Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 uses for a woolly sock

You know I've been longing for woolly sock season all sweltering summer long. Yesterday, it was actually cool enough to slip my feet into a soft, glorious pair. I was transported immediately to Woolly Socks Heaven. So, to officially kick off the season of woolliness, I thought you might enjoy six new uses for a woolly sock.

Wine Woolly: Slip a (clean) patterned kneesock over the bottom of a bottle, then knot the top to create a decorative carrier. (Better yet, offer your hostess two bottles so she can enjoy a pair of woolly socks.)

Woolly Pad: To soothe an achy neck from over-blogging, fill a sock with rice and a few drops of a relaxing essential oil, like lavender. Tie with ribbon; microwave for one minute.

Woolly Storage: Place a Mason jar into a pretty patterned sock, then tuck excess fabric inside the jar. Fill. (I love this one.)

Woolly Duster: Clean hard to reach places, by attaching a sock to the end of a broom and securing with a rubber band. Lint clings to the sock. (Forget Swiffer.)

Bulb Woolly: If a loose lightbulb has lost its box, slip a sock over the bulb to protect it. (I don't know about you, but we never seem to have any extra bulbs laying around the manor. One's always going out.)

Draft Woolly: Fill a sock with beans or old dish towels and place in front of a drafty window or door. (This will empty my whole sock drawer. The dear old manor is so drafty.)

Thanks to for the woolly inspirations. (my photos)


  1. I love woolly sock season. Alas, it was 94 today. Great ideas. Love the canning jar one, we have lots of canning jars. (Canned 23 quarts of tomato juice is EXPLODING with produce...)

  2. I love woolly socks too and who knew there could be so many uses. At the moment I am low on the woollys so I think for now it is best to keep them on my feet. :)

  3. I have to say we have those draft sock things around our old house as well. Also, I have used the rice in the sock treatment and it is nice!

  4. My goodness, here in the North Woods
    it is still in the 60's & 70's, so
    perhaps you are getting a tiny
    jump on woolly sock hop.

    I love your imaginative and practical
    uses for those woollies, but there
    might be a few more.

    Kitty Woolly: Measure up the old
    Puss, and create a feline sweater,
    either two-legged or four-legged
    depending on size of cat or sock.

    Canine Nose Warmer Woolly:
    This woolly has to include eye
    and ear holes, and just tuck gently
    over the muzzle; use some elastic
    at bottom; makes Fido look a bit
    like a raccoon, but he loves it.

    Coffee/Tea Koozie Woolly:
    This works boffo for keeping those
    hot liquids, including hot cider,
    steaming, warm, and tasty.

    Bing Crosby Woolly Ear Mittens:
    For those folks with prominent
    ears that stick way out in the
    coldness, this pair of woollies
    beats ear muffins every time.

    Woolly Steering Wheel Cover:
    Made to fit any vehicle steering
    wheel, sew elastic seam at bottom,
    and close into appropriate loop
    for cars, trucks, combines, and
    even tractors.

    Woolly Roach Motel:
    Use worn out woollies with holes
    at assorted spots, prop open with
    toothpicks, fill gently with roach
    powder or paste, and place blithely
    behind the bureau.

    Woolly Self-Defense Blackjack:
    Fill a sturdy woolly with quarters
    or steel slugs or washers; rubber
    band the top, and tie off--carry
    in your coat pocket or purse while
    using public transportation or
    holiday shopping.

    Woolly Handwarmer Cover:
    Double wrap a thick woolly
    over those Ronson metal
    hand warmers; much nicer
    to reach into one's pocket
    and find a very warm woolly
    to greet you.

    Woolly Christmas Wrappings:
    For that special person in your
    life, wrap that jewelry, or that
    intimate article of apparel in
    a colorful woolly; easier to open
    and much more personal.

    Woolly Holiday Stockings:
    Use the knee-high woollies
    for the goofy gifts, the lumps
    of coal, the wrapped taffy,
    the slinkies, the metal toy
    cars, the troll dolls.

    Woolly Clothes Hanger Covers:
    Even those mackinaws and
    raincoats and tattered old
    leather bomber jackets all
    love hanging on a woolly
    covered hanger; very festive
    and can be left in the winter
    clothes closet all year long.

    Probably a few more too,
    but I can't remember them.

  5. How fun! I had to get up in the night to put on socks I was so cold! yea! It's finally here!

  6. Great sock ideas:-) We still have some of my son's old school socks and my husband uses to when he polishes his shoes, they bring them up to a lovely shine.

  7. Love the achy neck cure!
    Happy season of all things warm, cozy and soft.

  8. Yes it was in the 50's this morning I loved it. This woolly
    talk makes me remember the time I was working for a theatrical advertising agency, called Wilde
    and Wooly.


