Monday, April 20, 2009

Anonymous Troll

Most of you have probably noticed I've had to start moderating my
comments, which I absolutely hate. It disrupts the flow of the
conversation and is a pain in the butt to screen and click each
comment, let alone the pile up it causes in my email inbox.

Until now, I have been totally comfortable with the occasional
anonymous comment. A variety of comments compose a rich and
textured conversation around the blog post. They also provide a
meaningful forum for readers to express their views; the more
varied, the richer the experience. I've always welcomed readers to
post an opposing view or conflicting facts. The occasional spam was
always easy to delete and didn't particularly bother me.

But what do you do when someone abuses his or her anonymity by
posting bizarre, hostile, negative or abusive comments? I have one
particular blogger, who instead of using their blog handle, leaves
anonymous comments. This person knows me personally and has
clearly crossed the line with such comments, even ones that could
be potentially libelous to me and my loved ones.

It is most cowardly not to stand behind a comment with a name.
They have nothing to risk. They remain safe and unknown. It's
incredibly easy, as well as irresponsible to leave a threat, one they
would never say to my face in public, click "post" and be on their
merry way.

The following Blogger's Code of Conduct is a proposal by Tim
O'Reilly for bloggers to enforce civility on their bloggers by being civil
themselves and moderating comments on their blog. I think they are
some very good guidelines to follow.

1. Take responsibility not just for your own words, but for the
....comments you allow on your blog.

2. Label your tolerance level for abusive comments.

3. Consider eliminating anonymous comments.

4. Ignore the trolls*.

5. Take the conversation offline, and talk directly, or find an
....intermediary who can do so.

6. If you know someone who is behaving badly, tell them so.

7. Don't say anything online that you wouldn't say in person.

*An Internet troll, or simply "troll" in Internet slang, is someone
who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic
messages in an online community, such as an online discussion
forum, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an
emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic

Hmm, just like the obnoxious creature under a bridge? Very aptly
named. How do you deal with these anonymous trolls? Heavens to
murgatroyd! Is comment moderation the only alternative?


  1. Don't you preview and zap any unwanted comments? If the weird stuff is never seen, don't ya think those commenters will simply go away?

  2. Well said, Willow. I am sorry about you unfortunate experience, but there is always one person who is going to mess up a good thing for everybody.

    Those anonymous posters are never as anonymous as they think they are.

  3. Willow, sorry to hear of your troubles. It's really a shame that there are a few people out there who are so unhappy with themselves they feel the need to take it out on others. Well, that's the way I look at it anyway.

    Perhaps your comment moderation (and the fact that they can't be viewed anymore) will make them disappear, or seek audience elsewhere.

  4. Interesting. How someone could find something so hostile in your blogs to warrant abusive comments is unbelievable. The blogs of yours that I have read have been nothing but delightful & extremely civil. I'm sorry you are having such problems.

    I do understand what you mean about clogging up your email with comments to approve. Hmmm, perhaps use an email that is not your normal, everyday email account.

  5. I had to do the same thing. it's a bit frustrating but most people understand why it has to be so and it does get rid of them. The feed of the response they get and when they don't get one they fade away. I think you can go into settings and comments and just disallow anonymous comments instead of full moderation. I may be wrong though


  6. i hear what you are saying. very rarely do anonymous comments make it with me. my cousin does but always signs his name so i leave it open. if you are going to say it, stand behind it, or keep it to yourself.

  7. Oh ick, Willow. Sorry you have to deal with this. You seem such a gentle soul. (I've pretty much concluded that around 20% of our fellow citizens are just batshit crazy...)

  8. Your blog is such a wonderful stop for many of us and it is such a shame that one blogger can create such a problem for you and all readers. So sorry.

  9. I've had a couple over about a four year period - but it does seem they are on the increase in general... too many nits with no life so they try for attention by being parasites on others' lives.

    And your masked troll has given me a wonderful idea for a theme show that up til now left me cold... Thank you!!

  10. I wondered why your comments were now moderated - I totally agree with La Code of Conduct and kick the trolls to the curb I say.
    But a drag none the less.

    And Hey !
    Blackberry chocolate chip ice cream - sigh.

  11. Susan, I know it's a drag...but at least I have my black raspberry chocolate chip! :P

  12. I had a recent experience like this as well Willow, I feel your disappointment in having to moderate.

    Your blog is so lovely and you're so kind, I can't believe you've gotten trolls. I guess it comes with being popular!

