Friday, October 1, 2010

the morning after

Please come in and help yourself to some delicious brunch. I need some extra strong java this morning, since I had far too many Last Word cyber cocktails last night. Maybe a bit of champagne would help, a bit of "hair of the dog", if you will.

Thank you all for making yesterday's Willow Manor Ball a smashing success. In addition to a fascinating list of attendees, there was quite a bit going on throughout the evening, including duels, tangos and kilt wearing competitions. Tom's pesky Dino Hand was getting a little too handy, if you know what I mean. Poor Tom ended up wearing a slab of raw steak on his face most of the evening, Phantom of the Opera style. Glenn, ever the showman, entertained us with a constant intelligent dialogue on everything from Hollywood to Hemmingway. I do believe he will be nominated for a Pulitzer for his incredible description of the evening's events. And did you happen to see Yoli's fabulous antler headdress? FireLight certainly was the show-stopper in her striking Madame X gown. Annie Leibovitz got some amazing shots, which I'm sure will make the cover of the December issue of Vanity Fair. By the way, did Steve Martin get his pants back? Rumor had it Mr. Ed ate them. I thought only goats ate stuff like that.

So, was all this deliciously silly hoopla pure nonsense? No, my friends, I beg to differ. Jo shared with us a quote from Agnes de Mille,

To dance is to be out of yourself.
Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.
This is power, it is glory on earth
and it is yours for the taking.

As Alan so aptly put it, the line between fantasy and reality is where artists live. We should never apologize (Julia Child would love this) for our virtual world, but celebrate it, gorge on its creativity. This is exactly what we did. Thank you for dancing that powerful dance on the splendid border between fantasy and reality with me, my friends. It was good. ~xx

Oh, and by the way, the winners of the door prizes are.....drum roll....
Robin of The Violet Hour


(please email me your postal addresses)


  1. It is for us to thank YOU. Boy, do my feet ache! I haven't danced so much for ages.

    Thanks to digital photography, I've managed to post an early photo of the event over on my site.

    Thanks again for a lovely evening. Bisou, Cro.

  2. Good Morning all! Dear me, I slept like a rock! Please join me in the kitchen for some excellent food and most! I know, I don't drink it anymore, but I'm having some this morning!

  3. yawwwwn. oh my, my feet ache but i feel so .....happy and enlivened. what fun we all had. thank you so much willow for being a marvelous hostess.

  4. Hey, now... "The Morning After..." was five Muses ago. :P

    And I'm not seeing a Zhivago hat anywhere. We're about to have words.

  5. wwhat a party!!! Thank you willow!!

  6. I really didn't trade the Zhivago hat for Edna St. Vee's Russian style Persian lamb. Honest I didn't. I did, however, see Truman Capote wearing it at one point.

  7. Willow ~ I think this is all so completely fabulous.
    I am looking forward to getting around to as many of the sites that participated, it's all so romantic and elegant and a community of people who no doubt embrace life.

    I hope you can put your feet up for most of the day, perhaps sneak in a little nap, and let us know when Annie's pictures are ready.

  8. willow thanks for a smashing evening. i just made it up stairs from the champagne cellar having had some difficulty crawling out from underneath the old yurt cover. turns out there were a few families of fleas also making their home in there!! my date (the lady of shalott) actually cracked a smile at one point despite her sorry life and sorrier stories of lancelot. you'll be happy to know that i threw the yarrow sticks in your honour and it seems you're going to have a peaceful year. hugs and gratitude. steven

  9. My Goodness Willow, I was going to have a coffee but having just seen my name as a door prize winner I think I'll grab one of those mimosas or Bellinis, whatever they are! CHEERS! What a stupendous way to round off the celebrations! And that cooked breakfast is calling my name! Everything has been simply magnificent.
    BTW, don't worry about FireLight's concerns for my art collection. Lovejoy is a chancer and it was a crafty plan on his part just to get closer to her and that dress! I think I saw him creeping away from the barn earlier!
    I'll be in touch.

