Sunday, July 14, 2013

Palpably Inadequate

You carefully consider
Maris Piper or Jersey Royal,
lost in thought  
somewhere in the Channel Islands.

I look sideways at your foraging.
Del Monte, cat food  
you can tell so much
from the contents of a lonely cart.

You choose a kind King Edward,
as I pretend to be interested in whole oats.
I feel the precision of your choice
in my throat.

I see you being swept away,
smoothing olive oil on the skin  
a good slow roast  
cheeky potato salad for one.

tk/July 2013 

Thank you  R.A.D. Stainforth for expertly reading this poem.  

photo by Agustin Berrocal 


  1. Ah, how well I know that "contents of a lonely cart" syndrome...

  2. Honestly ... it is only 6:25am out here and already I'm hankering for dinner! (or hash browns with my breakfast)
    Great write, Tess.

  3. You made me hanker for roast potato, but it's Sunday afternoon and there's none in the house:)

  4. I was right there in the aisle with this one. Brought back memories...I used to be a lonely shopper. It can be sad...teary eyed now.

  5. Yow! "the precision of your choice" is incredible!

  6. I have seen those grocery carts with sad drivers- makes me want to give them a hug and invite them to dinner. Have a lovely day.

  7. loved it....charlotte potatoes with butter and parsley for me please and to some other commentees.... my cart for one is anything but lonely!!

  8. I wonder what people can tell from the from the contents of my lonely cart? That I live alone? That I spend as much money on food and treats for my 3 cats (+ 3 kittens) as I do on myself? That at present I have a toothache? I wonder.

  9. I believe there's some magic brewing in that cheeky potato salad for one!

  10. Ah, the humble spud; what WOULD we do without it!

  11. Consider me slow roasted!- well done

  12. I know that 'whole oats' feeling too, Tess!

  13. Tess, I'm wondering why my link doesn't stay posted?

  14. Love the surrealistic quality in this..a life of it's own, as usual!

  15. Ha! I am one of those that considers the carts of others ... a slice of life so to speak, all in the anonymity of the market ...

  16. Ha! Ha! That's brilliant. I really enjoyed it. I could tell it was written by a woman though, as a man would have been around the shop in two paragraphs.

  17. Am I the only one NOT thinking of potatoes, Tess?


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