  13. I feel your pain. I've been particularly infested with "flying monkeys" this weekend. I've had a stalker for 8 years, and she send out her minions on a regular basis.

    Your pointers are great. Just remember to keep you grace and dignity, never sink to their level, and never lose your sense of humor.

    Love you!

  14. Thats the problem with being so popular, the attack of incesent insolent trolls!

    Well at least now you blog wont contain bad comments.

  15. I've had the same problem and I too have resorted to comment moderation.

  16. I had noticed you suddenly moderating comments again--I wondered if something like that had happened. Seems like a very strange way to have to get people's attention, doesn't it?! The only other thing I can think of is maybe you could add one of those side bars that tracks exactly who is currently visiting!? It's a bit "Big Brother" but it might scare the nasty troll off! LOL Sorry, Willow. Your blog is a delight and maybe someone out there is just envious in a nasty way.

  17. precisely why i have moderated from the beginning.. ya never know what people will do. sorry you have had such a negative experience with certain individuals.

  18. Thats a shame someone is doing this to you. Do you think it might have something to do with you getting "Blog of note"? Ignore them and maybe they will go play somewhere else.

  19. I am sorry about the truth of this post. I have gone back and forth with moderating comments. Started out doing so. Then took it off. When had a couple of weird comments, actually 'ads' for something, put moderation back on. Now it's off again, and I do delete any weird comments.

    I truly don't understand 'why' people, especially someone you know personally, would do that to you ... be abusive like that. I love your blog, as it enriches my life. I just wish that I had more time to take it all in.

    I'm feeling a little sad right now because a blog I really loved and followed was just taken down by its author. I emailed her that I was having trouble finding her blog, and she told me it had become a 'curse' and 'dangerous' ... that is very troubling.

  20. Oh, dear, so sorry the trolls have invaded!

    There is something about the anonymity and the immediacy of the internet that brings out the worst in some twisted types.

    Moderating is a pain but it'll take care of that troll.

    Raspberry chocolate chip sounds fairly terrific. I just had some framboise -- hard cider with a modest bit of raspberry -- oh, my!

  21. So sorry to hear that is happening to you. You have such a wonderful blog I always look forward to reading.

  22. I looked. From the dashboard, click on Settings, then on Comments. Scroll down to "Who Can Comment". It seems you can require registration. That should fix your problem.

    Wow. If only trolls on discussion boards were that easy to zap.

  23. Willow, as I know the conundrum you are in, it is not as easy as merely deleting or monitoring. But I am hoping that the words you posted the other day might well apply here... and I know you are heeding them:

    "Melody Beattie suggests that if we stop giving them the reaction they want, we take all the joy out of it for them. And here's a point that's very important to realize; when you refrain from being controlled by their seduction, regardless of how irrational and rude their behavior is, you then remove yourself from their control and take away their power over you."

    Short of the "blog police" (and for all I know maybe they exist!) I guess you will just have to keep pre-screening. What a very great shame. But please know that your blog is worth it and don't let one rotten apple infect the crop that you so very graciously nourish for the rest of us. Peace my friend.

  24. I am sorry that you are having to put up with such shameful nonsense, but you are certainly handling it in the best possible way; hang in there.

    P.S. That blackberry chocolate chip ice cream looks divine!!

  25. Another blog I follow just posted something similiar yesterday. it's a shame when 1 or 2 people ruin the fun for a group, like the one kid that disrupts the whole classroom, sorry for your distress

  26. I am fairly new to blogger and found your site so is nice to learn from people so talented and committed. I am sorry that some idiot would waste your time, in the words of my mother "they wouldn't spend the time if they weren't jealous of you!" So, take the compliment? But protect yourself from the abuse!

  27. Dear Willow,

    They should be ashamed of themselves !
    Your blog is one of character, and high esteem, some "trolls" just cannot stand peace and harmony, and are always the "spoilers" in life.
    Leave the comment moderation on, it doesn't bother me, to take the extra step.
    Swines !!

  28. I believe if you report them to the blogger service, they will tell you how to totally block them. It's that small percent of obnoxious individuals who get their kicks in disturbing the peace.
    They do exist in all walks of life.

  29. Oh yes, stick with the rasberry chocolate chip for anything that might bother or upset you! I prefer champagne as a cure-all!ha
    It's a big world and there are cast a wide net and some bad stuff gets in...the rules are perfect and we all need to stay awake to these few stinky types. I have had very few of these and I'm sorry about this one for you.

