Tuesday, June 30, 2009

more faves

I'm the first to admit, most of the informative reading I do these
days is online. It's fast and convenient. The internet, as well as the
economy, has had an effect on the magazine industry. There are,
however, a few magazine subscriptions I can't live without. I
subscribe through Amazon and the prices are very reasonable.

Vanity Fair (Johnny Depp happens to be on the cover of July's
edition. Don't you just love him? I think I look a lot like him without
my makeup. I should do some genealogical research to see if we're
long lost cousins. Maybe we have the same Cherokee great-great-
grandmother?), Opera News (my daughter's in the industry and I
like to keep up with all the current happenings), Gourmet (you
already know I love this one, for obvious reasons) and Elle Decor
(I'm often inspired with interior design ideas and just plain love to
look at a beautifully arranged room.)

How about you? Any magazines you can't live without?


  1. We're living without all our magazines right now but we always (with only a few lapses) have a subscription to National Geographic. Also American Craft and American Style.

  2. Willow, I love your faves but I cannnot get past that Johnny Depp reference. I think it's something in the eyes...maybe when we identify with someone's craft or art, we absorb some of who they are? Remember him in "Bennie and June?" Funny, quirky, and creative...yet, full of heart..You know when you love an author, a poet, a famous person? -even a good friend...partner, spouse, or dog(no insult intended, at all)! (You sometimes make that same expression of looking sort of head down eyes directly at you.) THe only magazine, I order is "Yoga Journal"...and my daughter sometimes reads "Seventeen"...I read books mostly...or if people pass on a magazine because they know about my interest, I read that too. I have a "Psychology Today" in a basket in the kitchen. I get most of my news from the computer, too. And now that I read so many blogs, I don't enjoy magazines as much. <3

  3. Johnny Depp is a hottie. Definitely doable.

    I subscribe to consumer reports. I hate to buy something to just have it break in a few months. I buy sensibly - not for the name. Kenmore may not be sexy, but it lasts.

  4. I find that when I subscribe, life gets too busy for me to keep up with them and they either stack up or get tossed! But if I were to pick one, it would probably be The New Yorker.

  5. hi willow, like ellen, i too love national geographic but just for the pictures and the maps and the diagrams. i used to read an amazing magazine called art in america. it was a treasure trove of incredible artists and their work. like you though i read a lot more online than i used to - which is alright! have a peaceful day. steven

  6. I'll try to post my favorite magazines in Japan sometime! Magazines from the US are so expensive in Japan...I can only buy them occasionally but with all these lovely blogs to look at I don't feel as sad as I used to!
    However, when johnny Depp is on the cover...very very tempting!

  7. Willow...Johnny Depp is delish! I I fell for him in Chocolat!

    I subscribe to Southern Living,a Smoky Mountain magazine called Smokies Life,Guideposts,Mother Earth, Hobby Farms, Writers Digest and a new one I just got the first of, called Mary Jane's Farm. She has a blog I read.
    Your salad was devine!

  8. Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Richmond Magazine. Guideposts. Southern Living. I have to laugh at this list, because I would picture a gentle, craft-y Southern belle and I am anything but!

  9. Interestingly I work for a media company ... in fact it publishes two of the magazines you subscribe to .. glad to see you helping us get more subscribers ...

  10. No mags for me but I am seriously considering subscribin to The New Statesman because it suits my politics and The Economist because it is good, in-depth quality reading. Other than that, if I had the time and money, I would subscribe to Cahiers du Cinema (I think it's about to close) because I used to read it when I was studying French at the Alliance Francaise in Havana (excuse the lack of accents).

    Actually I was just about to wrap up my comment and realised that I am in fact subscribed to a magazine, Dance UK. I love it and because it is a quarterly publication it always feels new and fresh. So, yes, that's the one.

    Many thanks for your lovely post.

    Greetings from London.

  11. Dwell - that's the only subscription. Maybe an occasional Fine Woodworking from the store.

  12. I love my French favorites - Cote Sud and Elle Decor, xv

  13. I love my jewelry-making magazines - such great inspiration!

  14. We are very few in this world to have such love for print! Magazines I can't live without: Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Budget Travel...do you see a pattern here?

