Tuesday, February 2, 2010

bloggy pope?

Last Wednesday I picked up my cell phone, and was surprised to
hear the charming lyrical accent of my dear friend, FireLight on the
other end.

"Hey, are you listening to NPR?"

"No, I usually do, but don't have the radio on yet."

"Well, turn it on right now! They're talking about the Pope blogging!"

If you recall, I posted last November, about having a certain German
visitor on my blog site meter from the Holy See, the Vatican City
State. I enjoyed relishing in the possibility that it was His Holiness,
Pope Benedict XVI, popping in from his laptop to visit my humble
Willow Manor, since he is, after all, very computer savvy.

The program on NPR mentioned that the 82 year old Pope already
has a Facebook page and it is very possible he will soon start his own
blog, since in a recent message, he called on priests to "proclaim the
Gospel" through blogs, videos and Web sites.

David Weinberger, who writes about politics and culture on
Joho the Blog, warns that whatever the Pope does blog, "people take
it up, they republish it, they make fun of it, they contextualize it".

Obviously, he will have to have thick skin, in dealing so directly
with the public. I'm sure he is well aware of the ramifications of
blogging, like any other form of media. I happen to think it's a
fantastic way to connect with real, everyday people, on their level.

What kind of advice would you experienced bloggers have to give to
His Holiness? Gosh, I wonder if he'll start twittering, as well?

Like I said before, Holy Father, if you happen to be reading this,
please know you're always welcome at the manor. ~xx


  1. Oh. My. Gosh.

    Willow you have achieved a new level of fame now that you can proudly boast that the pope himself visits your blog! ;)

    But on a more serious note, I think it's great that so many people have discovered blogging as a form of communication and outreach. The only downside to this is that we pioneer bloggers are quickly becoming a cliche. Lol.

  2. Stranger things have happened.

  3. Advice for the pope? Don't post an entry while drinking.

  4. If I was the Pope, I'd take you up on your invite..he'd definitely become a fan...
    He will be able withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous bloggers, and what a blast when he Twitters..a true Pope of the people!!

  5. I'm sure the Pope doesn't need my advice. I'm sure there will be those who disagree with his philosophy and don't mind saying so tactlessly.

    My blog rules for myself is don't say anything if it is not tempered and positive. Hope I meet or exceed these rules most of the time.

  6. Steph, yep, that one's a given. Don't drink and blog.

    In the program, someone mentioned the fact that he should have some YouTube videos ready to post, in case he's tired and doesn't have anything to say!

  7. Pictures, Your Holiness -- I'd like to see pictures of everyday life in Vatican City! Not so much preaching, however.

  8. Dear Pope Benedict, Your Holiness,
    I am so glad to hear that you might be reaching out to God's people through this amazing tool. I have long imagined that if Jesus lived today, he would have something to say to us in a media form. Even in that day, some scoffed and others lives were changed. So, don't be surprised when you hear both voices.
    I think He would blog in parables of our day, with wisdom and grace and most of all with forgiveness. I for one would love to hear Him through you, and be reminded that God knows I'm here, is present in my life, and hears me. Blogging is an incredible gift not only for the reader but the writer and God would use it for good.
    May the Holy Spirit fill your heart to do this, proclaim the good news, and bring hope to a few more fallen people like me.
    your fellow servant in the kingdom, Chris

  9. I'd ask him whether that old joke about the creme de menthe has any element of truth in it.

  10. Willow, you are now channeling the very VIP's.

    I thought your Ball was a coup!

    Lighten up, get out of the Vatican, see unholy scenes.

  11. I would hope he would just stick with
    love one another!

  12. Elizabeth, I agree. He could do some great basic positive tweets in 140 characters or less. Direct and far reaching, much more so than a long dry sermon.

  13. Brilliant, the blogging Pope... but then Queen Rania of Jordan has her own Youtube channel, website, tweets etc...

  14. Well, I am not surprised, really. Your name gets around.

    Having said that in the nicest way, I must say that no one less than Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, left me a long message one day. I thought it was one of those Bill Clinton mimics of days of old but it was the real mccoy. You know for the life of me I never copied it and today could not tell you what I had blogged about that got his comment in response.

    I'd take the pope anyday.

  15. Man! You've got the Pope for a follower?! Or will soon I'm sure...

  16. Oh wow!!! I better stop posting about abortions and adultery. Just kidding!

  17. Luckily the Pope's infallible so he won't be getting any of those "you have made a mistake with your HTML tags" messages. (-:

  18. I happen to think he's got a great sense of humor, Kevin, so if he does happen to read any of these comments, he's gonna get a chuckle!

  19. advice to the Pope? lots of images and quotes and poetry and links :-)

  20. I'm sure the Pope has very good taste just as the rest of us Manor Guests do. I've no doubt that if he is indeed crusing the blogworld, he has landed at Willow Manor! :)

  21. I like the photo of Pope Benedict XVI very much! He looks cool!!!

  22. "Blessed be the bloggers." Tell him to bring on the gelato and I'll visit his site.

  23. Oh great, I can't talk my sons into visiting my blog and here you have the pope online?!! ha

  24. Being something of an atheist, I don't think there is much I could offer. I would be curious however to know if he ever listened to George Carlin's routine on "Class Clown" about his Catholic upbringing, and if he laughed at it...

  25. intriguing...advice, start a humor blog under a false name. lol.

  26. OMG. I should say OMP.

    Are you a good catholic girl?

    Bless you my child,


  27. Kind of funny to think of the Pope trying to respond to all of his comments! LOL

  28. that's a blog i'd be interested in reading, but c'mon...he'd definetly disable the comment function...too many idiots out there making innane chatter; what can us simple folk have to say that would enlighten the Pope?!