  30. Well I just had a rollercoaster ride - I laughed out loud when I saw the masked man ! and then went downhill from there - sad but sick these people. I've admitted to having "name envy" but this is going too far.

    p.s. - I didn't have a photo on my blog (my other one yes) you dreamed it.

  31. my first thought was...too many people on the planet (the percentage of kooks rises).

    my second thought was the thing we most tried to impress on people on a river trip...self-rescue (be vigilant and act).

    I'm sorry you became a target but I suppose we all will sooner or later.

  32. Dear Willow, you? Whoa. Now, how can they be anonymous if you say they know you? Have they hinted at that? That sounds a bit scary. I think one either has to have the "only other bloggers" can comment filter or you have to moderate which is what I do most to of the time anyway. Anna is right though--when you're blog is as popular as it is, you are bound to get the occasional bad apple. Well, never mind, keep posting! We love your blog.

  33. How unfortunate that you've had to deal with this... Need you a ninja? I can find one for you! :) Put him in your front yard, only to attack like a rabid spider monkey at the very thought of your vile shrew of a commenter! ;)



  34. I'm sorry you've had to resort to this, but completely understand. And it's your way of drawing a line, of saying what you will not tolerate. Your blog is wonderful, and I'm sure your regulars understand and support your efforts.

  35. Well, I have to disagree with most of your commentors here. I say take the moderation off. If they comment again, expose their proper blog handle and let your 800+ followers descend upon that blog and tell them just what they think
    of such behavior!

  36. I supposed the one advantage of having a very small following is that I haven't had to worry about this yet. It's a good reminder, though, just in case (miracle of miracles) I should ever enter the big blog leagues and need to deal with the occasional troll.

    Maybe if you keep a mental image of the one you posted and remember that, in reality, they are about as harmless as a naked chunky dude with wild pink hair, it'll be a little easier to take.

    And I know that in comparison you have many more centered and loving followers.

    God bless, Willow!

  37. Hm. Although I don't get as many comments as you Willow, I don't see the problem in moderating them. Sorry that this has happened to you.

  38. OH I so agree about the comment moderation, I hate it too but have no choice currently for spam reasons. I'm sorry you are having more of a personal commenting problem. I am inclined to agree with the person who says expose them!

  39. I had noticed you did this Willow and it's too bad one "troll"( if not more ), can ruin an other-wise good conversation. Another name for it would be "cyber-bullying"( tho' I know that may be reserved as a tag for the younger crowd, looks like it's spilling over ). 'Tis even worse, you know who it is! makes it tougher one every-one, yes?

    I went to open comments at the request of a fellow blogger( and personal friend ). Now I'm having second thoughts...and I consider "spammers" to be in the same category as the "trolls". Word verification doesn't deter any-body, either.

    There is a setting to limit this( unless the "troll" is a registered user on blogger ). Too, if on gmail. I don't mind the delay, myself, cause I never know when I'll be on-line( work, work, work )

    I'm hoping you can resolve this in the near future( sending out "resolution" vibes your way ); and that who-ever this "troll" is, will grow up.

    Take care luv and note that I'm in your corner :)

  40. I LOVE comment moderation! I must be the only one. I love waking up to find all the comments listed on my dashboard. I don't have them come to my mail box at all, so no dramas there.
    The other plus is that I have noticed that sometimes people don't really know what to say, so they look to the comments above, for inspiration. With moderation in place, you get a more varied response.

  41. success breeds jealousy and nut jobs - think black raspberry chocolate chip!

  42. Willow, you have no idea what I would do most days for a huge serving of Graeter's ice cream. There is no other like it, anywhere, period! I miss it.

    The lack of respect and the unkindness that people can show to others makes me angry. I have no suggestions or answers, I'm just happy that you're you and that you blog.

  43. Willow
    you say this person knows you, do you know them?
    I am sure if you do you can block them.

  44. Why is it that the trolls always seem to be the ones who know us in our personal lives!? Do they think that gives them licence to be abusive?

    I personally don't care for comment moderation, and I find myself not going back to the blogs that have it -- not intentionally -- but it's just a psychological thing. But you have a million followers and commenters, so you don't have a problem.

    I had a similar experience, but I found the best way to deal with trolls was just to remove the "anonymous" functionality.

    Sorry you have had to deal with this, Willow. You have such a lovely blog!