  10. Steven, I'm happy to hear the ball actually brought a smile to Lady of Shalot's face. A peaceful year? Sounds splendid.

  11. Dear Willow,
    I was talking to some friends about our beautiful Ball.
    And she said...'Only writers and poets like you can pull this off, Ninot. And that's a compliment. Your mind clearly can create a very real cyber event."

    And I saw it immediately. You pulled this off magnificently, Willow because you are a creative thinker. We responded for the same reason. And oh yes - it was real in my mind in ways you would not believe.

    By the way, I am also an event organiser, and this side of me analyses The Willow Ball with fascination. You prepared for the function, you promoted it to all of us, sent invitations. Followed up. Made preparations and thought of decor, entertainment, poetry reading, the banquet. I am sure you had a checklist and programme.

    Had a master of ceremony,created hype, was the perfect host...all the elements of a perfectly run event.

    I have been to many events, and run quite a few. This was as real, as perfectly executed as the best I have seen.

    Whoa, that's way too much said. I had a blast - all thanks to the poet blogsphere who had the courage to have fun!

    By the way, Leonard and Joseph never had such a great time as last night. It was a novelty for them...tsk...tsk!

    Well done!

  12. Derrick, I'm sending you the parrot and Robin the hummingbird, so synchronicitous since she just posted something on hummingbirds!

  13. It seems that I have missed the party of the year.....Well at least I don't have a headache this morning.

  14. Nino, can you tell I used to own a catering business? Seriously, the pleasure was all mine. I had a blast doing this!

  15. Oh, my.....(big yawn and streeeeeetch)...ooooh I do believe I am a bit a saddle sore .....
    but Mr. Ed and I I did sleep well in the barn! I walked past Lovejoy snoozing away in his Morris Minor out on the drive. Ooooh, the food looks so good, and I AM starving! Even I would love some coffee on this rare and beautiful October day!
    Good morning, dears!

  16. Hmmmm....Lovejoy, such a rogue! I guess my attempt at a little ruse about his "sleeping in his car" has just been just exposed.....anyway good news about your art collection, Derrick!

  17. Oh thank God for your morning-after brunches. My head feels like a balloon and oh whoa, just looked in the mirror.

    I'm scarier looking this morning than Tom with half his mustache missing. Yikes.

    Willow, as always the Ball was spectacular! A BLAST!! Wow. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!

    You are the hostess with the mostess in every way imaginable. Oh yeah!

  18. Oh. Oh. Oh. Madame Willow..what a sheer delight it all was. I am still twirling madly. It was indeed a huge honour to attend such a truly magical evening. What a hostess you are...everything was absolute perfection. The people fascinating and beautiful; the food glorious and the setting..ah..the setting was simply heavenly. You are a woman in a million..talented, witty, beautiful, artistic, erudite and quite delightful. Thank you so much for a night to remember!

  19. Darling Willow...will be by in an hour for that coffee ~ and a little champagne. I've just dropped Seamus off at the airport...he's on his way back to Ireland.

    Brilliant Husband was up when we arrived home last and we sat around all night re-counting the hightlights of the evening, laughing and reciting poetry at the top of our lungs. Consequently, I'm still in my gown! The best news is, I have the Bugatti for the rest of the day!

    What a magic evening...See you shortly.

  20. mmmph. i fell asleep in the tub, but somehow awoke in the mums! Half my mustache is missing and I've a tattoo of Hello Kitty on my right bicep.
    Now that's the party!

  21. Sounds like I missed a great party!

  22. Hello Kitty?? ((snickers)) Well, it could be worse.

    I dreamed last night I hired Bryn Terfel to be my ad man. Easy to interpret this one!

