Monday, November 22, 2010


Baritone moon,
I watch from my loge
of evening trees, as you swell
low, largo, endeavor to please,
your mouth whole and deep.


  1. Willow,
    I'm right there!

  2. Somehow calling it the beaver moon takes some of the beautiful mystic out of the view. Simply beautiful.

  3. Who the hell called it 'the beaver moon', and what 'mystic' has been taken out of the 'view', Jojo? Why is it beautiful? What are you on?

  4. Stunning photo but the poem is simply breathtaking. Thank you. Made my day, really!

  5. I like the operatic quality to nature's enchantments.

  6. absolutely gorgeous and a bit sexy, could you not swoon at the sight of such a beautiful moon?

  7. Seriously, Willow, I'm waiting for your book. Exquisite.

  8. lovely...I took photos of the moon tonight, too...they look exactly the same! So pretty! Yes, it's 'full' isn't it? Be careful! ha.

  9. Tess,

    These folks are refering to such a view as a 'beaver moon'? Barbaric!

    Yes. BARITONE moon. Yes. This is 25% Romeo and Juliet, 25% Frank Langella and Kate Nelligan in Dracula, 25% Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche in Damage, 20% smouldering, distanced smart challenge of Malkevich and Close in Dangerous Liaisons, and 5% the Walken/Taylor 'philosophy of hard edge' scene in Abel Ferrara's The Addict.

    Tight intermingling of nocturnal nature,high culture and sexual impulse. Compression works!

    (I guess I liked it?)

  10. Wonderful poem on this full moon; this Beaver moon as it is known in November. I think that Jojo should have qualified why she was calling it a beaver moon. Maybe that is where Tom is a bit perplexed. I heard the information today on the radio and it was first described like this by the American Indians of the northern and eastern U.S. It was a way for them to keep track of the seasons and the full moons. It was a time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze in order to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. I'm not sure how or why she means that it "takes some of the beautiful mystic out of the view". To me, it just explains the reason why it was called this. Whatever the case, a Fall full moon is always so beautiful and mysterious looking and I think you really hit the nail on the head with your poetic description of it in your sky. Funny, we just watched a movie called "Dear John" and one of the things that they focused on in the movie was the fact that when you held your thumb up to the moon, no matter where you were, it was always the size of your thumb. So, essentially, we are all looking at the same moon, the same size, no matter where in the world we are. What a wonderful, unifying thought that is. We are all connected to that same view, perhaps at different times of the day, but still connected.

  11. Interesting discussion going on here. Thanks, Teri, for the explanation of the November "Beaver Moon". My view leaned more in the operatic direction!

  12. Trulyfool, I love your steamy couples percentage breakdowns. I'm glad you liked it.

  13. willow--there is some magic going on up there in willow manor--stag deer walking up to your window... a full moon waxing or is it waning? Very intoxicating and always interesting --kudos c

  14. Love the image, and of course the words. These are the best nights to be out conversing with the moon.

  15. Beautiful poem, Willow, and absolutely erotic! Or maybe I have a naughty mind?


  16. Anthony, I love to take an evening walk, just after twilight. It's been especially wonderful this week, watching the moon rise above the trees.

  17. You have saved the experience in a small casket of beautifully chosen words.

  18. Perfectly matched and perfectly balanced words and images.

  19. It's fun to think the moon I saw last night, was the same moon you saw and wrote about. Reminds me that the world is small, after all. Thanks.

  20. the moon has been lovely these last few days. original, to think of the moon as a baritone with a mouth whole and deep. evocative poem

  21. Beautiful moon, whatever it is called. Lovely poem, too!

  22. So imaginative..a whole new world in this lovely poem!

  23. Love this trenchant and moving poem, proving once again that less can be more. Great imagery in both the photo and the words of the poem.

