Friday, May 30, 2008

More Tales from Willow Manor

I was chatting with Lady Em over at Lavender Beekeeper about
ghosts the other night. She and Betsy asked me to share more hair
raising stories from Willow Manor. There are many to tell, but I will
keep this short and just fill you in on the latest.
Last week, when our daughter was home, we were all sitting in the
living room, and the conversation turned, as it usually does, to the
subject of our resident ghost(s). Our youngest son mentioned that the
occurrences here could be from the Native Americans who lived in
this area. Chief Leatherlips is said to have been executed on June 1,
1810, by his own people, along the Scioto River near our property. He
was apparently friendly with the white man and his Wyandot people
did not approve. I then mentioned that I thought it was Laura, the
woman who died here at Willow Manor. At the exact moment I
mentioned her name, a nearby potted plant rustled and six or eight
large leaves fell off and scattered to the floor. We all saw it, heard it
and were stunned. There were no open windows, no air conditioning,
no fans. The plant was on a table across the room. We all agreed that
she must have wanted us to know that it was, indeed, her.

And that's not all. Sunday night, after I had been asleep for about an
hour, the door to my bedroom suddenly burst opened at 3:30. It had
been completely latched tightly shut before I went to bed. The turning
of the knob and the rattling of the hardware was loud enough to wake
me. It opened about 18 inches. I just froze and stared at the open
door. I was too frightened to get up to close it! And of course, WT was
away. The house was completely dark, the guys, who had to work
early the next day, had long gone to bed. What was that all about?

Lady Em suggested that I get a little recorder to see if there are any
EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) here. I might just have to do
that. I'll keep you posted. And if you like this kind of thing, I have
many, many more odd tales to tell.
photo: living room at Willow Manor


  1. Beautiful living room, Willow. It's exactly as I imagined -- very manorish! I soaring ceiling is quite grand.

    And, now you have given me chills...

  2. Oh Willow, your living room is so lovely ...I've taken a nice close look at all your decor...Beautiful sofas and gorgeous oriental rug...the Crown over the fireplace most suitable... :)

    I am so skittish about ghostly sort of things, I'm not quite sure what I would do :)

  3. Yes--beautiful living room--love the ceiling! Ooooooh--How eerie an occurrence. I suppose you have to think of it as a comforting presence who's watching over you or you'd get freaked. Sounds like it to me!

  4. Ooohhh! The Chief Leatherlips story is very interesting! What's behind his name, do you know?

  5. The name Leatherlips had to do with the fact that his word was his bond. He was always truthful. (Not that he needed lip balm...teehee.)

  6. And have you heard the theory that The Memorial Tournament is always rained on because of the "Curse of Leatherlips", who was killed right about this time of year?

  7. Well, Willow, one look at your living room and I could see why the ghost doesn't want to leave. Neither would I !! Spending centuries swanning around the manner would suit me down to the ground too!

    All the glimpses of your house are so lovely; how lucky ducky you are to live in such a grand abode. I can see you in a long chiffon robe and WT with a silk paisely one, his elbow on the mantle, one hand holding his pipe as he says "Now really, my dear Willow, pip pip, chin up and all that rot, this ghost of ours must really not disturb you when you're asleep, its really most distressing my dear...I shall have to throw down the gauntlet and obtain satisfaction..." (turning to address the butler..."Smithers, did you see where my duelling pistols went?"

    tee hee!

    By the way Willow, what did you think of the last painting in my last post, was I right to think it evoked the manor?

  8. I think I would have been rather alarmed too.
    I'm not quite sure what you should do.
    However the spirit seems somewhat benign.
    You could try explaining to it that you live here now and would it kindly give you a little peace?

  9. Oh my goodness I love the ceilings in your living room! White washed with dark beams is so Tudor..Love...Love...Love...this...

    Keep these ghost stories coming...The remodeling in Kate's room is underway but all has been very quiet on the "specter" end...Husband still smells cigarette smoked when I don't but that's about it.

  10. Your home is absolutely breathtaking. You have decorated beautifully and I am anxious to read some of your past blogs. I believe I have had ghostly encouters also and I feel like as long as they don't harm you it's okay. You must have so much fun in that grand home.

  11. Wat a beautiful elegant living room you have at the manor, Willow! I am intrigued by all your books, and if I visited I would scanning their titles the first opportunity I had. :-)

    I'm not sure I'd like to have a resident ghost. It makes me feel sad that they have been caught in a dimension they should not be in. But that said, one of my favorite movies of all time is "The Ghost and Mrs Muir." It's such a sweet romantic story.

  12. Maybe if you see Leatherlips in your home or on your property, you can ask him about these giant Black Beards that came before him!
    And it sounds like he would tell you the truth! :)

  13. hmmm, i'm trying to decide which of the two past residents i would want the ghost to be (if i lived there)-- leatherlips or laura. i can't decide. i think your family is very brave and open minded about these experiences, though!

  14. i forgot to say that your living room is just lovely. i've never known anyone who lived in a manor but it looks so charming!!

  15. I notice that many commenters speak of your living room. Yes, it is a fine one—or should I say “divine one.” I would be very, very comfortable there.

