Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a quick note to tell you about a great blog that you might not
be familiar with. David, a very talented digital artist, creates some
wonderful pieces of art. Last week I sent him a Grace Kelly postage
stamp and he did a marvelous piece with it. Go take a peek at
David's Digital Art and be sure to say "hello"!


  1. Quite nice ... all of his 'stuff'


  2. Richard, hello! We love your mother in this bloggy neighborhood!:)

    I tried to click on your profile to come over and say "hi" and see that it can't be accessed. (If you want us to visit, make sure you check "share my profile".) Please stop by again when we can pay you a visit! Looking forward to meeting you.

  3. Willow, your friends have been inviting all day. Thanks. I so very happy that you live the Grace Kelly piece. Thanks again for the stamp, you are so very kind.

  4. Willow, I dashed over and checked out David's nice digital art. I especially like what he did with the stamp you sent him. Stamps make perfect little additions to collages also. I may post some of my little ATC's later (since I am out of any interesting ideas of my own and am reduced to appropriating other peoples!)

    I have been turning over the idea of a postcard swap. Do you think bloggers would be interested? I will blog about this later tonight for sure.

  5. Stevie, I think that is a really great idea!! Yes, do it!!! :D

  6. I might check him out if he does a John Wayne photo or something! :-)

  7. Popped over to Davids, talented man. Makes me realise how primitive my blog is, "hi di ho" I can but learn!!! Wish I had a stamp of Diana, would love to see what what he could create with that. Grace and Diana had such tragic deaths, and I never realised until I visited David that Grace had such a controlling husband...

  8. What a cool site! Thanks for the link. I love your Grace Kelly stamp. I love Grace Kelly. I want to be Grace Kelly. I digress.

  9. Hello, Willow. I was just looking around on the web this morning for books illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger (I have only two and the book on her art) when I scrolled to your site. How delightful to find a kindred spirit! I am having my tea right now and looking forward to the day. Have you ever seen the movie FIRELIGHT (1997)? I found it through Netflix. I recommend it to all my friends who love a good romance! I have never really ventured out looking for blogs, but I must say yours is a charming surprise. Best regards!


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