Sunday, May 31, 2015

Of That Ilk

From the beginning
kindred voices whisper
between words.
Sea through the windows.
Landlocked roots.

You reel me in without a net.
Gently unhook.  For keeps.
Channels pulse an ancient beat,
deeper in your eyes than blue.
I have been away too long.

Ancestors line the shore.
One of them points
"Your man over there"
I take him literally.
They applaud as rain.

Rush of belonging sweeps
stronger than a tailwind.
I grasp your arm
to keep from flying
put me down!

Look at my pale feet
unearthed from nowhere,
still covered in grubs.
I dig in my heels.
Spread my toes like fins.

tk/May 2015

Lovely retro-esque read by R.A.D. ...


  1. At last a poem of substance, not relying on cadence to 'whing it.' There is a mic of admiration, problem-solving and pleasure in tasting your poetry, Tess, and a precious lack of pretention in your words. While concurrents may promise each other everlasting love as they express unfounded amazement at each other's alarming lines, you reproduce reality in forms more real. I enjoy these poetry readings of yours very much.

    1. Thank you for your kind and generous comment, Forest Tinker. I'm very fortunate to have the talented Mr. Stainforth read my poems.

  2. Always a pleasure to read your beautiful lines...

  3. Before anything else - we both wrote five stanzas, five lines each without huddling up first. that delighted me.

    I hear the applause, feel her heart... enter your poem. Thank you!

  4. wonderful images............and this line:

    They applaud as rain. !!!! lovely !

  5. wonderful this line :

    "They applaud as rain" !!!

  6. I was captured surface to bed with this one Tess! Comps to RAD, too!

  7. Great write Tess! Floats beautifully!


  8. Perhaps they were set loose together as babies in a wicker basket , to float out to sea , before being found and separated by kindly fishermen , several millennia later, they find each other ....

  9. Great play on the words - sea through the windows..I think she will need those heels to survive on land..

  10. It isn't enough that your poetry is beautiful and full of images. To hear this gentleman read your works is just such a treat.

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for your work at Magpie Tales.

    1. Glad you enjoy Stainforth's excellent readings, Chris. He brings my words to life.

  11. beautiful and whole together a different interpretation

  12. Thanks, everyone for your thoughtful comments.

  13. You reel me in without a net speaks of deepest love... thoughts come to life between your lines.....on to the rest of life! Come what may like.

  14. Landlocked roots sounds just perfect.
    The last stanza really grabbed me.

  15. Deep emotion, like the ocean surf, spills poetry from our depths.

  16. It sounds as if you are going back to that beloved water one finned toe at a time! The line "They applaud as rain." was sumptuous. Wonderful Tess big hug!


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