  45. Willow I am so sorry. Why don't you set the blog to not accept anonymous comments? That way you do not have to be in moderation and the person cannot post unless they identify themselves. It would help because you have a such a volume of responses.

  46. How absolutely pathetic that people will hide behind the veil of anonymity provided by the Internet to be rude, mean, or petty. Cowards. Creeps. It is a shame that you have to spend time policing them, when we should be able to all behave as adults, and as politely as our mothers (hopefully) taught us.
    You have a lovely blog; thank you!
    Best wishes, Cass

  47. I can't use the language that I would really like to about these unfortunate anonymous people Willow - I would have to be moderated away!

    I find nasty anonymous comments a weak and very lame act. If you feel moved by a post enough to comment then at least personalize yourself - even if it is a non de plume, as then you are at the very least a participator rather than a voyeur.

    Why would anyone leave miserable comments on your blog? First thought, the green eyed monster perhaps? Love the troll doll - had a little collection of those myself when I was young - should have kept them! xv

  48. So sorry, Willow. I love your blog!

  49. Willow,
    Fortunately It has never been a problem for me. I write for a much smaller audience and have even cut back on the blogs I frequent or comment on. It's a time mangement rather than an antisocial thingy, but less socializing never the less.
    Rude, selfish, and jealous folk will always be the bain of popular people such as to ignore as much as possible. Moderating comments give trolls the winning edge. It's an acknowledgement that they have succeeded in gtting under your skin.
    Me? I'd prefer to give them the proverbal finger by ignoring them and moving on. Just saying. ;-)

  50. As my Irish mother in law used to say, "What can you expect from a pig but a grunt?" She had a saying for every occasion and although she died over ten years ago, one of her sayings will pop into my head and make me smile.

  51. What a shame and I was wondering how you were coping with an extraordinary amount of comments to authorise.

    In my four years of blogging I've only ever had one, if not exactly abusive comment, it was most certainly very odd. I just treated it as a normal thing and commented on the fact that a young person was allowed a pc in their bedroom.

    They've not been back.

  52. Ohla Willow -

    I support you no matter what you choose to do with YOUR blog - keep it rockin'


  53. You have such a lovely blog I can't imagine why a troll would want to bug you!...:-( You have tons of fans that will stand by you!

  54. I really get fed up with SPAM Comments..........Business in China really love reading my blog for some reason....!!!!?????
    as for the anonymous ones.well.i dont really understand WHY they do it.
    The secret is to ignore them & carry on!
    Have A Fine Week.

  55. Yes, indeed, the red tomato turned out perfectly. I think that fly was photographed in 2005 (my first macro) and people who see the picture ask what kind of meat the fly is eating.

    I agree with you about comment moderation. I began doing that about one month ago after repeatedly getting comments that made me blush. I even considered turning comments off. And each day I get one of some sort.

    I call them "slackers." A World War II term. They need to try blogging on their own blog.

    I didn't know the word "Troll" was related to blogging.

    Anyway, my comments all come to my Dashboard because I didn't add my email address. I like moderation for me.

  56. My advice to you is: use the word verification and change your comment settings so that people have to identify themselves. On my blog you cannot comment anonymously.

    On another note, I have no idea why you have been targeted. You don't usually post about politics (one of the big issues why you get trolls), your blog is mostly about art, as in all the arts and it has an uplifting feel to it which I enjoy very much.

    Some people are just sad and angry. Part of being human, methinks.

    Many thanks for the alert, though, and I wish you luck.

    Greetings from London.

  57. This is so terrible. I was happy I had just found you through Sunday Roast and was happily reading your posts, trying to get the book by Melody Beattie, and some looser goes and messes up all the fun. I hope this wont last for you Willow. Good luck, for shooing the troll away.

  58. This is crap,i haven't had any yet but those people have nothing better to do obviously.Sorry about it.I would moderate too,that's the thing to do.What can you do more?

  59. Sounds like a huge case of jealousy to me. Hope you don't have any more trouble. LBx

  60. You are so right but sorry you are going through this. I noticed a lot of strange and some downright nasty comments on Braja's blog after her accident. I don't get the need for someone to expend that kind of energy in such a worthless endeavor. I do agree with some of the above in that I leave the anon open for family.

    I especially like the Nigerian prince that stalks me occcasionally. I've heard he has 20 million dollars, just for me!