    Nr wilde and Mr wooly

  9. Glenn, I don't know which I like better, the Woolly Roach Motel or the Woolly Blackjack!

  10. Perfect -- and something I'll have to experience vicariously, as we don't have much need for wooly socks here!

  11. Woolly socks are perfect for packing an extra pair of sunglasses in your carryon!

  12. May I add 'Emergency Glove Wooly'. Gloves are so used so seldom that we often forget where they're stored. A good pair of thick wooly socks makes a good temporary alternative,

  13. Okay, Glenn, did you just make those up?

    This is a fabulous post, marking the best of seasons and sockness. I too love the "woolies" and all your marvelous uses. It's getting that chill in the air here too...out come my wine bottles, er....socks too:)

  14. I like the wooly storage idea the best, clever and decorative! Love that sock!

  15. With a broken leg, I need socks more than ever at the moment. I can't wear a shoe on my the foot of my bung leg and our spring time can be chilly.

    These ideas are wonderful.

    My youngest brother tells the story of how he once stayed overnight with a school friend from primary school. This boy came from a large impoverished family.

    At breakfast time my brother found a sock in the vegemite.

    That is not a creative use of socks. Thanks, Willow.

  16. Dear Willow, I love the idea of slipping a couple of bottles of wine into a pair of cheerfully warm woolly socks to take as a gift. I shall certainly copy that idea!

  17. Put a wet sock on a bottle of wine. Hang it from a tree near your campsite and hey presto - a cool bottle of wine. The magic of evaporative cooling.

    Just had one of our last woolly sock weekends in the mountains inland from here this last weekend (see Giraween Connections). Lovely. Freezing (7 degrees - a joke by N American standards - exciting for us tropical dwellers)

  18. I love Real Simple. Thanks for passing these along!

    I went barefoot all day yesterday, which means that it's STILL TOO WARM! :-(

  19. I will use the two bottles of wine with socks on idea next time we go to a dinner at friends'. But I am afraid the socks might be as costly as the wine!

  20. Im still in cotton socks, but am keeping my eyes peeled for some pretty woollys. Love your ideas and Glenn's additional suggestions. Useful things they are, eh?

  21. I think a pair of "wine-woolies" would make a fab Christmas gift!


  22. I love RealSimple... and thanks for passing on the woooly sock ideas Willow, some good ones here.

  23. Willow!

    I couldn't believe that I saw a bottle of "Oliver" wine peeking out of that wooly sock! We love, love, love Oliver wine, especially the soft red, and always take flack for it being too sweet. I agree with the angel "Michael" though, "You can never have too much sugar." (From the movie "Michael.") Thanks for this fun post!

  24. How creative! The wooly socks are perfect for holiday wine giving. I think it would be nice for a hot tea gift package. You could include a small box of tea bags, tea cookies and roll up a little scarf. Or maybe find a small little book of poems : ) I think you need to start a woolly sock gift business and call it "Willow's Woollys. You could start on your blog...I will be your first customer : )

  25. OldPoet, hehee, actually, the bottle of Oliver wine is one leftover from LadyCat and Bachelor's visit. They are native Hoosiers and love their Indiana wine. I must admit, it is entirely too sweet for my particular taste.

  26. There is a meme there somewhere Willow!

  27. Hey, I just WEAR them--all seasons--in South Florida!

    That's just 'Wooly'--grin!


  28. These are all super cool, and I like the wine one best. My wife used to make something similar but more like a hat, with a brim, and it fit a new roll of toilet paper.

  29. Love the ideas, Willow!! Especially the Wine Wooly. I needed my woolies today on an early morning walk with mom... it's definitely time to put away the sandals in my neck of the woods.

  30. Love these ideas, especially since my socks are always, always going their separate ways in the wash.

    I just discovered this crazy fun site for socks. They say this:

    "We love socks. Socks are simple cute pets for everyday life to make our feet happy."

  31. Cool ideas and images, Willow!

    I have to check at my newspaper stand if the new "Real Simple" has arrived (yes, I confess, I love it too - to the tune of 7€ each month).

  32. Great Blog,
    les meilleurs voeux

  33. Ohhh! I love these wooly ideas!

  34. Of course the uses of woolly socks
    are nearly infinite, only restricted
    by one's imagination:

    Woolly Golf Club Covers:
    This is an obvious one, and has been
    used by golfers in northern climes
    for decades; the more garish the colors,
    the better they make the clubs look.

    Woolly Barbie Sleeping Bags:
    Barbie and Ken do get cold too.
    If you truly love your doll children,
    then force them to sleep together
    in a communal woolly; and remember
    since they have no genitals, all is
    moral and upright and kosher.