  23. Thank you was wonderful. I had a ball....(literaly)! :-) You are fabulous!

  24. Thank you for brunch. You are an excellent hostess. Looking forward to next year!

  25. Hey, Evalinn, we missed you, dear!

  26. Arrived home safely in the vintage Jag. Before my foot was even out the door, my four girls appeared and wanted Patrick to teach them a few steps (they had just finished the movie "Dirty Dancing". Oh, what a night. My husband was very sweet and had finished the laundry and dishes for me so all I had to do was retell the evening via the Linky. My girls loved Clint and Clive. And we all have a new interest...poetry. Thank you for a most smashing experience.

  27. Margaret, if I in some small way sparked an interest in poetry, then the the Manor Ball was indeed a splendid success. xx

  28. Would I be considered a party crasher if I helped myself to those mimosas, even when I didn't attend the ball? Don't answer that Willow, I know when I'm guilty... after all, I'm southern! So glad your ball was a smashing success, as it is, year after year.

  29. My, My, My...well here we are. We're still a bit jet lagged but we finally made it. We've heard nothing but Willow Manor buzz on our way over from Moscow. Interesting thing this cyber space. I see that Yuri has found Marilyn in one of your guest rooms Willow! Ah well, it had to happen..he's as fresh as a daisy, and I'm ravenous for the brunch buffet, my favourite. Here's a toast to you for such a wonderful event! Cheers! ~ to Zhivago hats, and woolly socks, and Willow the Mistress of the Manor! Well done.

  30. And creative play is exceedingly good for you. It inspires, frees, opens and cheers us. I love your parties - and I wish I'd been able to get around and mingle more!

    Now for some of that breakfast. My head is a little fuzzy.

  31. Jane, of course not, you could never crash a party, not YOU!! Please, ehlp yourself to one of these wonderful mimosas and grab a plate. The fresh croissants are heavenly!

  32. ehlp=help Which is exactly what I need about now! :):):)

  33. Dear Willow, What an absolutely wonderful evening, everything that one could possibly have wished for. And, I did meet such a charming young man who entertained me in such an amusing way but who, in the cold light of day, could possibly have been something of a 'gold digger'. But who cares? It was all such fun and thank you so much!

  34. Now that I've had a nap, I'm more than ready for brunch. Bear's got to eat as much as possible to get ready for hibernation! (That process could start quite soon.) I'll even try some coffee (thought I usually drink tea). What's that orange-coloured drink in those tall glasses?

    What a thrilling night last night was! I've never been to anything like it before. You are a wonderfully creative hostess, Willow! And you looked positively radiant throughout the whole event!

    Now, where is your gramaphone, or tape deck, or CD player? We need some music! There are others who have asked to dance with the Bear, and I don't want to disappoint them.

  35. OK, I'm off now to catch a flight back to the Rockies, but did want to stop by and say than you again to your and yours for opening up the manor again this year. Well done Willow on a smashing Ball. I do hope the after party clean up isn't tooo much - noting the rather torn up stairs there (side bar) and whoever that guest was.

    No doubt you will have a few straddlers come wondering in through the morning and early afternoon from having whoopped it up a bit to much on the dance floor. Must say, my knees are far too achy this morn. Need to do alot of stretching methinks!

    Ah, such excellent coffee and breakfast. Perfect! Thank you. Mmm....

    P.S. I jotted down one final entry in my little black book for the evening's events to wrap it all up. :)

  36. Yes, thanking you so much Willow!I'm toasting you and the Willow Ball with my coffee cup.

    Such a grand affair,,and yes, the Lamborghini is of course all yours.
    The very least we could do,,,

    And congrats to the door prize winners!

  37. Thank you, Willow, for a wonderful time. I'm new to the neighborhood (my poetry blog began only this March) so it was good to meet all these creative people.

    I've just explored Derrick's website (Congratulations, Derrick, on winning the door prize!) and was very impressed by the samples from his poetry book.

    Speaking of poetry -- with all the festivities going on, I forgot to thank you for introducing us to Etta Blum's poetry collection, The Space My Body Fills. She's great!

