Wednesday, February 16, 2011

search terms 2-12-2011

Stag at Sharkey's, 1909, George Bellows
Cleveland Museum of Art

diving pig
stag at sharkey's
ernst haeckel
idylls of spring
idylle printaniere
dance the virginia reel
dead bird crashes window
a beard without a mustache
old jewish headstone
film très bizarre
cracker jack prizes
tombstone with pigeons
making love midday in a manor
david welch pez ray gun
hitler with no mustache
hoosier cabinet etched glass
chewy cough drops in a white box
andersonville prison camp
full-blooded caramel shopping
raw goat head frozen
zappa's mustache
half man half fat cat
eat with hands
eat with your dirty hands
a thin french mustache
john paul jones' corpse
don't take any wooden nickles
seinfeld susan dies of licking
corset tight lace breath
goya's candle hat
rojan erotica
fowl with pearls
acanthus leaf tattoo

Last week, R.A.D. Stainforth posted his sitemeter search words for the week. I happened to think they were incredibly poetic, not to mention fascinating, especially when you think behind each particular phrase, someone was specifically sleuthing. Was their curiosity satisfied? The above list is comprised of the random subjects the public came to Willow Manor in search of, in one twenty four hour period of time. Crazy, huh?


  1. wow that is so interesting....way cool:)

  2. Tess -- Andersonville prison camp! That is a stretch of a link to your blog. Interesting stuff -- what formula does Google use to search ???? -- barbara

  3. Barbara, actually I do mention Andersonville Prison Camp in a post about my ancestors, so it's really not a stretch to link to my blog.

  4. Here's the link, in case anyone is interested:

    Two of my great-great uncles (brothers) died on the Steamship Sultana after their release from Andersonville, on their way home to Indiana.

  5. Oh, funny--I'll have to see if I can do that. Fascinating!

  6. That picture is pure ENERGY.

    Where does one find these search words?

  7. O.M.G. Tess! You KNOW I'm interested. I am so sorry for your family's loss that day, and I was deeply moved by your poem. The story of the Sultana is just heart-rending. Some even think it may have been sabotage. I wondered about the Andersonville search, and now I know quite a bit more. My Civil War whatever is tingling for sure!

  8. Dr. L, glad to give your Civil War DNA a little tingle!

  9. the search terms people use that find their way to me aren't nearly that interesting.

  10. Haha, Vicki, that Seinfeld episode about Susan dying from licking the envelopes, saved my life, since I was licking sticky photo corners for a family album I was putting together, the very same week. I was feeling extremely sick every evening after licking stickies all day. After I watched Susan die from it, I immediately stopped licking, felt much improved, and lived to tell.

  11. Wow...what a great header Willow. Did you draw that? Let me know where it came from. I get the feathers and the Cherokee connection.

  12. This is a terrific idea! I check my searched/site words from time to time, most often scratching my head & laughing...I'll have to print mine up, poem style, one of these days (love this!).

  13. How strange, to see these search terms listed. When our daughter was small, I used to tell her, "don't take any wooden nickels." Must have been a line from a film, I guess.

  14. What a great idea ... and a poem that begins with "diving pig" and ends with an "acanthus leaf tattoo".It is quite something.

    And I was startled to learn of Susan's demise ... not sure whether condolescences or congratulations are in order...

    oh, what's that you say in the comments? It was death from licking envelopes? Never mind ...

  15. Spooky!!! I just posted my notes to the poem, Love Hurts and wandered here through your blog icon on my sidebar---


  16. What a tangled web the internet weaves! I recognize some of the subjects, intrigued by others. I didn't even know you could do this. Always learn something from your blog!

  17. Martin, I posted the etymology of the term "don't take any wooden nickels", a phrase WT loved to tell our children, since his father said if often when he was a boy. I get Google hits on it every day. Here's the link:

  18. Teri, I wish I could say I drew the header, but actually it's a piece of ephemera my daughter thought looked so much like me and gave me for Christmas. I'd give credit if I could, but unfortunately, it's unsigned.

  19. Fascinating. Your header photo is intriguing...I had to look at it for quite awhile to take it ALL in.

  20. The response words are so interesting because the posts that elicited the comments have been not only literary, but historically enlightening, curious and up to date at the same time. Crazy fascinating reading as ever, Tess and I thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  21. Wow! The post and the comments are so interesting! I'm going to have to check out the search words used. I never really thought about looking at them...
    GREAT post!

  22. I dont get it. I mean what this search thing is that called up your blog. I am of course addle brained and totally out of the loop.

  23. How do you find the random eclectica that people used to discover your blog? It's utterly fascinating, this leap, hop and skip into the windows of your words.

  24. When the original Black Dogs was hosted by Blogger, I used Google Analytics. For various reasons I will not go into here, I re-started Black Dogs using Wordpress, and the blog stats, including search terms, are automatically generated.

    It's quite easy to export your entire blog from Blogger to Wordpress. Christ, now I'm boring myself ...

  25. R.A.D., are you liking Wordpress over Blogger? I've heard pros and cons.

  26. Very cool. I often feel that poetry, art, is just waiting to be recognized and illuminated. You did this piece proud.

  27. Tess, I've completely gone over to Wordpress. My original reason for doing so was that Blogger was blocked in the public library I frequently used to access the internet, so viewing my own blog was an impossibility. Now, I like the blog the way it is, and, much like moving house, I just hate the idea of changing it.

    So, my short answer is ... I prefer Wordpress.

    Thank you for helping me to get that off my chest.

    Excuse me while I pour a large drink ...

  28. fascinating and what fun! now i'm curious to see the path/words that brings non-regulars to the mouse

  29. As I always say, I just hope the person who typed in the search term found what they were looking for ... if not, their lives won't be complete ...

    (Life at) Willow Manor continues to be a delight, an enlightening delight. Rage, rage, against the dying of delight ...

  30. I'm all tweaked here at Blogger. The thought of moving house frightens me.

    Always a pleasure to delight, R.

  31. What a great list! I never have anything even close to this exciting...which is a good thing or I'd be checking it all the time. I've occasionally made lists of what was on my bedside table. Really weird to read the list back to yourself. I like your new look over here, Tess.

  32. Eat with your dirty hands? Wonder why anyone was searching that one. The list is poetic...there's a fascinating rhythm to it.

  33. If I remember right? he was a part of the ashcan school? Thanks for the post.

  34. Your header is spectacular! Makes me think of the New World, the make up of the native people were wonderful!

  35. Steviewren, I wrote a post one time on whether or not it was polite to eat with your hands, which foods were acceptable, etc. So that's why they landed here. Why? Now that's the intriguing part.

  36. Gosh dear Willow, you are a braver blogger than me. If I did this at The Hedge I fear I'd get inane search phrases like disgusting bathroom, dodgy renovations, grumpy husband & lunatic wife!
    Millie x

  37. Wow! Each of those phrases hurtles the imagination down another path!


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