Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow and Icons

Yesterday, I curled with with a good book in front of the fire, but kept looking up at the blank wall at the far end of the room. For the last year, I have been thinking of hanging some of my icon collection there. So, being snowed in and not much else to do, I dove into the project.

My collection all started about 15 years ago, when Traveler brought me back a beautiful vintage icon in "kiosk" (framed in a wooden box) from Lithuania. I have some that are called "oklad", where the Madonna and child are painted on the background and then silver or other metal is attached on top, with openings for
their faces and hands. Since then, he has brought me several from Russia and Eastern Europe. I am not of the Catholic or Orthodox faith, but I love them for their beauty, history and symbolism. It was a perfect day for my little project and I love their new look!


  1. They look wonderful hung the way you have arranged them! And now I know the origin of "kiosk". :)

  2. That looks really nice! And room to add more! :)

  3. I love your write up and your icons are beautiful over the archway. I was looking through my National Geographic Special magazine on "Inside the Vatican" today and it made me think of my dear niece. There is this one open 2 page picture of beautiful icons that you can purchase at the gift shop there.
    Keep warm!

  4. I love the snow at your front door....I've never seen that before, since I've never lived where it snows, at least not enough to pile up above the door stoop like that.

    The icons are amazing.

  5. Beautiful icons! Google Ethiopian icons when you have a moment. I collect them for their history symbolism and naive beauty.

  6. I really like them, and I wish I had a collection myself. I've popped on over from Into The Hermitage. I like your blog very much, and it's very nice to meet you!!

  7. Hello Em...nice to meet you and welcome to Willow Manor. I'm off to pop into your place for a visit... :)


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