Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow at the Manor House

Snow...snow...snow...snow!! And it's not over yet. They say
"phase two" is arriving today. Well, needless to say, spring has
not arrived here yet. World Traveler is building a huge fire in
the fireplace, as I type. Perfect day for hot chocolate and cozying
up with some good books!


  1. We got snow this morning too! About 1/50th of what you have, but it's snow! We scraped enough off of the car to make a snow ball.

  2. Love the pics! Wish I was sitting beside your fireplace with you sharing my sticky biscuits I made this morning. (see my blog) :)

  3. Hello Willow, I am always a sucker for these kind of snowy pics :) lovely. I have been listening to Dylan Thomas whilst animating and thought of your old family photos when I heard the line: "...the yellowing dickybird-watching pictures of the dead" :) I think he is great...

  4. What lovely pictures Willow! I love how a soft snow mounds up like meringue on every surface. we are in the midst of it here... I can barely see across the street for the snowfall. As for your fireplace... sigh... I do envy you it. My next home must have one as I miss it so much. In fact... I bought a DVD fireplace a couple of years back, complete with crackling fire sounds. It will have to last me till I have the real thing again.

  5. Rima, that's a neat line! Yes, I do cherish my old family photos! :)

  6. BP, I think I would miss our big old fireplace most if we moved from here. There is something magical about watching the fire and listening to the crackling and soothing.

    Phase two did come through and we ended up with about twice as much snow as my morning pix show!


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