointed bottom!

  7. I collect bottles too. My favourite is an old Egyptian floral oil bottle protected in a wooden ampoule. (There's a photo on my blog March 15) Your photographs are lovely especially the one with the round window and ivy in the background.

  8. wonderful capture of the bottles with the round window as the backdrop........


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