Sunday, December 20, 2009


My dear friend, the talented collage artist, Leslie Avon Miller, gently
reminded me that I was a little late in spotlighting Sagittarius. She
was so right. In the bustle of the holiday preparations, I nearly forgot.
By the way, if you aren't already familiar with the Leslie's fabulous
artwork, hop over and pay her a visit at [Textures Shapes and Color].

Sagittarius, November 23 - December 21 is the ninth sign of the
zodiac. It's symbolized by a centaur, a mythical creature, which is
half man, half horse, famed as a wild hunter, and usually depicted
holding a bow and arrow. This sign is associated with seeking
knowledge, new challenges, and with a love of travel. Sagittarius
is an enthusiastic fire sign and also a restless mutable sign.

Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher. People with planets in
Sagittarius are seekers and explorers. Known to be generous and
expansive, big ideas and grand visions fill them with enthusiasm.
However, in their excitement, they can be overpowering and
careless about detail.

The typical Sagittarian is very honest and direct, both in speech and
action. They can be restless and seek out new challenges and tend
to aim high with their boundless energy.

Sagittarians seek patterns in order to make sense of life. They
undertake a quest to find faith and meaning. They are naturally
optimistic, with a happy-go-lucky nature, progressive and open

The gemstone associated with Sagittarius is topaz, and the metal is
tin. The colors are dark blue and purple. The animal is the horse.
Their flower is the carnation and dandelions. The body part of the
Sag is the thighs. The countries are Spain, Australia, Hungary,
South Africa, Arabia and Yugoslavia.

So, there you have it my bloggy friends. This wraps up a whole
year of spotlighting the signs of the zodiac. Hope you enjoyed this
series. Happy Birthday to all my bloggy Sagi friends, and
especially my dear uncle, [The Bach], whose birthday is today. You
will find his handsome picture in the dictionary, under Sagittarius.


  1. I have enjoyed your astrological posts! I always enjoy think of the elements attached to those signs. I am always drawn to fire sign people. I'm a Pisces and must be the epitome of that watery sign - always swimming round in circles!

  2. That would be thinkING... oops.

  3. Lovely. Can't wait till you get to Capricorn, which is my young son's sign. I'm a typical Gemini, with a Leo husband, and Taurus daughter...yikes!

  4. hi willow! until my sagittarian boy arrived i wasn't a big fan of them but he opened my eyes to some of the cooler features - the excitement, the missing out on the details, the optimistic happy-go-lucky features. this has been a really good series willow - so thanks!!! have a lovely snowy day at the manor. steven

  5. CC, I started with Capricorn almost a year ago, when I kicked off this series, so I won't be doing Capricorn. You can, however, click on "zodiac" in my labels for all the previous posts. :^)

  6. thank you, i feel completely birthdayized now...MY day is december 11th, but the celebrating began with my book group showing up with a cake (with candles) on december 3rd....!! had to have champagne with that! needless to say, it was the best discussion ever!
    and it's continued for a good two weeks.
    now, time to pay attention to lovely light returning and reflecting, everywhere, (here and ohio, too...not indiana, as per my last comment)...
    so glad steven has been ENLIGHTENED in a sagittarian way, btw. haha

  7. Thank you so much Willow. Today is my day, so in my eyes you have perfect timing. Seeking knowledge and exploration are such fun activities. And sometimes details are just tedious! Interestingly enough, through the magic of blogging I now have friends in several of the Sagittarian countries. This has been a lovely series. I wonder what you will do next?

  8. we have only one Sagittarian in our lovely wife. Alas, she is always outnumbered.

  9. Happy Birthday, Leslie!!! I didn't realize today was your special day, as well! Perfect timing, then! :D

  10. I'm a Libra with Sagittarius rising and moon in Cancer. What a mess.

    Thanks for these!

  11. I don't think I know a single Sagittarian willow - this month is quite free of birthdays I am pleased to say - I have then got three months of constant birthdays.

  12. Thanks for the series and as I am a Sagittarius (Nov 24) I'm so happy you didn't forget this sign. I fit well in the description you posted! Happy birthday to your uncle who is one year older than I. Happy holidays!

  13. This is the first I've read about Sagittarius...very interesting. I should learn more about this sign : )I think it describes my Sag pretty well. We're having a week long celebration for Bach. We started last Sunday : )
    To quote the Beatles...Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm 64?
    Have a great Sunday!

  14. Lizzy, actually, in age, the Bach and I are closer to being brother and sister. He's 11 years older, my father's younger brother.

  15. LadyCat, wish I could be there for all the festivities! :^)

  16. Willow

    I'm not really into astrology but having read your post, I feel I know a little more about myself. Thank you.

  17. Very insightful! I forwarded a link to your wonderful blog to all my Sagittarius friends.

  18. Oh, I love this too..

    Had to stop by today and wish you a peaceful and Merry Christmas...

    it has been so much fun getting to know you this year..I love everything you do...your blog is an inspiration and it makes me HAPPY !

    Looking forward to more in the coming new year...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my friend...

    Be Well....


  19. Willow,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I wish you could be here too. You're so kind to elivate me to a descriptive picture in the dictionary; that little ole me would be described as the perfect saggy. I do get rather over-baring at times! We're having a pizza party tonight. Scott and Melissa are bring it... yummy!
    The Bach

  20. My ex was a Sagittarius. Restless was his middle name.

  21. It is always fun to read about zodiac personalities-- I am a capricorn--2 days after xmas-- and year of the ox-which got me to Japan this year-- yahoo for that--
    I enjoy your blog posts very much.
    happy peaceful new year to you.

  22. As a fellow sagitarian I can say this is SPOT ON! Thanks Willow!

  23. I've always loved horses, and travel and I think topaz is even more beautiful then diamonds. I am happy go lucky and glad of it. I'm a Saj!

  24. Happy birthday to the Sagittarius contigent! & congrats for completing this interesting series!

  25. my very first obsessive love
    (i was 16)was a sagittarius.
    i am an aquarius, i think we had that bad 'air /fire' combination thing happening.

    but, i must say i always like sagintarians when we meet, and or get to know each other.

  26. I have known some Sagittarians I could kill. I guess that is because I am a Pisces. I know. We are peace-loving. I guess some Sagittarians bring out the worst in us. Not all, mind you.

  27. This is the first astrological posting I've seen! I've forwarded it to my oldest son who celebrated his 39th birthday on the 17th! The description fits him quite well!

  28. Awwww, but I'm a Capricorn! I looked back to january and february but I didn't see it... :(

  29. Hi, Willow! Thanks for this timely (for me) posting. My birthday is tomorrow - December 21, the last day of Sagittarius. Since I'm "cusp born", I share traits with my Capricorn fellows, but lots of the things you said about Sags apply.

    Are you digging out there at the Manor? We have about 18 inches of beautiful snow here. Stay warm.

  30. Karen, 18 inches? Wow! No, we only got about two inches and half of that melted. I'm so envious!!

  31. RxBambi, if you click on "zodiac" under "labels" at the end of this post, it will take you to all the zodiac posts, including Capricorn. :^)

  32. Willow, I'm a Sag and love to read all about it. Now with being a sag and a water rabbit, what does that make me? I think it is a water rabbit, might be a fire rabbit. I'll have to go look that up.

  33. Yup, that's me all over. Except the flowers (I prefer thistle) and the countries (I prefer Scotland).

    Thanks for the cool art!


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