Friday, June 19, 2009

that's how the light gets in

The halo is best known from its appearances in Christian iconography
from the second century onward, but it was a sign of divinity even
earlier, featured in ancient Greek and Eastern art. It symbolizes the
sun and divine radiance emanating from the individual. On the other
hand, the shadow, in art, is a symbol of our material nature and
represents an obscuring of the light.

Not unlike the halo or shadow depicted in art, I believe people
generally either have a positive aura about them, or a negative. In
the field of parapsychology, some claim they can actually see subtle
luminous radiation, of various colors, surrounding a person. I'm not
so sure about this. I might have to attribute the violet haze around
your head to a case of tired eyes. But, whether it's visible or not, we
all do obviously generate either positive or negative energy.

Can't you feel when a person emitting negative energy walks into
the room, like a dark cloud, bringing with them a pall of gloom? The
contrast of a positive minded individual, like a burst of sunshine, is
unmistakable. I'm aware of the fact that I have the power within me
to set the mood of the day. This was especially evident when the kids
were still at home. Now, of course, there are days, when this isn't the
case. There's all kinds of external influences, "stuff", that effects
everyone's mood. But that old adage "if mama ain't happy, ain't
nobody happy" pretty much applies.

So, my bloggy friends, here's wishing you a bright weekend. Enjoy
some of Mr. Cohen's music and bask in some rays of sunshine,
whether it happens to be cloudy in your neck of the woods, or not.

There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen

artwork: Apollo, Roman floor mosaic


  1. Willow, I LOVE Leonard Cohen. And I totally agree with you re auras and peoples' energy when they enter a room! My daughters are grown and it's true, I was always the emotional barometer; happy to be my own barometer these days.

    Recently did a post on Madonnas of Leningrad by Debra Dean. The "ups and downs" of halos through history of art is fascinating.

  2. Hi Wills,
    It's so true about how some people can change or set the mood just by entering the room.

  3. definitely agree on the negative/positive energy. some people are like a vacuum sucking the energy right out, while others lighten it up. Hoping you have a in-light-ning weekend!

  4. Another awesome, enlightening post from the mind of Willow....

  5. ...."that's how the light gets in..."

    oh yes...

  6. One way of seeing someone's aura is to study a colour page in red or green or whatever and then look at the other person's head and shoulders. What do you see? It is said that the thicker a person's aura is, the more intuitive and spiritual they are. Christ is said to have emitted a thick, golden aura, which is why he is depicted with a halo in many pictures. Interesting post.
    Blessings, Star

  7. Any day that I get a heavy dose of Leonard Cohen both to see him and hear him...well, it's just a better day!
    I would say my son has what I would call a lot of light! People are drawn to him...all his life but his mood doesn't seem to have anything to do with changing his just is.

  8. I do love Cohen! Call me crazy Willow but I do believe in the aura. I've seen the most incredible vibrant shades of green around a doctor. I had never seen anything like this before or since but from that day I'm an aura believer! x

  9. So that's what that glow is around my head! tee-hee!

    Seriously, though, I totally agree. Some people are hell-bent on being miserable and making everyone around them miserable, too. And the same goes for positive, happy's contagious!

  10. I have seen the shimmer of the good, and I have seen the heart of darkness. It happens instantly. It's like a bad breath, negativity, isn't it?
    Thanks for Leonard, great!

  11. Oh, soooo true, Willow! I am fortunate that I don't tend to be a moody person, but there are some people I just feel I have to tiptoe around every time I'm in their presence, and I spend exorbitant amounts of time trying to determine if they're going to bring clouds over my day ever time I see them...I've learned life is too short for angst! LOL I do try to find uplifting people to be around. They're so energizing, motivating, and pleasant. Maybe because I'm getting older, I think life really IS way too short for all the drama. Have a great weekend!!

  12. So agree. Like raindrops send out ripples in a pond that cross & blend with others I think our energy affects those we come in contact with. I try to think about this as I go throughout my day & what unknown impact that can make on someone else's day.

  13. well, i can feel in my gut when a negative person comes in a room that i am in.

    yep. you are right on.

  14. I read Leonard Cohen's books and listened to his albums in the 60's when I was in college. Lately, my younger brother found him. Leonard Cohen has a wonderful video of a concert that he did a year or so ago. He is in his 70's and this song is on the video. He assembled an amazing back up band, complete with a sister singing duo, his collaborator and singer, and a classical guitar master. The guitar player and other band members are outstanding. My two brothers and I watched the video on a couch, and I thought how lucky to be together. That's how the light gets in.

  15. Great post Willow!
    Last week we had a visitor who is the most negative person I've ever seen.
    I tried to be hospitable and sit down for a few minutes with him and Hubby. After two or three minutes I had to get up and get busy.It just makes me physically ill to be around negative people!
    If he had an aura, it had to be black! :)

  16. What a terrific post. I truly believe we have so much power in how we relate to the world. I have always had the same effect on my family, feeling so guilty when their days were spoiled because of me. While I believe it's pretty much impossible to be conscious all of the time, as we are only mortal, I do think we have a choice most of the time.

  17. We had the only kids around who could sing "There Ain't No Cure for Love". It was embarrassing! I remember listening to L. Cohen on cassette tape in the car, and when it came to the part about him "wanting to see you naked", I always quickly turned it down. My grown kids still tease me about that!