  38. Your brunch is delicious. Thank you again for all of your hostessness with the mostest! :)
    That Glen is a wonderful play-by-play announcer! A must for next year! Congrats to Robin and Derrick. LadyCat and I would still love you to consider coming with us to Sorbie Castle! you are such a daaaahing to have us all at your lovely Willow Manor... LadyCat and I plan to drop in sometime this month... just for a Happy Birthday Wish to YOU!...take you and WT out on the town!! :) The Bach

  39. Holy Barnacles, Batwoman--what a BASH!!!
    I love the Alan's sentiments, for whether it
    be Art or Spiritual, or a blend of both, the
    answers lie within. A wise man once said,
    "The solutions, the answers to all the woes
    of this world are within, an inside job."
    I sensed that the Ball would be tremendous
    but never could have imagined the fun,
    frolic, naughtiness, and fellowship that
    I fully experienced. Writers, poets, artists
    of all types really do know how to party,
    and the point was well taken that your
    event was as well planned and executed
    as anything in the White House of Trump's

    I have foraged and rummaged through
    your wonderful kitchen, knocked down
    a mimosa, sipped more champagne,
    and revealing the peasant in me, I just
    took one of your frying pans and cooked
    up three huge eggs, and a half pound of
    Canadian bacon, grilled some large
    slices of sourdough bread, slathered on
    some hollandaise sauce, and created the
    most scrumptious sandwich ever! Then I
    got into the blackberry jam, and real
    butter, and consumed three croissants.
    If that were not enough, those pitchers
    of ice cold orange juice, and whole milk
    made lovely chasers.

    Carrie-Anne made it home just fine,
    and did bum a ride with jude Law.
    Her husband, Stephen, said she had
    a wonderful time, and has never
    attended a more fun Ball; but was
    grossed out by the piles of meat
    you displayed on platters of gold
    and silver--oh those Vegans!

    Alan was ever the gentleman, and
    a fascinating conversationalist,
    and as host of the Hamlet Corner,
    he could not have been more
    charming. John Gielgud did at
    one point after drinking his fifth
    Last Word try and pants Truman
    Capote though. I hope that Mel
    Gibson gets his life together,
    for we are all missing the old
    Mel. The drinking bout between
    Sean, Michael Caine, Richard Harris,
    Oliver Reed, Richard Burton,
    Albert Finney, and Alan Bates
    was terrific fun to observe, for
    their theater stories were wonderful!

    Well, as you know, I could go on
    and on, for there has never been
    such an event. I guess I could go
    into your archives and check out
    how things went on the first Two
    Willow Manor Balls, but like so much'
    in life, each event, each experience
    is unique in that moment, and
    should be crushed between the
    pages and petals of your heart.

    So thank you so very much for
    planning and executing the
    It was an honor and privilege
    to be there, and I want to thank
    all your guests for their graciousness
    and warmth and unprovoked
    screetching. I have never danced
    so much, or so well, and the
    blood is still rushing to my head
    from the libations, trysts, and
    adventures of the evening. Somehow
    I have connected with Derrick
    and Firelight, and she just shines
    in my eyes, like Gable said to
    Marilyn in THE MISFITS.

    It is a clear warm October first,
    and though Fall lurks in the corner,
    and your woolie sock drawer is
    aching to be open, let's all enjoy
    this morning after, and bathe
    long and deep in the love.

  40. dear willow, as i told reya i got lost in the wine cellar trying to locate the i ching readings, decided to partake of a jeroboam of chateau lafitte with anderson cooper (fessing up to the hostess the morning after) and fell asleep on that cold, hard clammy floor. at least anderson had the decency to put a blanket over me. now i'm smelling bacon frying and will follow that scent anywhere. is it alright if i show up to brunch with one shoe and mascara running down my cheeks daaling?

    btw you throw one hell of a party dear. and tom --- you look divine with half a mustache. start a trend.