    Woolly Parrot Cage Slip-Ins:
    For the real bird lovers out there,
    one lines the bottom of the cage
    with colorful woollies; but sometimes
    the parrots began speaking in
    Swedish or

    Woolly Snake Handler Mittens:
    Yes, for the snake lovers who simply
    can't bear to touch their pets,
    these one color mittens are a must.

    Woolly Tonka Loaders:
    Tired of your boys bringing gravel into
    the house in their toy trucks?
    Then get these rolled up woollies
    instead, 3 for small trucks, and up
    to a dozen for the bigger brutes.

    Woolly Earwax Catchers:
    An absolute must-have for those
    afflicted with chronic thick earwax.
    The woollies cover a balsa inserter,
    and come with a small bottle of
    earwax melting fluid for dousing.

    Woolly Quilts:
    There is simply nothing in this
    world that feels better on naked
    cold skin than these hand-made
    Spanish quilts, created by gypsies
    in storefronts all over the globe.

    Woolly Kilts:
    Very snappy, colorful, and hip, these
    kilts will show your compeers and
    clan members that you are a man
    who is not afraid of jock itch.

    Woolly Rain Hat Liners:
    Sooner or later if one stays out in
    a deluge, the old rain chapeau will
    soak through; but not with these
    carefully constructed woolly insert
    liners in those pesky drippy hats.

    Woolly Contraceptive Containers:
    Never be embarrassed again with
    transporting your condoms or
    your vaginal sponges, or literally
    any other of divers contraceptives.
    WCC's are carried inconspicuously
    and keep the goodies warm and

    Perhaps a catalog of these woolly
    wares is in order, Miss Willow.

  35. As always TC. I would love a pair right now! Thanks.

  36. How thrifty of you to find so many uses for your beloved wooly socks!

  37. Love the sock design on the jar, Willow!

  38. We're so busy sitting round the house talking to sock puppets that we tend to forget they're for wearing some time.

  39. I love all your woolly sock ideas. I just have one question. I don't own any woolly socks. I moved to Missouri from San Diego and never needed them there but I sure do need them here. What are the best type of woolly sock? I am sensitive to itching so that is why I ask.

  40. Kristen, I'm one of those lucky few that don't mind soft wool against my skin, so I can wear just about any blend.

  41. Glenn, you know how I do love all things woolly, but you are very near the woolly deep end!

  42. All very clever ideas regarding the wool socks. Looking forward to weather that will bring out the wool socks and sweaters. -- barbara

  43. When I was young a friend applied to study architecture at an English university. They asked him in few minutes to describe as many uses as he could think of for a brick and a paper clip. They could and should have added a sock. I was so envious of that exam!

  44. Lucky woolly sock weather! We're going into summer. I use old socks for dusting. One over each hand like mittens.

  45. Hee hee. Love your patterned woolly socks and all these ideas! When my son was a baby, I filled a sock with crinkly empty potato chip packets and tied a knot in the end. He played with it for hours! babies love that crinkly noise : )

  46. you and your woolly socks crack me up!!!

    love it!!

    and love sock weather - it was such a pleasure to have to put socks on when I went out yesterday.

    yeah to cool temps and soft comfy socks of all fibers! have you tried bamboo socks? they rock!!

  47. My daughter uses woolly socks to put on her fake tan! Who could have foreseen that back in the day!

  48. this is wonderful , Willow!

    there is just something so so appealing about the mason jar one. I don't know why.

  49. Deb, the mason jar thingy is my favorite, too. It's just so, well, woolly!

  50. I have woolies on today as I type...anyone who came to my house with two bottles of wine in two woolie socks would be adopted!


  51. Great ideas (although I am not sure how the jar is supposed to close with a woolly layer getting in the way).

  52. what excellent ideas, thanks for sharing!

  53. Some of these ideas are brand new to me. I so love learning new things especially things that make my life easier.

  54. Spaced, the lid amazingly does screw on over the sock!

  55. Do you have a wooly sock big enough to make a teapot cosy?

    You must LOVE the first signs of colder weather. My children are desperate for the temp to fall low enough to wear their new wooly sweaters.

  56. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations

  57. Dear Woolie (I mean Willow): Oh my gosh you'd love Canada! Hockey Socks! And you can make Woolie Sock monkey puppets out of the socks too. I love those. When they are made from new socks (don't do what I did from old socks, not the same thing at all!). Butkus is really off the wall, I love it! Beauty is there is all that and more uses too. I hate cold feet!

  58. I have always found that come Spring my woolly socks need a stitch or two to prepare for their Summer use. They are filled with rice, lentils, beans, and chick-peas, and nailed to the kitchen wall for eventual use in the Autumn. It was an old family tradition in Devon County not to wash (or remove)these socks at all during the Winter in order to maximise the flavour enhancement of their contents over the Summer. I hope you found this instructive, Willow and friends.


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