Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Old Watering Hole

One big item on my long term wish list is new kitchen countertops.
We put formica tops in about 20 years ago and they are starting to
look their age. (Aren't we all?) They show the nine little notches
where two year old Sammy decided to help the plumber with a
hacksaw. And there are quite a few other stains and scrapes. But,
with the middle child just finishing up grad school and the young one
still in college, my new sleek counters are just not in the budget for
now. When the family was home at Christmas, the sink sprayer
handle keep sticking and giving everyone a huge, unexpected spray
of water in the crotch! This was all very comical, except for the
victim, of course. (For some reason, when we have a houseful,
they all gather around the kitchen sink, like it is a watering hole in the
old west.) To make a long story short, we finally went to Lowe's for
the sprayer replacement and ended up getting a new faucet set.
Wow....what a marvelous mini-update to my kitchen area! It makes
waiting for the counters ever so pleasant! (And gives the old
watering hole a whole new look, pardner.)
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  1. That is beautiful! Love the tall, curved spout. Cute about the gathering place....the kitchen really is the heart of the home! :)

  2. Now THAT'S a faucet! Elegant, practical, great for filling tall vases... your family members will just have to find new reasons to laugh at each other. And knowing families, it won't take much effort. :)

  3. We don't have to look for new reasons to laugh at each other, that's for sure!! ;)

  4. Our sprayer has been doing that too, and there have been discussions about getting new faucets, etc. The one you selected is very attractive, with lots of room to fill large pots. I'm inspired! Maybe another weekend project for my sweet husband. He'll be so happy..,

  5. Oh I love it, very nice choice. Gooseneck faucets are my favorite.

  6. Sharon, my sweet husband started out by making this a weekend project, until he couldn't get the old faucet off. We ended up having to all a plumber and it took the professionals an hour to actually saw off the old one! Hope your little weekend project is a little easier.;) In the end, though, it was definitely worth it!


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