Sunday, April 5, 2015

Polyester Never Wrinkles

Sometimes I see you
straight as you ever were,
teased and sprayed Seventies high. 
King James in one arm,
purse padlocked to the other. 

You say my birth name in a voice
this side of reluctance; 
ask if I remember to pray,
keeping in mind I might die
before I wake. 

Disappointment plowed
a furrow in your Midwest brow
that ran between us like a dry iron.
I was a run in your Sunday hose,
but polyester never wrinkles.

tk/April 2015

R.A.D. delivers with the perfect touch of humor...


  1. I had to laff as soon as I read your title Tess! ~giggle~ But wow, I grew up there too-you nailed it! Enjoy your Easter Sunday and thanks for the write! I went for humor. ♥

  2. Happy Easter Tess. Nothing like mother/daughter love. ;-)

  3. I heard the tick tock in the background of this reminiscent of my own poetry blog which drives everyone crazy at first. That with his reading was very kool! He sure has "it". I worry about his smoking though. Lol!

    1. Don't worry.

    2. No need to worry. I'd kinda miss him without that ciggie..........

  4. A beautiful thought, beautifully expressed, on Easter Day...

  5. Got it. RAD is originally from Leicestershire, no?

  6. Wow. I really like this poem. It's just a perfect description of that type of person, the self-righteous bible-thumper who's disappointed in someone for not being a carbon copy of herself but too polite to be anything but passive aggressive about it. I think that this is every woman I ever met in Alabama.
    :-( Good write, Tess.

  7. good one Tess......I had a lot of "that" while I was growing up....thank goodness we all grew up in spite of them! Cheers!

  8. Every considered word brilliant...x

  9. Just because someones old or dead doesnt mean they're not evil !

  10. This was not a good relationship I think; that furrow of disappointment was far too deep.

  11. Wrinkles being the furrow in your brow. Life is like that isnt it.

  12. Oh goodness no, something tells me you'll always be more than just a run! This was a slice of fun!

  13. Tess - the last line is delivered in spectacular style! From both and RAD!.

  14. Wow. I loved the line about disappointment plowing a furrow in the Midwestern brow. The entire piece was beautiful.

  15. Ooh! I like this wry look at inter-generational difference. So much is conveyed by that parental frown.

  16. My dad - yes, we were in Devon - showed me polished furrows on the rolling brow of Gorton Hill Farm, but they were raked an rolled lavished with cordon bleu dung before being tilled and harvested.But there was no future in food.


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