Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It is time...

My new chapbook NO THIRD THING is available for pre-order.  I need a certain amount of orders to qualify for a press run.  Please help by ordering now.  Because my publisher is a small press, they depend on authors to promote sales.  Thank you for your generous support, dear friends.  

Click on this LINK to place your order.  Books ship October 9, 2015.

If Whitman's poems "celebrate" and Dickinson's "interrogate," the verb I associate with Tess Kincaid's beautiful lines is "billow the poems start small, and before you know it, they're crackling like storms. Let lightning spit fire, let rain spray! said Shakespeare, and that's exactly what happens here.

David Kirby

Tess Kincaid's poetry has a touch of not only intimacy but of immediacy.  Her eye, her insight, miss little if anything. She has perfected a succinct style that reveals an experience as it happens, as it gathers meaning. These twenty-six poems evoke a web of discoveries, the way a life is lived, the metaphors of a poet's many lives poured into the reader's own. Ms. Kincaid's work offers a glimpse into the digital age, as well as into our enduring, more common condition.

Floyce Alexander

In No Third Thing Tess Kincaid goes "to the edge,/to the door between either and or" and her poems pull us right along with her.  It's a journey worth taking.  This is Kincaid's third publication and her best one yet.

Eva Tihanyi


  1. A group of us are getting together poems for our first chapbooks through a private community I have on Google+. It's an exciting time I'm just learning about publishing.

    I would like to get your new book but have a question before I buy it. It's a paperback but do you have the option to put it on a Kindle?

    Congratulations on your No Third Thing (I adore the name) and the reviews are very good I can't wait to read it. Enjoy your week Tess! Hugs!

    1. Thanks's presently not available on kindle...

  2. Well done, Tess! So happy for you! Congratualtions!
    And finally I've got around to actually ordering one of your poetry books...decided on this one as the review said it was your best one yet. My mother will be delighted and surprised by it, I am quite sure. She's not too chuffed about living in Yorkshire now with my sister but this will give her some repose. In fact, with her increasing dementia, it will be the gift that keeps on giving and giving! :) Take care. Hope you and your fam are well.

    1. Michael thank you so much for your kind support...I hope your mother will enjoy...

  3. I will follow up and find out later..and let you know. She is the most well read person I've ever known so it will be interesting hearing her reply...if she can remember things long enough, that is!


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