    The ghosts, however, are intriguing. A few years ago I learned that a murder had taken place in my house about 80 years ago. I cannot say that a spirit remains here; but I also cannot say that one does not. Some day I must blog the story. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  16. Julie, actually it's just an old house that was named Willow Manor years ago by a former owner. We have fun calling it The Manor. ;)

    Nick, oh yes, please do post on the subject. Sounds very intriguing!

    Elizabeth, yes, she is very benign, thankfully.

    Lavinia, I'll have to stop by your place to see what you are referring to...

    Pat, I love The Ghost and Mrs. Muir! I need to see that movie again, it's been ages.

    Thanks all, for your kind, kind comments!! :):):)

  17. Your living room is gorgeous!! I love it!! I am so excited that you're getting a recorder. Also, if you take pictures when ever you feel a chill or creepy in the area that you are in, or the area that you feel it coming from, you might just catch something showing up for a photo!! I think that as long as you are comfortable with this ghost, then you shouldn't be worried. I always wear a cross or as of late the medal that I wear that Brent-Boy bought me, and if I'm feeling a little freaked out, I will say The Lord's Prayer, it will calm anything strange, and give you peace of mine and protection. Please do more posts on this, I'm so excited to hear all about it, and to see all the awesome pictures of the manor. How old is Willow Manor, and do you know what Laura died of, and how long she owned the house? You also might want to pull records on the land, to see what was there before the manor.
    (Hans Holtzer an Austrian parapsychologist has written 138 books on paranormal/occult subjects. I own his book called Ghosts, and it is huge and full of just about everything you need to know regarding the subject. Also Lorraine and Ed Warren have written several books that might help you out, or just give you some insight. Lorraine Warren is one of my favorite ladies. Most any book store will carry these if you're interested.) Keep me up to date!!
    ~Lady Em~

  18. Leaves falling off a plant I could take but something opening my latched bedroom door in the middle of the night....eeeeek. I can hardly watch scary movies much less having a ghost in the house. You are a braver woman than me.

    Your living room is the perfect set interior for a movie. Those beams and your light fixture are to die for! (oops I need to be careful what I say in front of the ghostie since you aren't sure who it is).

  19. Willow, lovely room. Very "manorish" and English, to boot!

    Oh, i could tell you stories! We had similar things happen when we lived in Malaysia when I was very young. Doors would open, footstep could be heard going up the the bed/cott and then leaving once God's name was called out. My father even saw a Malay man walk right up to the dinner table when they had guests, and just as he was about to ask who he was, the guy disappeard into thin air right there! the guests said, "What's a matter? you're all white--like you just saw a ghost!"

    We learned there had been a murder there before but I don't want to go into it--it was along time ago and still, very scary to me as other poltergeist type stories are related to it from subsequent moves my family had. Thankfully, none of it followed me.

  20. I always love ghost stories!

    Your living room is divine by the way. The crown above the fireplace? Hello! Love the balance of the bookshelf/window, and the wrought chandelier is perfect!

  21. Willow, I LOVE this kind of thing, especially when it's happening in other people's houses. ;-) I do believe that spirits, or, ghosts, or whatever, may be about. I hope they're mischievous at worst, highly benevolent at best.

    And your living room is lovely. No wonder Laura enjoys hanging out.

  22. I can't believe you would favor Laura over Chief Leather Lips. That was probably why the leaves fell of when you mentioned her name. He was upset that he was no longer the center of attention. Don't you know anything about men? I can't wait for the next visit from the mystery guest. Pappy

  23. Mmm, ooooh that is really scary!! I would love to hear more of your Malaysia story, if it's not too troubling.

    Pappy, now that is an angle that I hadn't thought of! You just might be right! Big, big storm came through here last night...just on the eve of his tomahawk murder in 1810. He's not happy...

  24. What intrigues me is the story behind the ghosts. Makes the writer in me sharpen a few pencils and grab a fresh notebook!

  25. Keanan, yes there's lots of material over here. And I haven't even mentioned all of the deaths that have taken place here!

  26. Reading this gives me the heebee jeebies…but in a sort of good way - I admire your bravery! I would have put that house up for sale. But I'd love to hear more.

  27. Willow,
    I don't believe a word of this!!!.....we're all here ... who's that coming?... I hear footsteps creaking down the stairs... yikes... who's blowing in my ear....what's going on here!!! :0
    No joke, I've heard the steps before on the front staircase!
    Lavinia, this is a very adaptable pipe smoking room. While visiting Willow Manor, I love to get up early, rekindle the fire, and sit on the sofas with my morning creamed coffee and book in hand.
    The Bach

  28. Great looking room - at any time of year!

    I'd love to have some updates on this. Some months ago I posted an Weekend Wandering, asking if people believed in ghosts - and got an amazing response.

  29. I don't think I would ever be able to sleep alone again after that little episode....and thats that!There goes another shiver down my spine.

  30. Love the living room, but I think I'd be grey haired with all the odd happenings. You far braver than I am Willow!

  31. GULP! I, for one, am up for any more stories you care to tell!


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