  41. I still can't find Dotty and I promised to get her back to the Algonquin by midnight tonight! That was some party Willow, as the Sainted Lenny sang last night "Thanks For The Dance".

  42. Kudos! Willow that was such a treat last night. Looks like your service team had to deliver breakfast to Marilyn - who could look better eating breakfast in bed? Donald was a dream escort and really turned on the charm and surprised everyone with his knowledge of Shakespere in the post Rickman reading discussions. MaryAnn & Hercule were very secretive over near the potted palms! I thought Hercule might have been following Tom Hanks...
    Tea and toast is all I need before we head off. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

  43. Congrats on a smashing success! Could do with one (or two) of those mimosas myself.

  44. WHAT FUN!!! I have not gotten to "visit" too many of the guests yet but plan to do so over the weekend!!!
    ALWAYS a thrill!

  45. What a party that was! Can't wait for next year.

  46. Dearest Willow: Would everybody please stop yelling? You're not yelling? It's just me! Oh make mine a double hair o' the dog this a.m., a two day hangover! Why do I alway mix drinks. Next year I will go easier on the Chateau Rothchild Titus and I found in the secret cellar. Oh no, I wasnt suppose to go there? Oh don't say that! Had a marvy time! Zorro dashed off again, this time to save Capistrano or something like that, Southern California I think? He is a bit mad; aren't we all. Hahahaha!See you next year! (after I mend this whopper of a headache). BTW: Cute pic of Marilyn. Are those the VERT SAME Scobie eggs? Willow, you really know how to a cut a rug, I did see you...with the Poet Laureate briefly, yes, he is, an amazing gent. Did love your poetry reading but it did get a little carried the River Sciuto and reinacting the historic nymphs of the Pleistocene era. (did I spell it correctly today? the only thing working is google spell check today dahling!)Nonetheless a damn good time, absolutely smashing darhling; good times! Tata Sweeties catch you on the rebound!Hahahah! (ouch!)

  47. It was a feast in every sense of the word, lovely Willow ... for the eye, the palate, and for the soul. The 'thin places' as the Celtics called them, that space between reality and ether, is made for dream and play and vision. Thank you for your vision, creativity and beauty.

    I plan to place a 'calling card' at the place of everyone who attended.

    Congrats to the winners even though I am a bit green with envy.

  48. beautiful...
    and congrats to those!

  49. Nothing like the hair of the dog I always say! So glad you had a bottle of Taittinger Blanc de Blancs chilled this morning -- my favorite! So many memories from The Ball to feast upon until the next time! Congratulations to you for your event producing skills -- Magnifique! I'm so glad to be out of those green satin high heels and back in my Birkenstocks again! Gene sends his love, too!

  50. "The thin places". Jo, I love that.

  51. Popped over from your little sister's blog. LOL

    I am glad I did. The last time I saw Marilyn Monroe like this was in 1955 in Japan. She was lying on an olive green blanket on a soldier's bunk. Wow. I was impressed then and still am. Memories are wonderful.

  52. Wow Willow you look gorgeous in your morning after shot ...'morning after what' is the question when I look at that photo!
    You ball was huge fun and so great to sit back and watch it all from my vantage spot on the stairs. It created so much fun, laughter and creative thinking from everyone, wonderful.

  53. "The thin places," indeed. We Celts understand.

    Hadn't thought of your Ball as being one, but now I need to reflect on that. (Samhein's a month away; besides, it's not so much the time as the location, and the elements present.)

    Funny (peculiar) the things one encounters in a conversation. The occasional spark that ignites the imagination.

  54. Oh my...seems I overslept and missed the ball...well, I'll be ready next year!

  55. It is a pleasure to be in the place that you create for us, to dance that fine is a lot more fun to be "virtual" these days, more fun than I have on the real red carpet!!
    And good for Derrick..hurrah!!Thanks a mil...

