Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The moon made me do it...

Every month around the new moon ... usually a day or two before ... or on the day of ... I find myself in a whirl of cleaning and organizing.  I know, a rare thing for this lazy Libra. This time it was weeding through a stack of 150 magazines, tearing out the stuff I wanted to save, and recycling the rest.  And for dessert, I sorted through my sewing kit ... got rid of that old green bias tape ... and put it in one of my vintage tackle boxes. I couldn't bear to take out the Cash's woven name labels I used to sew inside the children's clothes, so I kept them, just because.  They make me happy.

We are not afraid to look under the bed,
or to wash the sheets:
we know that life is messy.
We know that somebody has to clean it up,
and that only if it is cleaned up 
can we hope to start over, and get better.

Marsha Norman
as quoted in Interviews With Contemporary Women Playwrights


  1. Cash's Name Tapes..... Oh the memories!

  2. A monthly occurrence is a great organizer. Reminds me of what a sage once said, 'the fastest way to do anything is to do one thing at a time' Brilliant thoughts Tess!


  3. We have to clean up the old messes before starting new ones?
    Huh! So that's what i'm doin wrong!

  4. Oh yes, Memories they are our best friends for life...hug them dearly!

  5. I've still got my children's name tape in my sewing box. I'm pleased to know that I'm not alone!

  6. My goal this autumn is to get rid of many years of magazines that I have been having trouble throwing away...too bad I am not a Libra:)

  7. Still got my son's cash's name tapes and he's 42! Not sure what happened to my daughter's. It's comforting to know others are like me & that I've not got some OCD. Thanks for the reassurance.

  8. never heard of cash's name tapes. but i keep forgetting that life is messy naturally. i am always trying to be so tidy and somehow it only happens with an intermittant tidying fit.

  9. Organizing does come in spurts. I never noticed if it was due to the new moon, but will start paying attention to that.
    It sure is a good feeling to organize something that has needed organizing.

  10. That is a great idea about the magazines...take out what you want, and recycle the rest...wish I had thought of husband will want to kiss you!!!
    I am going to pass that pearl of wisdom along...

    Linda :o)

  11. nice post thanks for sharing looking for to visit more..blessings

  12. Positively makes me want to clean! Life has been far too messy lately. Thanks, Tess!


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