  24. Willow,
    A full moon reflects fulfilment and captured so nicely within the poem. Beautiful!

  25. That is a little gem! i love the feel of it in my mouth, especilly the vowels... the various 'O' sounds. Bravo!

  26. Haunting image and wonderful "aria" to accompany it.

  27. Enjoyed, realy enjoyed this one.

  28. To begin with your photo is
    stunning. With the black background
    on your site, the image seems to
    emanate from out of the darkness,
    seems to almost be alive, and
    have three dimensions.

    Great that trulyfool found the
    cinematic references in this
    polished operatic gem, for
    the loges were always the
    more comfortable seats, the
    more expensive seats in the
    old movie palace theaters
    I grew up with in Seattle,
    and to move musically, into
    letting the satellite move
    largo as you must have heard
    a chorus of some kind, the
    wind, the rustle of leaf and
    sprig and stem, the faint
    percussion of the Scioto
    and the solo of some dog
    howling far off--and then
    the gender acknowledgment,
    and the pan into the sensual
    mouth that will /endeavor
    to please/; yes, and even more
    than that as we imagine your
    twilight walks on the manor
    grounds, your first embrace
    of the evening to come,
    watching you slip like a specter
    yourself, a thick shadow among
    the others, there is something
    beyond sensual, something very
    romantic, with that beaver moon
    , that operatic lunar companion
    orbiting you as the lovely center
    of your moment, in your space--
    and it is good, as others have
    touched on, for all of us to
    watch the skies when the
    clouds allow it, and stare at
    that same moon; but remember
    my pal in Australia, couple of
    them actually has a slightly
    different view of it.

  29. Do I hear the Queen of the Night?

    The image is also extraordinary beautiful.
    Poem and image, a Gesamtkunstwerk.

  30. I can hear the rich tones in this lovely piece Willow, and Glenn, I hate to tell you this, but over Australia he had a sex change and she rises again for you as a coloratura soprano. Enjoy!

  31. What?! Stafford, my dear Man in the Moon baritone? Oh, tell me it isn't so!

  32. This is a delight. 'Baritone moon' - I love the transposition of sound to vision. A small treasure, this.

  33. My, that's quite the luscious little number! A lovely poem, and I much prefer "baritone".

  34. Glenn, I knew you would appreciate Trulyfool's film couples! On my dark walks, I'm sure I could be mistaken for a manor ghost out for an evening stroll. I only frighten away the resident owl.

  35. Dick, if you like it, I'm happy.

  36. Margaret! So good to see you! How's that beautiful little baby?

  37. i've always seen the moon as a bit of an exhibitionist... the sun almost forbids us to gaze upon it, but the moon...ahhhh, the moon tempts and taunts with each daily revealing and then punctuates her display by gliding away behind the dressing veil, again... only to start over again.

    you have captured some wonder here. concise. powerful. sensual.

    thank you.

  38. the photo and the words....beautiful.

    so HAPPY to see you today and so HAPPY you made (and liked) the cookies...they really do melt in your mouth...

    sending Thanksgiving love to you, my friend


  39. Trulyfool must have liked it...he got a great deal out of it~wow~more than most. Love that moon~hope you know I'm just sharing it with you...

  40. Wow. I always say that but honestly I am always wowed by your talents. This one is delicious. Thank you.

  41. Truly sensual. I think you have coined a new phrase with "baritone moon." Photo is gorgeous, too.

  42. Hi!

    This is wonderfully perfect... i love the way those words amalgamate with the moon so stunningly glowing above... came here via Kim Williams... thank you for a wonderful read...!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)


  43. Blessed Thanksgiving to everyone at Willow Manor....bkm

  44. ah,willow I read this before,
    and thought of it last night.

    the clouds were inked blue... blue

    and it is all too much and yet right there again and again.

  45. My kinda moon by far......!

  46. Moon made man. (And I laugh at my own crudeness - hardly a beaver moon at all.)

  47. A gorgeous and generous voice speaks herein, my dear willow.

  48. Is this one yours too? amazing. So simple and yet invigorating.


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