    I'm not sure if you believe in coincidence. I visited your blog today after being MIA for a long time. If you visit my blog, you'll know what I mean. I'm giving away National Geographic Traveler magazine (5 subscriptions) to my readers. I just thought it was such a coincidence, why, today of all days, I come visit here :)

  15. National Geographic, Dwell, Fencing, Coastal Living, Tokyo Numero Uno and American Theatre.

  16. I used to love Coastal Living, when I lived in Florida, but now that I'm back in the Heartland, Birds and Blooms is my fave!

    Johnny Depp I'll read about any day...drool!

  17. My faves keep biting the dust.

    I look at Elle Decor online....love it

  18. Right now I don't get any mags in the mail. I really enjoy going to the store and picking out one mag to take home and enjoy.

    I do like your faves though ...

    Johnny stole my old heart long ago ... loved him in that Chocolate movie.

  19. So many of my favourites have recently bit the dust and I miss them. House and Garden! Oh, what a hole it left in my mailbox.

    But I adore The English Home and Scottish Life. And of course, Vogue is a requirement. I also like Bark very much!

  20. I've subscribed to the NEW YORKER for over thirty years -- I guess that puts it in the 'can't live without category. I also treat myself to THE ENGLISH HOME and THE ENGLISH GARDEN.

    SMITHSONIAN is another perennial -- there are others that come and go -- a spate of poultry and small farm magazines are filling our mailbox these days.

  21. Oh I used to subscribe to a pile of mags. Some I let go, some sadly folded like huge favs House & Garden, Blueprint & then Domino. Currently I still get Gourmet (love IT ! love Ruth she's a genius), Oprah which I find to be chock full every issue, Vogue (which I will give up this year) and Elle Decor. MLou saves her Vanity Fair's for me. I used to also subscribe to Harpers Bazzar, W, and Elle - My name is Susan and I'm a reformed Magazine junkie. My trips to the post office most days are now a sad reminder of my mail boxes former glory days.

    oh and Pamela's reminding me of Bark (dog as my co-pilot)- a fantastic magazine - I had a subscription to that as well for years.

  22. Oh, I love Johnny Depp. He's so versatile. I love how he's not afraid to do something different and off-the-wall.

    I, of course, have to have my Crochet! Magazine. :-) There are others I would subscribe to but I find I don't make time to read them as often as they would come in so they pile up too quickly...Readers Digest and Guideposts. I'll pick up Us Weekly once in a while but I find I just don't care as much as I used to what the celebrities are up to.

  23. I have not bought one for a while. I liked Oprah, but too many ads. I like Vanity Fair, but buy it only when there are articles that I want to read, otherwise I catch it online. The internet seems to be my reading, other than books these days.

  24. I'd have to make that "magazines I thought I can live without" (they are not available here):
    Food and Wine
    Bon Appetit
    Cooking Light

    Available here are
    Martha Stewart Living (yes!)
    Real Simple (somehow I spend the 7 Euros for each issue, even though lately even I admit that its content is getting less and less interesting - somehow I am not ready to let go, yet).

    The only magazine I ever had a subscription for was MS Living, and that was a gift from a friend.

  25. Mojo and The Word are my regular monthly music mags. Johnny Depp's too.

  26. Willow, haven't had a subscription in years but still pick up copies of Popular Mechanics/Science, as well as Archaeology and Discovery, from time to time. And a friend of mine (almost 80, now ), is half Cherokee. Still trying to get some stories from....some of her direct ancestors were on the Trail of Tears...

  27. The Ensign - which is a Church publication.

    Boy's Life - which is the Boy Scouts and not some weird kiddie thing.

    Highlights - Boy the Second just can't live without it.

  28. I have taken Country Living in the Uk every issue since it first came out - I couldn't live without it now.

  29. I really enjoy the Christian magazine Focus on the Family. I don't keep subscriptions to any in particular but will occasionally buy some Canadian magazines like Flare or Chatelaine or Canadian Living. Once in a while, I do treat myself to Vanity Fair - if there's an interesting spread of photographs on the inside fold-out cover.


  30. Communication Arts and Print. Both are nice tax deductions each year. Oh, an Photoshop magazine. Another deduction. All three feed my need to know what's going on in the world of Graphic Design outside the borders of my own cluttered mind.

