Sunday, June 29, 2008

Too Cute Not to Share

Edward from From The House of Edward

from Pappy's Balderdash

You are entirely welcome, bloggy friends!! :)
Willow xo


  1. I am laughing at both! Very sweet thoughtful and creative!

    Summer is keeping me off line lately. Glad to catch up with this Sunday afternoon!

  2. Funny. Yes, a great blog there over at House of Edward. Again, thanks for your browsing of good blogs.

  3. These are great...I saw the one on Pappy's blog and had to laugh...We were watching Somthing's Gotta Give at the time....gotta love Jack Nicholson :)

  4. DeeDee, I love "Something's Gotta Give". It's so funny. Whenever I see this "About Schmidt" face of Jack Nicholson, I think "Dear Undugu..."

  5. So. much. fun!

    We can't get enough of Jack Nicholson around here!

  6. I loved "Somethings gotta give"! And that dog with the sign is priceless!


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