Sunday, November 22, 2009


I know, I'm squeezing this post in on the very last day of Scorpio.
My youngest son happens to be a Scorpio and fits this description
to a tee. Happy Birthday to all the deep, powerful, and put together
Scorpios out there in the blogosphere.

Scorpio, October 24 - November 22, is the eighth sign of the zodiac
and its symbol is the scorpion. Like scorpions, this sign is said to be
dangerous when attacked, is secretive, and likes to keep their true
selves hidden. Since Scorpio is a water sign, they feel emotions

As the sign of birth, death and regeneration, Scorpio is a powerful
force in the birth chart and those born under this sign have a great
deal of energy. They are attracted to situations that sometimes seem
dangerous to others, are fascinated by mystery, and eager to delve
into the secrets of the unknown. They can be summed up as "still
waters that run deep". The male Scorpio needs to maintain his
dignity and the female is poised and apparently cool.

This sign's energies are so strong, they can seem over powering and
the Scorpio can feel driven by them. But if they are fully and
positively expressed, both physically and emotionally, the individual
will be a big achiever. Scorpios are not known for moderation and
their health can suffer as a result of over-indulgence.

The ruling planet for Scorpio is Pluto. Gemstone is the opal. Color is
dark red or magenta. Flowers are rhododendron and geranium. The
tree is the hawthorn, for obvious reasons. The body part associated
with Scorpio is the sexual organs; heh-heh, this says a lot. Scorpios
love strong tasting foods. (Yup, I know this for a fact.) The animal is
most insects. Countries associated with this sign are Morocco,
Norway, Algeria, Syria, Korea and Uruguay.


  1. Scorpio is one kick *$$ energy. Yes, happy birthday to all the Scorpios. My brother is one.

  2. I wish that I was a scorpio! I am a Libra, and Libra is a wussy sign! LOL!

  3. Otin, not wussy, just socially diplomatic! ;^)

  4. I was engaged to a Scorpio, never married him because of the "health may suffer due to over-indulgence" part of that description. Booze and deep thinking does not a harmonious life make, methinks.

  5. I love Scorpios! Now it is my turn dear Willow! I am a Sagittarius!

  6. Hmmm. My mom is a scorpio (Oct 31) but I don't see her at all in here. Except for possibly being strong when attacked... not that she's been attacked, but she definitely has a strong personality, especially since my Dad died. Oh, and she's 83... and an Outrageous Older Woman...

  7. Here I was thinking you were going to forget about us and woe to anyone who forgets a scorpio. Me lady just made it in under the wire so we can put our stinger away unless we find a warm comfy shoe to climb into. I'm just sayin'...if you go out for a night of carousing be careful that you don't find a scorpion in your shoe in the morning.

  8. I've been married to a Scorpio for 46 years -- yep, that's how he is. I'm told that Pisces (my sign) is one of the better matches for this sometimes difficult sign.

  9. I'm a Scoprio and I've never really read anything about my sign, but my mother use to always say that "still waters run deep", I always felt insulted that she said that, I'm sure she didn't indulge in knowing about signs, or planets or any astrological components so what made her think I was that? Interesting.
    Happy Birthday indeed all you Scopios out there.

  10. i married a scorpio once. it was interesting. leo / scorpio. power and power. it fizzled like a damp firecracker!!!!! happy birthday scorpio people. steven

  11. Thanks for the Scorpio Review. As I'm getting older, I wish I could transfer some of that energy my way. The Bach

  12. Hey - Otin, don't be calling Libras wussy - some of my very best friends are Libras.. It could be worse, I'm a Virgo - and we seem to be amongst the "problem children" of the Zodiac. I don't fit my sign too well, though.

    And the pic of the scorpion - eesh... Here in the Deep South, tiny scorpions are common. They are only about 1 - 2 inches, but their sting is ouchy - and is akin to a spider bite.

    Happy birthday anyway to all you Scorpios!!

  13. Well, Miss Willow, one more little detail we share. My younger of two sons aka my "youngest"...
    is also a Scorpio!
    Thanks for the backgound information for him!

  14. As a fellow Scorpio, many happy returns to your son.
    I will draw a veil over the 'sexual organs', so to speak....grinning.

  15. Didn't you know that it was never too late for a Scorpio's birthday? We always arrive when we are least expected. ;-)

    Happy birthday to your son!

    Greetings from London.

  16. Thanks willow, one of my many brothers is a Scorpio. Deep and powerful very true, but he's also the funniest and most reliable of the bunch!
    Thanks for an astrological insight.

  17. I'm so glad Pamela mentioned you on her blog today. What a fabulous blog you have, Willow! And lovely to see a wee bit of tartan here. ;) I look forward to visiting you regularly! Lizzy

  18. Somehow my parents managed to squeeze all of their eight children into the months from April to August and among mine and my brothers and sister there's no Scorpio either. I have one good friend who is a Scorpio and from that I would think that being a Scorpio makes you a wonderful human being.

    Congratulations to your son! :-)

  19. That's right Willow I know few of them,I live with one,not easy everyday.What amazes me with scorpios is that you can never truely know them.They are so intense and deep as the ocean,so you think you know them,but they are full of surprises.Good or bad of course.They are fascinating.I'm talking about men cause being a woman pisces,they are my perfect match.I've been knowing scorpios women and there was always some electricity in the air.They are too possessive and jaleous.We never seem to match.

  20. I love Scorps, the intensity, their great love of privacy and their courage. Oh yeah!!

    Love Libras, too!! Y'all are NOT wusses.

  21. My BMF was a scorpio and fit this description to a tee. My moon is in scorpio so I have a few of the traits as well, especially the one about not seeing danger where others do. One of my BFF always said about me, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread," but I think she meant it in a good way.

    Thanks for sharing the scorpio entity with us Willow.

  22. I'm a scorpio who has learned to keep the stinging tail in check -- got into too much trouble in my youth!

  23. Help! I am a Scorpio, surrounded by Sagittarians(is this a word?).


  24. I am a scorpio and raised two scorpio sons...very intense and fun and very alive living! Your description was great!

  25. Marjorie you poor thing, we must be driving you crazy! Willow I hope he had a wonderful, wonderful birthday!

  26. My husband is a Scorpio...............

  27. Hello Willow,

    Not sure about the energy part and modesty forbids me to comment about the other attributes!

    Your "old" blue coat looks fab, BTW.

  28. My girl is one and burns the candle at BOTH ends! I get tired just watching her! :)


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