    And National Geographic. My mother first received a subscription in the 1930s and I've kept it going since her death in her name. World just wouldn't be the same without National Geo.

  31. Vanity Fair is always an entertaining read here. That Johnny Depp article is very good. (I was an extra in his "Gilbert Grape" movie so got to see him and Leonardo DiCaprio close-up.) We have dropped several subscriptions lately - Bon Appetit and Cook's. When I am confronted with a newsstand, I'll usually pick up the latest New Yorker.

  32. Your magazines are very similar to ours, Willow--definitely Opera News, Vanity Fair, Gourmet. I also get Watercolor magazine, Victoria, and the New Yorker, but I like to browse through others at the bookstore sometimes, and just don't subscribe to them. I find magazines so relaxing to read through. So you think you resemble the Depp-ster? Too funny. You're a nut. I love him.

  33. Hey, All, we've also subscribed to "National Geographic", off and on over the years. And I loved "The English Home"...is it still in publication? WT also gets "The Economist".

    Eskimo Bob, I had completely forgotten about "Highlights", which I can honestly say was my very first magazine crush.

  34. I fear magazines are breathing shallow gasps as the internet becomes information central. I used to purchase both Clavier and Keyboard Companion, but as of March, they have been combined to Clavier Companion. The editors stated up front that it will be perhaps a short run! I love magazines on the deck and at the beach

  35. Well, we used to get Mother Earth News when it cost $1.50 or something less than $2.00 and it was as thick as a telephone book. Loved it then but nowadays it looks like a puppy on a diet of cat food. No thanks.

    We have subscribed to a lot of magazines. I once had a closet filled with National Geographic and got a hold of myself and dumped them after nobody wanted to deal with that many of anything.

    So I still get TIME but it is online now and better, it seems to me, than the print edition. So we will let this one expire too. I think magazines are on their death bed but the doctor keeps coming in and giving the publisher hope.

  36. I love Gourmet, but have not really cooked many things. Mostly, I drool. I also take Travel and Leisure, also for drooling.

    Only the New Yorker gets a thorough treatment, cover to cover read.

    I agree with Cynthia, Johnny Depp stopped me too.

  37. I subscribe to Body and Soul, Realm (helps with the homesickness for Britain), Victoria and In Style. Victoria is pure eye candy, Instyle gives me my celebrity fix and Body and Soul gives me healthy eating and living tips

  38. Hi! Willow,
    Willow said,"How about you? Any magazines you can't live without?"
    Oh! No!...I most definitely, can't
    live without all of my artist magazines:Especially, my Southwest Arts, magazine(s). I must admit that I'am addicted to TCM cable guide.(I know, I know it's a non magazine, but it's very interesting monthly programmer guide.)

    Thanks, for the question and Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  39. I've let a few subscriptions lapse but I would struggle without my Private Eye, British Birds, Classics From The Comics and The Chap.

  40. I SO ENJOY reading REAL SIMPLE. I call it "candy" as it doesn't have MUCH to it yet I glean a little something from it each month. I have canceled it on more than one occasion only to order it up again!

  41. Hello Willow,

    Magazines that I love:

    New Yorker - The cartoons alone are worth the price of admission.

    Wallpaper - has such great coverage of design and goings on throughout the world.

    Cabinet - is a beautifully crafted mag that I love to look at.

    All the best,


  42. I love Johnny Depp too! There really are no magazines that I can't live without. I read so much online now and many blogs are even better than some magazines. I do enjoy my Yoga Journal though.

  43. i am rolling on the floor.....you look like him....??
    he grew up in florida, a town west of ft lauderdale called margate.
    and it is not in any way at all impressive, if you get my meaning.
    AND he married a girl i went to high school with.

    and he is gorgeous !!


  44. hmmmm....right now i subscribe to natgeo and smithsonian - however, i am SUCH an "instant gratification" kinda girl that i don't subscribe to more because i LOVE going to the bookstore and spending hours browsing and then walking away with an armload of great mags to take home - all to be read on early sunday mornings piled up in bed with maybe a buttery bagel and cold oj - faves include most of those already mentioned by others - everything from art to beauty to home decor to fitness/wellness to travel - love them all -

  45. Willow--I'm interested in the Cherokee reference. My husband's grandmother is Cherokee but we have a hard time finding any info because of records. It's all so sketchy before a certain time. Any advise/help? I absolutely LOVE Johnny Depp. A friend saw him working out in a gym that she was at in Colorado. He actually talked to her. So lucky! Most of my favorite mags have been discontinued but I have stacks here that I keep as artist references (at least that is what I tell my husband as he complains about how many there are). But, they are in a book shelf, all in categories so...what does that hurt, right?