  61. Willow: I just cannot image anyone saying "bizarre, hostile, negative or abusive comments" on your very lovely blog. So sorry you had to experience that hostile act.
    For what it is worth if anything, my opinion -- I love reading your commentaries on books, movies, poetry, your ghost stories and ancestors and more, You are a delight and I look forward to reading your daily post, and whom ever that person is, I hope they are found, and fined a large fee/sum if that is possible? and prevented and red-lined from making comments on your blog ever again.
    P-town Oregon

  62. Hello Willow,

    Given the number of comments that you receive, it must indeed be a pain to preview them all. I accept comments only from 'Registered Users', which should exclude anonymous comments. Have you tried that?

  63. i have had this experience,
    a few months ago when i dared to expose a little bit about myself.
    i answered the comment with one of my clever one liners........
    'IT' went away, and hasn't been back.

    maybe 'IT' (the troll) is over here now.

    what is it they say ?....
    the world isn't full of a-holes,
    there are only 3!!!
    but , at the moment ,
    they are following you around.
    and i am sorry for that.

    my fave rule :
    If you know someone who is behaving badly, tell them so.
    (i do, carefully.)

    xx you are the best willow XXX

  64. At first I smiled when I saw the little imp..quickly changed when I read about the cowardice that you are encountering. Anonymous has a
    stalker's mentality. Walk away, delete, ignore. Jealousy is potent. These oddballs are like paparazzi! Chin ya!!

  65. I very rarely zap comments unless they are really weird.
    Maybe I'm lucky. Just one for zit medication ---I'm past needing it!
    and a couple of long ones in Asian script which I couldn't understand.
    Most people seem to behave pretty well in Blogland all things considered.
    So sorry you have a problem person.
    Their problem --not yours.
    Our daughter loved trolls.....ages ago.

  66. Willow.....About half the blogs I follow do moderate and it doesn't bother me. I haven't had a problem
    but someone I follow, I can't remember who it was had a BIG problem last week. Brit in Tennessee had a problem with a guy who was leaving his name but his comments were nasty and I told her to "ignore" them as she does moderate.Have a great day! You know I collected Troll dolls when I was a kid, did you? My daughter and I are going to Hudsons today!!

  67. I don't moderate comments on my community-oriented blog -simply delete the occasional spam that shows up.

    I do moderate comments on my more personal blog but don't mind posting anonymous comments when they are interesting and add value to the blogpost. Anonymity is not shameful if it isn't used for shameful purposes.

    In almost two years of blogging I've received the occasional anonymous pail of slops that deserved nothing other than deletion and a rinsing of my own eyeballs after reading :-) They are offensive and I understand how upsetting they can be, specially when they target people you love.

    Hope the problem goes away, Willow. Your blog is a pure delight.


  68. Comment moderation is a pain, but also rids you of all that silly spam too. Sigh...

  69. You can set you comments to exclude anon comments ...

    Me? I usually delete, noting before I do that the message is spam.

    And when it gets really irritating like 'ed' I go to the site meter and see where its coming from .. in this case it was a marketing co. in Taiwan so nothing is going to stop this troll til it gets tired of this corner of blogdom and moves on to spam another sector.

    Welcome to the club!

  70. Willow,

    I'm sorry. There will always be someone there to rain on life's parade. But on the brightside, your nice comments definitely outway the bad ones. =) Don't let it get you down.


    PS-->That ice cream sounds wonderful! Where on earth did you find it?

  71. I have had little spam and few if any horribly insulting comments. If this person is someone you know personally can you talk with them? It is too bad they have spoiled the blogging experience in this way and made all this extra work for you. I noticed a rather aggressive and ornery commentor--tho he used his own name-- at one point who commented on a number of blogs I read. Most bloggers kind of ignored him and eventually he went away. take care, suki

  72. Dealin' with the public...I know all too well...will you take a quarter for this piece that's worth $100.00...

    BTW..a friend and I are renting a storefront in the lil' burg of Palo to do another antique shop...wish me luck...they serve lots-0-margaritas at closin' time...ha...

    Gluttin' for punishment...s

  73. I'd gladly accept that fate (the need to moderate) in order to have the same wonderful following as you.

    chin up!

  74. So there are still immature folks out there who still at as trolls? I have not encountered one in so many years that I have forgotten all about them. (Actually, I have always ignored trolls so their existence has never concerned me).

  75. Sorry to hear that, Willow! Let's hope that the trollers will give up so you can switch off the moderation later on.

  76. Trolls - the perfect description! Except those little trolls at the top of your page are cute - the other kind are not!