  18. how cool is leonard cohen? I love everything he sings--how appropriate as we go through this rainy gray June that you remind us of the "crack" and the light--thanks for making me smile-c

  19. Ring the bells that can still ring.
    Forget your perfect offering.
    There is a crack in everything.
    That's how the light gets in.
    That's how the light gets in.
    LC says it all...thx, Willow.

  20. What a poet this man is! I love it that he just gets better and better!

  21. Oops -- meant to add that I made your Kroger-Eavesdropping Roasted Asparagus and Peppers Salad tonight and it received rave reviews!

  22. Today I am enveloped in a fog, where yesterday I was given radiance as a portend of what was to come 12 hours lzter.

  23. Hello Willow

    you just have to love raspy ol Cohen...

    This is interesting to think about - it means we all have to be a little 'cracked' to become illuminated...we have had to have undergone certain batterings and damage through living and look a bit worse for wear...then we can really let the light shine through...

    Happy days

  24. Hello Willow,very interesting post.I totally believe in it and I think that we can work at perceiving it.Like Brian said,yes it's true that some can really suck your energy and as I'm really sensitive,it always affects me a lot.Better stay around shinny people,have a nice day ;)

  25. Hi! Willow,
    What a great question! In fact, I can think of two people...that I who emits negative energy when "they"(he) walks into the room, like a dark cloud, bringing with "them" a pall of gloom?
    The other person in comparison is a very positive minded individual, like a burst of sunshine, and believe me his positive aura is unmistakable.
    Even though I must admit that, I like them both as friends. However, their personality is as different as night and day.
    Hmmm... What a very interesting post and I hope that you, (and all the TT members,) have a very nice! Father's Day week-end too!
    Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  26. Hello Willow,

    I'd like to be charitable enough to think that everyone can have a bad aura once in a while. I know I can't always be a ray of sunshine!
    But it must be hard work being deliberately depressive everyday.

  27. hey willow! so true! i sometimes wonder if, when a person walks into a room and the light bends their way as they bring their shadows in with them, whether or not they are aware of the effect they are having? long ago i had a friend who termed such people "psychic vampires" as she pointed out that "they sucked the life out of you"!!!! i love when a glowing joyous person walks in and fills the room with their radiance! i love being in rooms where there are several people like that!! steven

  28. I saw LC in Manchester back in February...his aura was palpable, such a dry humoured man, a 3 hour show and total engagement with his audience....
    Another enjoyable and thoughtful blog Willowy One...thank you.

  29. In the field of parapsychology, some claim a lot of things. Pappy

  30. I agree with you about either positive or negative energy/auras/whatever you want to call it and think it's important that it be "used" constructively!

  31. Very cool post with lots of food for thought. Thanks, Willow!

  32. Haha. I LOVE this post. However, I don't think I have either an entirely positive/negitive energy. I think my aura is just plain calm. I'm neither an optimist or a pessimist. I'm just somewhere in the middle. Maybe I'm just the type of person that is highly susceptable to feed off of the auras of others...

  33. When I read your lead, I thought I would leave some comments, but you said it all....

  34. I, too, sense when someone has a negative or positive vibe. This article was so informative and interesting. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  35. Am I corny because I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face listening to him? And internalizing, on a very deep level, the quote you lifted from his song? It IS what we are: cracked vessels and we try so hard to be perfect when, if we could be, we wouldn't need God's light.

    Very, very meaningful today. And I completely agree with you about the positive and negative energies. I always feel them too keenly for good or ill, I'm afraid.

    Thanks for today, Willow.

  36. Well, you made me smile a lot.

    The stuff you asked about on my walls is called "Sedum" and this is one that has yellow blooms. It spreads my seeds. And I like it as I can walk over or on top of it and it crushes (being a succulent)but comes right back. I will post a picture of it with the bloom.

  37. Sometimes we really need that crack to let the light in. I shall remember that next time things look pretty black.

  38. Sometimes I can not even enter a room of , say, republican dentists...the energy is like boulders rolling through hot tar...LOVE Leonard, the irony of "light" from the deep dark heavy of Leonard did not go unappreciated.

  39. I love Cohen too, his lyrics are exquisite.

    I agree re, halos, energies and auras. I have only seen auras twice and that was a grey one round a 'bad' person and a lovely bluey violet one round a dear friend of mine.

  40. I'm with you, Willow, on "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". I used to have a little wooden bunny with this saying on it, in my kitchen. Fortunately, for my family, I am happy most of the time.

  41. This is positively inspiring!

    You are absolutely right...people have a presence and it is oftentimes EASILY detected within seconds of their arrival to a room/group/meeting.

    I want my energy to be positive even when things appear daunting!

  42. Just before risking reductio ad absurdum by citing science in respect of haloes, I must join the Cohen fans here. I watched the video of the '08 London concert the night before last and it was wonderful in every way.

    Claims are made that the origin of the halo/aura is to be found in corona discharges from the body's electrical field. Evidence is said to be found in Kirlian photographs, whose recording of a multi-coloured border around the body sometimes resemble strikingly the depiction of the halo or aura around the heads and bodies in paintings of of the purportedly holy.

    Just a thought...

  43. We are all spiritual beings so it makes sense we can sense others moods /spirits wen they are nearby.

    I really don't know what i think of auras anymore. In fact i sued to see them VERY clearly as a kid for most of my childhood in to my teens and would describe peeps by their colours (around them) but I am wary of all the associated things that often go with this sort of thing. Some I'd rather stay well clear of.


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