  56. I observed the ball bemusedly, as I hadn't been familiar with it before. Maybe next year I'll participate!

    Oh, and...does ANYONE really look as good at breakfast as Marilyn does in that photo?

  57. So sorry to miss the e-event of the year. Clearly it was a blast. Next year I shall most certainly shake out out the tux and hasten across country from Patteran Pastures to Willow Manor in the brougham.

  58. Wow, I'm sorry I missed the ball but very pleased to have stumbled upon your manor! *whispers* I love Alan Rickman's voice, could listen to the man all day. ;)

  59. Fantastic night willow. I thank you.

  60. All that good food and drink for breakfast look mighty tempting. After the dance, I headed from DC to Chicago and am now in Connecticut, so that breakfast will suit me very well.

  61. What fun! Quite a surprise to find myself drinking coffee in my studio....was it all a dream and if it was, it was a great one! Thanks again Willow of Willow Manor!

  62. Thank you again for a lovely and memorable evening! You can borrow my coat anytime, dahling.

  63. My feet were tapping as I looked on with mouth wide open. I believe I did manage to shake a little sand from my shoes.

    By the way, I haven't seen Marilyn in that pose since she sang 'happy birthday' to me, a long time ago.

  64. congratulations to all.

    and again,
    thank you for having the ball!

    love to you and your family

  65. It was truly a memorable evening. Thanks, everyone. It wouldn't have been possible without all of you. You're the best. xx

  66. You can pass me one of those Mimosia's please. Yes, I remember Agnes from dancing school. Your
    prize winners must be happy campers..
    Sounds like a really great bash,


  67. Thanks so much for everything you did, I really had a blast. Kristen

  68. Willow dearest,
    I do so apologise but my surmise was quite right and my gorgeous gown a total success since well, ahrm we got a little sidetracked and . . . I leave the rest to your ever fertile imagination.

    I hear your ball was quite the success celebre, congratulations!


    pass to 1 to 10 friends..
    Happy Weekend!

  70. Hello Willow. I am sorry I missed your fabulous affair, but I sure enjoyed this post!

  71. I think I have finally recovered enough from the ball to ease my way back into things. How wondeful of you to join Linda and I in a Pirates medley! So spontaneous and delightful. Thanks again for a wonderful time!

  72. Dahling, Willow.... please don't think me rude for not responding sooner! Immediately after the ball, Franz L (and my other "guys" whisked me off to the airport where we bid each other a fond "adieu"....and I flew off to MA to attend KJ's Third Annual "YART" Fair! I wasn't on-line all week....and only learned that (GASP) I was a winner - when Suki told me! (She was at "YART" too!) I feel so honoured to have won that beautiful Hummingbird. They mean a lot to Mum adored them and whenever I see one, I feel she is sending me her love and still looking after me. (She has been dead for 27 years.)

    Thank you so much! Now, I will think of you, my wonderful friend and hostess extraordinaire...when I look at hunmmingbirds!

    The Ball was EVERTHING (and more) than "my group" imagined.... the food, the drink, the clothes, the dancing. the Music.... my poor feet though.... those Jimmy Choos came off after an hour.....and I just danced barefoot! It was a magical (in every sense) evening and morning...... I am already looking forward to next year!

    My e-mail is:

    Thank you, dear Willow - for everything!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  73. Thank you, dear Willow, it was a splendid evening. I haven't seen this much glamor and joy in the blogosphere since, since... ever.

  74. It was a magnificent night! Loved seeing everyone in their lovely attire. You my dear as the hostess with the mostest were in prime form.

  75. Oh, hey, yes, Robin, I knew you had taken a little excursion and couldn't wait for your return! I'm putting the little hummingbird in the mail first thing in the morning! x

  76. Dear Willow: In today's Magpie effort, Mr Linky sent my post #37 to a generic Blogspot place, not my blog, so I did it again and my #38 worked. Could I prevail upon your good nature to delete my bad #37 and keep my good #38? Thanks in advance.


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