Friday, April 11, 2008

A Man for All Seasons

This handsome young sailor is my World Traveler's father, Bill. He
was born on this day, April 11, 1925 in Chillicothe, Missouri. As you
can see from his uniform, he joined the US Navy and served in WWII
aboard the USS Tingey. He came home from the Pacific and married
his beautiful sweetheart, Evelyn on June 29, 1947 in Kansas City,
where they settled, had five daughters, one son, 25 grandchildren and
15 great grandchildren! Bill retired from the Kansas City School Board
where he worked for 30 years. Then he embraced his retirement with
vibrancy, working at the many things he enjoys. I have never known
such an industrious man. Aside from keeping up his 37 acres, he has
a complete woodworking shop where he not only refinishes beautiful
vintage furniture, but makes quite a bit of his own pieces from scratch.
Whenever we phone for a chat, he is usually in a tree, on a roof or
riding a tractor! Over the years, Bill as been a mentor to scores of
people, who benefit from his generous love and care. Three years
ago, he celebrated his 80th birthday and (I am not exaggerating)
literally hundreds showed up to congratulate this wonderful man,
who touches the lives of so many fortunate people.

Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you!


  1. I love to read posts like this. What a dapper young man and still very attractive at 80- Love the fishing photo! My husband is also a woodworker and has that ever come in handy at our old house.

    Wonderful photos...Have you had any of your old photos restored? I have some that are deteriorateing rapidly and must do something to stop that process.

  2. I love those pictures! Having a big heart, reaching out to others and impacting their lives....those are things I'd like to be remembered for in my 80's, too.

  3. What a loving tribute for your father-in-law. Such a handsome man in that Navy uniform...just something about those "sailor boys" :) It's always inspiring to me, to read about someone who has lived life completely and just continues to be an inspiration to all his family and friends...I've enjoyed, seeing and hearing about this beautiful person in your life Willow...

  4. All the men in your family are so good-looking!

    Oh,the women too!....:)You and your sis are the pic of adorable prettiness in yesterday's photo. By the way, I am still working on my six word memoir. My daughter suggested: "Been there, done that, never again!" We had a good laugh over that one.

    Now to your father in law, my but doesn't he exude, in that first photo, all the hope, optimism, and rugged vigor of the America of that period? Such a wide grin, keen sailor eyes....very handsome. He looks like he just stepped out of that movie..what was it called...with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire playing sailors on leave in New York?

    Your loving birthday greeting to him is wonderful, he sounds like a very good soul. So nice to hear that hundreds whose lives he's touched turned out to honour him on his special day.


  5. Now that's a smile that would light up any room. What a charming gentleman.

    Happy Birthday Bill!

  6. Rebecca, I have never had any old photos professionally restored, but scanning them and using a good photo program to touch up, in my opinion, is the next best thing.

  7. LL, funny that you mentioned Gene Kelly! There is an old photo of Bill swinging from a light post with that huge smile, that reminds me so much of Gene Kelly. I would love to have that photo for my collection...must scan it next time we are in KC.

    Yes, I agree, that rugged young American optimism and hope are so evident in this picture!

  8. BP, his smile does light up a room! He is a very charming man with a wonderful sense of humor.

  9. What a handsome man! And, I think he must have a beautiful heart. What a blessing to have him in your lives!

  10. That was quite an era for citizens in service.

    I too posted a photo of my father in uniform, he is with his brothers.

    If interested, on my blog "Band of Brothers".

    Tough time, nice guys.
    Thank you is never enough.

  11. From your posting, I would say this Bill Kincaid is of the old school, a true statesman. They come far and few between these days. Those that do right for good and expect no return.

  12. What a charming gentleman - I wish him many more happy Birthdays.
    Thanks for sharing his story.

  13. No wonder your mother fell for him - what a terrific smile. Happy Birthday to him.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


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