Friday, July 17, 2009

Cancer, June 22-July 22, is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is
represented by a crab. The origin of Cancer the Crab is most likely in
Babylon, but twin turtles were associated with this sign in Egypt,
where Thoth, the god of astronomy ruled the constellation. The crab
suggests that people born under this sign will retreat into their shell
if they feel hurt. Cancer is a water sign, linked with feelings. Cancer
also love the sea and its treasures. Like the oyster, they have a hard,
protective shell.

This is a sign with great sensitivity. Cancerians are often kind,
thoughtful and aware of the need of others. They can, however, be
moody and enjoy spending time at home, where they can retreat if
they feel hurt. The home plays a very significant role, symbolic of
security and refuge. The need to protect self and family is a chief

Food and cooking are often important to Cancerians, as well as
matriarchal values. Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is linked to
motherhood. Body parts associated with Cancer are the breasts,
womb and the stomach. Children are very important to those born
under this sign.

The gemstone for this sign is the pearl (hmm, not surprising, since it
is from the oyster). Flowers are lily, acanthus, geranium, white rose
and white flowers in general. The metal is silver and color silver grey.
The countries associated are Scotland, Holland, North and West
Africa, New Zealand, Paraguay and Algeria.

I'm a little late in posting, but a very Happy Birthday to all my
bloggy friends who fall under this month's sign of Cancer!


  1. the photo in your header is amazing!!

  2. One of my sisters is a Cancer. Fits her pretty well, I think. The rest of us are all Libras!

  3. My moon sign…and so accurate. Thanks Willow. Your blog is always a visual feast full of interesting information.

  4. Willow -- thought of you when I saw this in the online NYT this morning

  5. Oh, Vickie, you were so right! I LOVED this. Gorgeous birds. I especially liked how she planted the glorious plants to blend in with the chickens to protect them from the hawks. Brilliant.

  6. i was think more of blue crabs and drawn butter...

  7. My Dad! He is a Cancer and his birthday is on 22nd July. I must remember to call him up this time. I am such a bad son, hardly ever speak to him on the phone. Many thanks for such an informative post.

    Greetings from London.

  8. I keep forgetting about being born on the cusp.

    I've met a few others who were born near the same time.

    We're all similar in those respects ; )

  9. Hello Willow,

    Sounds like all Moms should be Cancer!

  10. finally - and all SO true I'm afraid - the good and the bad
    xo from Black St.

  11. You're getting Virgo approaches and 60 years of memories glide on...

  12. How fantastic! My sign is cancer. :) And my birthday is coming up.

  13. Happy birthday to Cancer!
    I think they are the most sensitive of all,even more than Pisces!wow,is that possible?Well i'm pisces/ I'm kind of screwed but if I take the best of both of them,I'm great!lol :)

  14. June 26th Cancer with Sagittarius rising. That's me! :)

  15. My husband is a Cancer...apparently no one told him he's supposed to want children. He thinks he's too young and he's 31. I'm 29 and I feel like I'm getting too old!

  16. The wanting children thing is usually more typical of women who are Cancers rather than men. The men are more likely to be Momma's Boys.

  17. My granddaughter has a July birthday, but she's four so she's still a "work in progress"(me too!). It is hard to say how this will translate in her personality. She likes pearls and all baubles,bangles and beads if that counts. Miss Accessories.

    Great photography on your blog. Gorgeous, accomplished daughter too!

  18. As a Catholic, I'm not supposed to believe in this stuff, but that's hard because honestly, every single description I read about Cancerians is me to a tee! (I'm Cancer on the Gemini cusp, so along with all of the attributes here, I've got my finger in too many of the pies I'm baking.)


  19. My husband was born on the cusp of Cancer and Gemini - and I really feel that he has characteristics from both camps.

  20. Willow, yep! That's Mom, all right. Born on the 22nd of July( and perish the thought if I forget her birthday---never!! ) That reminds me, I still have to get her something, besides a card( joking, of course ). Hoping for a nice day, despite the eclipse ;)

  21. Starlene and Lynette, I've been out and about today, so I'm catching up on the conversation. Yes, I totally agree. The children thing is typical of the female cancer and the males do tend to be momma's boys.

  22. Hi Wills,
    I haven't been here for a while. WOW I love your blog's new look.
    It's always a pleasure to stop by your lovely blog.
    Am looking forward to your comment on Virgo in September.

  23. Er, this Cancer/Leo has never been a mommas boy ; (

    just in case the stereotype lingers. not all, like everything in life, fall under all categories ; )

  24. Frankly, I enjoy (ed) being a Scorpio. I don't know that I have met an outstanding crab in my life but I suppose I have. The icon is really neat.

    The banner you liked is now down. I have gobs of such things but never used them. Mr. Catchet seemed to enjoy reading it. Glad you liked it. I forget what is up there now.

    Thank you very much for visiting my Brookville Daily Photo blog and for the comment you left about the banner.

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    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  25. Mr. Coffee, of course we are speaking in generalities here. I'm sure that Leo part of you has a lot to do with it! :^)

  26. a few people in my life, who i have loved deeply were cancers. so, this sign has always meant good things to me.
    cancers are pretty great people.
    and they are deep. very deep.

  27. Although I don't believe in astrology, I have to admit the profile fits me almost to a tee.


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