Friday, October 21, 2011

They come to me for this...

Search Terms October 20, 2011 (partial list)
It does give a taste of my blog content in a poetical sort of way...

trimming a mustache
tom terrific
castillo french sex
pre-revolution russia
bellows camera
boy standing at a window crying while it's raining
clark gable ironic
things seen and unseen
leather lips
dabadabada dababada
never apologize for being smart
alan rickman smart
naked ladies
squaw bread machine
hippie mustache
flopsy y mopsy
old farmers
thomas hart benton
uncle leo's angry eyes
stag tattoo
john paul jones corpse
margit pogany
cockernonnie hair
knock on wood
ichabod crane traveling
soup can hair curlers
stag at sharkey's


  1. This reminded me of Brookville, Ohio — a search I did a long time ago and came up with over 71,000 hits. There is nothing that plentiful here in Brookville, Ohio but Google managed to find things I never knew about.

    Mother says that hair and fingernails continue to grow after the person is buried. Of course, being from West Virginia, where they relied on "Wakes" to make sure the person was dead, they sometimes buried living people.

    Mom said one man was so heartbroken that his true love died that he dug her up several days later. When he opened the coffin, there were fingernail scratches on the lid and sides and the girls fingernails were worn down to the bone as she tried, desperately, to get out.

    That gave me the creeps.

  2. Hello Tess:
    They seek....and surely they find.

    We did!!

  3. Abe, I heard that same chilling story when I was a girl. I imagine back in the day, people in comas were assumed dead, and actually buried alive. Oh!

  4. Jane and Lance, I just popped over to your fabulous blog. I'm honored to have you as new readers. Thank you!

  5. you just provided me with several phrases-interesting and creative- to use in my own devious ways. thank you.

  6. Some of those should win prizes in their own right!

  7. It gets on somehow. Gives the creeps but ok. Can certainly live with it!


  8. I love this list! I need to figure out what the list for my blog would look like. Probably not NEARLY as fascinating :)

    Abe - this story is why my mother wanted to be cremated :)

  9. I just had a look at my stats and keyword search too!...Anyway! I've decided rather than scratch my head in sheer bewilderment to do something with it...Great stuff M'lady!

  10. What a neat idea Tess ... my fave is "soup can hair curlers" ...

  11. Stags, mustaches, and uncle leo's angry eyes. There has to be a poem in there somewhere, Tess.

  12. R.A.D., I am amiss in that I should have given you credit for this great idea...which I brazenly stole from you...

  13. Tess my list would be such a bore compared to yours!!

    Happiest of Birthdays by the way. You should celebrate all month of course!


    Art by Karena

  14. Aw, man...R.A.D. beat me to the "soup can hair curlers" :-) Fabulous list, although I may never sleep again after Abe's story.

  15. Reading search terms in my stats is one of my favorite things about blogging. So intriguing. Yours are much more eclectic than mine. I hope you'll post them often. I love reading them. Happy Birthday Month, Tess.

  16. Wonderful idea! Even your search terms have a certain poetic sound to them! And i agree-NEVER apologize for being smart!

  17. famous or infamous, that is the question

  18. Dear Tess: A fantastic flurry of thoughtforms makes for interesting Googling. I've learned a lot tonight!

    Please what's "dabadabada dababada" my forehead is wrinkling again!

  19. Chicco, it's from the film A Man and a Woman:

  20. Now that's a fun list! I'll have to try this.

  21. Oh dear, people are looking for the weirdest things!
    What a surprise then, to have the luck to land on your blog.

    Happy Sunday, I imagine you in wolly socks, a good book, and a cup of coffee,

  22. P.S.:
    I just looked at my keyword analysis - gosh, I am afraid I'll win in the "single most uninteresting" category! I noticed, though, people are dreaming of Vienna and Christmas already. ;-)

  23. What a great idea (and results) I need to think about this for my own blog.

  24. I'm going through some of your older posts because I am so enraptured with your blog, and then I come across this list of search terms.

    Alan Rickman? Do I have to share my fantasy boyfriend with you too? No one finds MY blog searching for Alan Rickman, and I mention him all the damn time.

    Just had to tell you. It amused me. I'll try not to stalk you in the comments anymore.


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