  77. Hi Willow:

    I turned off moderation on my blog, but then I don't get anywhere near as many comments as you. I did get one very abusive comment early on (which is why I kept moderation on for a few months). As others have said, I'd imagine this person(s) might go away if the comments don't show up, but given the well-deserved popularity of your blog, I'm thinking it must take a lot of time to moderate.

    If only the 'net trolls were like that troll in the pic....

  78. I don't think blogger should allow anonymous posters in the first place. I'm sorry for your trouble - just try to consider the source as best you can. Kim

  79. Hi Willow - I'm paranoid to begin with, so I have always had comment moderation. A few folks complained about it a while back and I took it off for a spell, but as soon as I did, there they were...those darned spammers and trolls! I have had it on ever since and have no intention of removing it, but with the number of visitors you get, I can see how annoying that is.
    The only trolls I don't mind are the Danish ones (and I don't even like those very much)!


  80. So sorry to hear of your experience. You have such a wonderful blog that it's hard to imagine anyone would do something so lowly.

  81. You have my total support. You are a most generous and loving person you do not deserve the abuse of anonymous trolls. I even had one personal friend who started to leave very personal details about me. I had to call her and explain what a blog is and that is not an intimate conversation. A blog is read by many, many people. You have the right to protect yourself.
    I always wondered if you could expose a troll. Like making a post of his or her comments and letting people comment on that. But I imagine it could bring chaos toa blog. Trollying is like bullying. It must be stopped.Kudos on your brave post.

  82. I am so sorry. You've rec'd so many comments, I guess I needn't but I want to. For this very reason, I did not take comments at all, none, until a few weeks ago (encouraged by Clever Pup & Hidden in France & English Muse). With moderation. And one blog is a few days shy of a year old.

    So I take comments, not many are left, it takes to long & I don't ask "what do you think" stuff 'cause I can't moderate a real conversation that way. I'm on dial-up so it has to wait forever.

    Anyway, now I have to set up "no comments & backlinks" on certain posts on one of the two blogs. Get this: on Rwanda, Darfur, etc. Because someone nearly crashed my computer with their garbage. It also freaked me out.

    I'm used to creeps--every day (an occupational hazard)--but the idea that they come to such a lovely place & wee on it (sorry), is just weird. Well, those aren't tasty raisins but...

    Maybe someone wrote this above...I've told some who want to comment on the human rights-oriented blog that if they really want to comment but have to remain anonymous, I'll work that out. Otherwise, sorry Charlie. So to speak. Does this make me a control freak? I don't think so. I think it draws a boundary on how much abuse I'll expose myself & my poor lil computer to...Sorry. But the troll pix is hilarious. I don't really keep au courant with bloggo-speak but I sure knew that one. Perfect.

    xo Susan

  83. The problem in moderating them is exactly what you said it is. Comments build up in your in-box until you can screen them and allow them to publish. It stops the flow and in cases where we work all day and can only check our mail in the evening hours, well it just makes more work doesn't it?
    There are always going to be trolls. I have one now that's been hitting me with Chinese. I had 32 spam comments when I woke up one morning. I have no idea what he is saying, but it's annoying.
    I'm sorry you and this beautiful blog of yours are going through this, Willow.

  84. i'm pretty sure i know who suki is talking about. he went away finally on my blog too. normally i would have read him the riot act but in this time and place, you don't know how someone might react. similiarly, i don't get as expressive with rude drivers as i used to either.

    enjoy your blog, willow. hopefully it's an extra step for just a while. xo

  85. What kind of thrill do these people get out of leaving hateful comments?

  86. I always say that there are those who find bad things to say about anything and feed off of that negative energy.Moderating your comments at least gives you a chance to erase them all together.
    I wish I knew what better thing to do, but I always feel that to reply would be to feed them the energy they seek.
    And whoever reads your blog KNOWS what kind of a gentle soul you are. Just move on and be yourself. We all love your blog!

  87. I am so so sorry this has happened. I've just started to blog and I love it. Sharon made me giggle with batshit... and someone that knows you? Plenty nasty to think and say of such a human. Jealous of you. Please don't be discouraged, many more love your gift, I hope you continue to share.

  88. Hi Willow -
    I've been reading all the comments. I've had a couple of these recently too but I have always had comment moderation. So many creeps in the world.
    Loved your post on co-dependence.


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