Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Afternoon at The Manor

Have I happened to mention that WT absolutely loves Bob Hope? He
is immensely enjoying My Favorite Spy, 1951, this afternoon on TCM,
starring Bob Hope and Hedy Lamarr. The newly restored copy is so
crisp and luminous. It really is a joy to watch. The glamorous Hedy
Lamarr is drop dead stunning in her sequin covered white evening
dress. I did get a tad bored, though, and wandered over here to my
computer to see what was going on in the bloggyhood. I can't help but
keep chuckling right along with him, because he gets so tickled at the

Lily Dalbray: The closer I get to death the more I realize that I love you.
Peanuts White: The closer I get to death the more I realize I love me, too.

I think Woody Allen's (another fave here at The Manor) comedic style
closely resembles that of Bob Hope. I'll post on him later, because he
deserves a whole post of his own! So stay tuned...


  1. Bob Hope and that generation of comedians and entertainers were really special. Even today, their material is clean, funny, and creative. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I thought I'd seen all the Hope movies, but I can't place that one!

    Great minds with the blog face-lift!

  3. Bob Hope and his famous ski slope nose! What a wonderful entertainer he was, so patriotic visiting all those troops during all those wars. He was the grand-daddy of all comics.

    P.S. I like your new background colour.

  4. He he, that cracks me up!! I listen to Brent-Boy when he watches tv and I'm in blog land to, when he watches his fishing shows, he stands up and screams if they catch a really big bass fish. We're from Georgia, and he's a southern boy, what can I say.

  5. I can just hear WT laughing at those jokes! :P

  6. LOL!!
    Wish I could be there laughing along with WT. I have Hope in Paris Holiday. Great line you have posted there! Love it!
    The Bach

  7. Willow...I grew up on Bob Hope movies..He was a great American...supported the troops no matter what the war effort was...Anytime one of his movies come on...we will watch it and have good laughs....Laughter is good for your health :)...can you tell your feeling healthier? Have a happy weekend....Dee Dee

  8. DeeDee, yes it does feel good to laugh. We are pretty silly around here and can always find something to laugh about! :D

  9. I'm sorry, but whenever I hear "Hedy Lamarr" I think of Harvey Korman in Blazing Saddles! :)

    (Found you via David McMahon's blog)

  10. Leslie was a boxer before becoming a comedian. I imagine that nose had something to do with his short lived boxing career.

  11. bob hope was an american icon -- witty, patriotic and a sincerely nice person. and he never failed to make me laugh! thanks for the reminder!

  12. Dave, yeah, Hedly Lamarr, teehee!

    Pappy, I didn't relise he was a boxer early in life. Now that you mention it, his nose does have a suspicious curve to it! And with a name like Leslie, I would change it to Bob, too.

  13. I, too, enjoy Bob Hope. I missed him on TMC yesterday, but I’m sure Turner will show us more.

  14. I remember watching the Bob Hope show when I was a child/young adult and enjoying his wit and humor. I also loved Red Skelton Danny Kaye and Jackie Gleason. That era produced so many wonderful comedians!

    Sad about Harvey Korman passing ... I, too, always remember his line about Hedy Lamar from the Blazing Saddle movie! :-)

  15. MFS is one of my favorite Hope films. :)

    Also, see 2 other favs if you get a chance...The Ghost Breakers, w/Paulette Goddard(Zowie!)...and Son of Paleface w/Jane Russell(double Zowie!)

  16. Bob Hope certainly surrounded himself with lovely ladies. I loved his humour. But as for Woody Allen... oh Willow, I can't wait for that post!!

  17. I have to say I love early Woody Allen. Manhattan Murder Mystery is one of my favourites. I love old Bob hope and bong Crosby movies too. Ahh, those good old days.


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