Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Very Own Copy!

It's here! All the way from the UK. Stevyn Colgan's new book,
Joined-Up Thinking, is a delightful idea of connecting trivia with
the same principle of six degrees of separation. Is everything in the
world connected to everything else? This book is very Stevynesque;
fun, artistic and intelligent, just like his blog. It would make a perfect
charming and unique holiday gift. Hop on over to his blog for a list
of websites offering the book.


  1. Well, it looks and sounds like a good read. Is this six degrees theory similar to Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees theory, too?

    Thanks for popping by my blog last night. The same thing that happened to you with the clip happened to me, too, but it's fixed now.

    Have a fab Sunday.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Thank You for the link...

    See You later !

  3. Thanks for the introduction Willow. Hope you have a "marvelous" Sunday. Pappy

  4. Interesting idea!

    Thanks for the visit,
    Troy and Martha

  5. I too can heartily recommend young Stevyn's book, not just for its quirkiness and great attention to detail, but also because I get a mention in Round 30!

  6. Hope your on a commission!!!!!

  7. Sounds interesting! I'll have to pop over and pay him a visit!

  8. Willow - What can I say? Forget all of the press reviews and the interviews and stuff. If Willow likes it, I'm happy. True praise indeed! x

    Oh, and as for Cuban's question ... when I first started the book I was trying to emulate Frigyes Karinthy's Six Degrees of Separation (although I think it was Stanley Milgram who coined the term). However, I soon found that I was linking all sorts of obscure and wonderful facts and the book turned into a fun exercise in association and interconnectedness instead.

    Blimey, that sounded brainy. And so unlike me!

  9. Hmm, Willow. Trivia - you know I love trivia. In fact, you can read my latest post here to find out why:

    (Any thoughts on that idea we bandied about a few weeks ago?)


  10. This sounds like it's right up my alley! I'll check it out!

  11. What a fun and brilliant gift idea for those hard to shop! Love it.

  12. That sounds interesting! I'll have to go check it out.

  13. I enjoyed the book somewhat too, but I am slightly unhinged!!!!

  14. i just started looking thru your blog... absolutely delightful


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