  29. cool willow that famous and powerful personages mingle with the little people!!!! to anyone who takes up blogging - arrive at an honest portrayal of yourself in your own time and in your own way. don't live for numbers or comments. express your self. others will see it for all that it is and can be. steven

  30. Excellent blog advice, Steven, for any blogger.

  31. I'd love to have him come by my blog only I haven't been to confession since I was 15. Sweet lord I haven't been to mass in 10 years and I suppose he won't like hearing I've been studing Judaism and Buddhism. How many "Hail Marys and Our Fathers do you suppose that is?
    Suddenly I don't feel so good. You take care.
    Warm regards,
    Simone worse Catholic ever.

  32. It was hard to focus on the news of the Holy Father when your Zhivago hat was adjacent to the post! I get distracted so easily - awesome hat!

  33. Willow, now that you have the pope's ear, you should see about lining up the Swiss Guard for the next Manor Ball. Wouldn't they look great, all lined up along the driveway, saluting the arriving guests?

  34. The Vatican meets Willow Manor...I love it! : )

  35. To think, your blog may have been blessed by the Pope...how exciting. I was there in Vatican City but I didn't join the crowds for a Papal blessing. I loved seeing the Sistine Chapel and all the wonderful sights but I have to confess I was more interested in the good food and fine Italian wines than standing with the crowds for such a long time.
    Now, blogging with him seems a bit more intimate to me!

  36. Holy Cow!!I better not say HELL
    anymore on my post. If he's out there he should send me a blessing.
    I could use it. I bet his blog will
    be short circuited because of overload.


  37. Though I never came to blogging seeking Grace and spiritual sustenance...I can honestly say that both abound within the workings of many that I have visited...
    Peace be with you, Holy Father.

  38. this will be absolutely wild.

    it would be a trip to comment on his blog and he writes you back.


  39. I'll follow him. Ok. I will do it.

    But I'm going to be extremely disappointed if he doesn't blog in Ecclesiastical Latin!!

  40. I really think it is a great way for him to communicate. One needs to stay with the times. I wonder if he as two BlackBerries like Obama. I can just see him now...one in each hand...tweeting and blogging.

    He's a royal techno saint.

  41. I'm worried now Willow about my post today. I'm going back to edit 'I'm a High-days only Catholic & MOTH's a Scotch-drinking heathen Presbyterian' to 'MOTH & I, both being devoted followers of the Faith.' Hope that gets me back in His Holiness's good books, so he'll bless The Renovator's Prayer. Amen.
    Millie ^_^

  42. Goodness, I'm worried about my eyes, Willow. I first read this as 'bloggy poop' and thought it might be dog-related (dog owners and poop go hand in hand - well, not literally - yuk!)

    I have no views about the pope - well I do but I'll keep them to myself :)

  43. Hello Willow,

    I notice some of your contributors have welcomed the idea that the pope will be using modern methods to reach people and can converse with ordinary folks. I think he could learn an awful lot from ordinary people and modern methods.

  44. Well this is quite impressive. The Vatican in the 21st century or whatever century we are in. Of course he can delete all comments that he doesnt like I suppose but...hey does President Obama have a blog???

  45. I will always follow you,but I will never follow him.

  46. I assume he'll have guest bloggers from all walks of faith. What would he offer in his first giveaway ?
    I'm so intrigued.

  47. A modern pope for a modern world. I like it.

    Mr. Pope if you are reading this, can you publish pictures from inside the Vatican? There are so many beautiful works of art there. The Sistine Chapel, now completely restored, would be great, or that hallways that has all the paintings of constellations, or anything you want. OK?

  48. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  49. I have a Catholic blog under a pseudonym, so perhaps I'll even get a hit sometime.

    You're right about needing a thick skin. I'm sure he'll have someone doing some screening and you can bet his spam-detectors and anti-virus software will be top-notch!

    I think he may have to forgo Blogger however; he'll have to go for THE WORDpress!


  50. Do you think he might blog under an assumed name - and if so I wonder what it might be.

  51. Weaver, I would like to think that the Pope would blog as himself, since he could make the most impact that way.

  52. On the other hand, his username could be (kiss my)RINGMAN, or The Man in White.

  53. Oh my LOL, good to know we're in such esteemed company!

    My advice would be to steer clear of religion, it can prove to be a hot potato in the bloggy world! ;-)

  54. fun post, willow! my suggestion to the pope would be that he be sure to use antispam word verify on his blog. can you imagine the kinds of spam people would enjoy linking to the pope's blog? and i must admit that that alanis morisette song went thru my head as i was reading your post. you know the one -- what if god was one of us? hee hee

  55. Was it not Willow who stated "There is no such thing as coincidence"? Oh the Divinity!

  56. That would be something to see...the Pope's Tweets.

    "Blast, now I have to go talk to those blathering Venetian archimandrites again. What a load of a**holes."

    "Mass again. In nomine Patris et fillii et Spiritus Sancti, blah blah, etc, etc. Can't I just say 'Hey Boss-Dude, bless us all and keep your faithful followers a-rockin' out' for once?!"

    "Hey! The Dalai Lama sent me a birthday card! He also wants to know where the 20 euros I owe him are."

    I'd be more interested in Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena Mountbatten-Windor of York's blog. I heard she had one on MySpace, and really liked doing it, but I don't think she has one anywhere else, and I'm not on MySpace. Sigh...

  57. I'd like to see pictures of everyday life in Vatican City!

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