  46. such a nice eclectic mix of magazines that you crave, willow! i can see a resemblance between you and johnny depp. it was there all along just waiting for us to notice.

    i must have my somerset studio magazine!

  47. Teri, tracing Native American roots in the 1800's is very difficult. Most married into white families and tried very hard to hide their ethnicity.

  48. I don't read too many magazines any more, I used to read the entertainment magazines quite a bit!

  49. wow. got to this party amazingly late. I get National Geographic Adventure each month and live vicariously through the explorers. one of these days...

  50. I confess...I love my magazines...Smithsonian is probably the longest running one at our house...
    and in the mailbox just for me...The English Garden, The English House, Garden & Gun: Soul of the New South, Now Playing (TCM schedule) and The Oxford American...then I go to the library at school and my local library to read other favorites like Southern Living .... I will have to find this one with the Deppster...I really like that kid! Good topic!

  51. ooops...correction....
    The English Home...not house

  52. Yes, I do see the Johnny Depp similarities! We'll have to add him to the dna checklist! :)

  53. Willow...yes....The Englsih Home is still going...
    I used to get a lovely publication entitled THIS ENGLAND...and it is still going as well!

  54. Hi Willow

    My subs are for
    HOUSE - a fantastic Au architectural mag
    and GOURMET TRAVELLER so I can cook and travel in the kitchen...

    Happy Days

  55. I am a huge Johnny Depp fan from way back! Can't say I have ever thought you looked like him Willow but that seems pretty fine if you do! He really is a beautiful looking man, isn't he? And seems so down-to-earth and intelligent as well!
    As for magazines (before I keep drooling and boring everybody over Johnny) I am also a big magazine addict and haven't slowed down at all. I was sad to see Domino die but I love Red mag(UK) Country Living (UK) Frankie (Australian) British Vogue, Inside Out (Australian), Paris Match (French)Cookie (US) There are probably more but they come first to mind. I have recently discovered a UK Crochet Magazine which I love as well and I subscribe to the Enid Blyton journal! My small home fills up with magazines pretty quickly. I will definitely buy Vanity Fair and I will think of you every time I see it! xx

  56. Don't forget about The Nation, which you can now subscribe to electronically.

  57. Willow,
    Men's Health and Writer's digest.

    National Geographic and France also are regular reads.

  58. I taught Olivia and Keisha. Their father was from St. Vincent. So they moved there to be with dad's family for a few years. It was when they were filming Pirates of the Caribbean. The girl's mother Maxime, worked on make up for the second and third movie and I had to wait through all the credits at the movie theatre to find her name. They all met Johnny Depp and I am so jealous! I subscribe to Canadian Geographic and Country Living. I regularly purchase Art magazines when I am at the book store. I leave back issues in waiting rooms at the hospital.

  59. We are over run by magazines; decorating magazines, food magazines...etc. Wife is the buyer. I predict I'll have to add on to the house to store them all.

  60. WE get both National and Canadian Geographic and love every issue.

    And the photos.

  61. One thing's for sure, Willow. You don't have any shortage of material to try out the ten minute collages and still have plenty left over for your tear out folder! When we had the guesthouse we had plentiful supplies of mags for folks to read. Not so now!

  62. You know, I'm really not a magazine person.
    Sure I will get one now and again from the store if it looks appealing, but they are just another thing that take up space in my room.
    But I totally agree with you on the Johnny Depp thing :D

  63. I am obsessed with reading the New Yorker from cover to cover and I have for 30 odd years...other than that necessity I subscribe to Fine Cooking and Everyday Food...and my guilty pleasure is Martha Stewarts Living...I think I still have every issue from the beginning...

    Should I mention that I get the AARP magazine for free?

  64. Okay, this comment may seem pathetic after all those comments, but I love Johnny Depp.

    That is all.


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