Thursday, April 10, 2008

Magpies, Glass Eyes

Robyn referred to herself the other day as a magpie, which I
thought was so absolutely charming! She, like myself, is a scavenger.
It is the artist in us, that is drawn to the beautiful and unusual on
this earth. Her wonderful woodcarvings are full of her treasures.
I often pick up odd things at flea markets. This winter I came across
this great glass eye. A vendor had a huge collection, all sizes and
colors of eyes, housed in an interesting old wooden case with 15 or
20 shallow drawers. It had once belonged to a local optometrist.
After examining each one several times, a large grey blue was my
choice. The workmanship is amazing; the iris is incredibly detailed.
So, that's one of the unique things this particular magpie snatched
up and carried home. Just because.


  1. I'm a self-confessed magpie too! But in that sparkly things tend to catch my eye.

    What a cool eyeball! I was a bit startled by it at first. But it's remarkable. It even looks a bit bloodshot, unless those are slight cracks in the surface. I like where it sits especially ;)

    La gazza ladra
    (except I don't thieve)

  2. That is amazing! It doesn't look looks soft and real! eeeew!

  3. Is the eye completely round like a marble? It's certainly you ever feel like its 'watching you'?...LOL.

    The magpie is such a cute bird with a really cute name. A friend of mine once had one swoop down and seize her eyeglasses which she had just set down!

  4. LL, you know I always assumed that a glass eye was completely round, but it isn't. It's convex like a large contact lense!

  5. BP...Hope the eye didn't scare anyone. I thought about making the picture smaller, but then the wonderful detail wasn't so clear.

  6. I suppose I could consider myself somewhat of a magpie as well :) I've had to smile at all the responses to your glass eye....reminds me of a scene out of "Blade Runner" you know the one?

  7. DeeDee, You are right, I just read down through the comments and had a good chuckle. :) Blade Runner is one film that is not familiar to me, so I'm missing the joke. You must fill me in!

  8. ............and here's looking at you kid!!!!
    That certainly is a stunning eyeball.

    Enjoyed reading about your great great uncle - such a handsome fellow and very sad he died so young. You have great family pics in your collection.


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