Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Weekend Meme

I was tagged this morning from the lovely Elizabeth Wix. If you
aren't familiar with this special lady, pop on over to her blog,
About New York. She is a wonderful photographer, as well as a
published author, and best of all, nice. So stop by and say "hello".

What are your current obsessions?
Besides blogging? Wasa crispbreads with fig preserves. Ruby
nail polish.

Which item from your closet are you wearing most often?
My red woollies.

What's for dinner?
Mushroom cheddar omelette with red onion and a ripe pear.

Last thing you bought?
A vintage 1940's high school sports trophy at Scott's Antique Fair.
The winner of the weekend Scrabble game gets to keep in on their
desk all week. It's currently on mine.

What are you listening to?
I usually have WOSU classical radio and NPR news on, but this
morning I'm listening to my favorite Essential Bach album.
Say something to the person who tagged you.
Elizabeth, I want to visit you in NYC for some of that lovely cake
and culture!

Favorite vacation spots.
The back patio at Willow Manor.

Vacation spots I must visit before I die.
The Cinque Terre and the Highlands of Scotland.

Reading right now?
Towards Another Summer by Janet Frame and The Poems of
Marianne Moore.

Four words to describe yourself.
Placid, bookish, silly, and a tad on the lazy side.

Guilty pleasure?
Fresh flowers.

First spring thing?
Putter outside with my garden gloves and hat.

Best thing you ate or drank lately?
Homemade french fries with a huge puddle of ketchup.

What spring flower are you most anxious to see?
Lilacs and pale pink peonies at the manor.

Care to share some wisdom?
Life is too short, so Carpe Diem! Cherish your loved ones. Shower
them with unconditional love!

Rules of the meme: Respond and rework.
Answer questions on your own blog.
Replace one question. Add one question.
You are supposed to tag eight bloggers, but I'm going to
leave this one open to anyone who would like to participate.

Come on! It's fun!


  1. Fun post! I loved the traveling trophy and the picture of the french fries on that lovely china. And I could eat fig preserves with a spoon....

  2. Wonderful photos, Willow! I think I would spend my vacation on that gorgeous patio too! Things are looking mighty springy up there. Have a fun weekend.

  3. In my estimation, Elizabeth Wix is possibly one of the best compositional photographers I've seen in blogland.

  4. Willow, as you know, I have had my blog up and running barely three weeks. And, as I am maybe your third comment on this meme--I will take you up on it. This should be great fun, perhaps even enlightening! Have a wonderful day! I too love Wasa crisp with preserves, and I have just opened a jar of figs this morning! Sooooo delicious with hot tea!

  5. Provides a great little glimpse! I like your angle on things.

  6. Charming, Willow, and some great pics to accompany these things about you. I love your red woolies--you've mentioned them before so now I have a mental image! If it wasn't Saturday at our house, which is historically pizza night, I'd make that omelette. Maybe tomorrow. ;D Have a great weekend, and hope you get to spend some of it out on that pretty patio.

  7. Lovely photos. And I wanted to say you have such a wonderful life.

  8. Hello Willow,I thought I would pop in.What a fun post.I love your ruby nails.Ruby is my fav.You are a dear,thats for sure.Hugs Marie Antionette

  9. i LOVE pink peonies!! think of me when you make your first lucious cutting to adorn your lovely manor!

    have a great weekend!

  10. Fun post. LOVELOVELOVE your lush.Hows the book coming along?I'm gearing up for my new one on the next few weeks.Trying to do a Middle School fiction for the first time- taking a class to help me along.

  11. cripes, it must be cold at Willow Manor if you're still sewn into your red woollen combination!

  12. Do you know the fig and orange jam from Dalmatia ? I stir it into plain yoghurt with a little goat cheese.

    And speaking of food -- the tail end of those wonderful short ribs made a fine soup, when combined with a bit of beef broth and leftover horseradish mashed potatoes.

    I believe I'll use your meme for tomorrow's post!

  13. Your garden view of the back patio looks lovely, Willow. And the orangey roses are fabulous!

  14. Pale pink peonies; The epitome of feminine beauty. A tad lazy; what a great way to do self care; moodling. Gotta love it. It allows the creative juices to flow. I also love the Pearl Buck quote on your juicy side bar. Thanks for this post. As always it is a treat to visit here.

  15. How lovely you picked the same flowers as Eliazabeth - and what a gorgeous patio; I'd happily sit there and daydream for hours.

  16. I love the ruby nail polish!

  17. Willow,
    Super photos and I so adore your back patio! Thanks for sharing it! and congrats on being tagged - great fun to see the questions and your answers!! Always a joy to visit! Have a continued lovely weekend. Salut du Midi!
    oh and I love the ruby red nail polish like Jo!

  18. fun post! great pics. love the patio out back! think it would be my fav place as well. trophy, a fun idea!!!

  19. Willow....We southerners devour fig perserves! Great with some homeade bread huh? I love your answers and your fingernail polish!


  20. Mmm... a ripe pear: dessert of the gods!

    What a lovely blog-collection! Thanks for sharing the beautiful images, too. Think I might follow your footsteps and do a likewise entry. Thank you! (Appreciation to Elizabeth wix, as well!)

  21. This was interesting and I like the accompanying photos. I have pink peonies in my garden (not out yet of course).
    Your patio is so inviting, I don't blame you for wanting to linger there.
    I may have a go at this one.

  22. Nice window into life at The Manor. I'd like to have that delicious omelet outside on that wonderful patio. What paradise.

    I visited Elizabeth's blog, love what she has going on over there. Thanks for the link.

  23. Hello Willow,

    I normally don't read these meme thingies, they appear too formulaic to me, but I followed yours along and it was really delightful. Your photos gave it depth and colour and I learned more about you and your home.

    The Cinque Terra belongs in my top 10 places in the world. Make sure you take all the walks. and go at the end of the season just before they close down for the year.

  24. The patio, and really any picture of your place looks right out of a dream. Are you seriously, really living in the places you show on here?????? Just gorgeous.

    I wish I had time to read, and could eat things like cheddar and fries... But I sure did enjoy them through this post today. Now wasa with fig preserve I can do.

    I may give it a go.

    I loved reading yours. Love the polish and the woolies.

  25. Your patio looks like something out of the Garden of Eden. Lovely!

  26. Loved your nail polish and all your other answers.
    Yes, the patio is a delight!
    Bill Stankus is always very kind about my amateur photos!

  27. Good one! I like the idea of adding a question. Might do this tomorrow.

    And those french fries look absolutely fabulous. I'm going to go make some!

  28. Ruby polish, red woolies, a ripe pear, scrabble trophy, Bach, lovely patio, puttering in the garden, homemade fries, pink peonies, wisdom and unconditional love. Damn girl, you sure know how to live it!

  29. you and Elizabeth both made it so fun with your photos!

  30. Great answers Willow, love that nail polish too

  31. if i had a backyard like that, i'd never leave it...very nice!

  32. Okay ... yeah ... I totally want to move onto your patio. Ooooh I'm pea green with envy at your garden. I want one of my own!!!

  33. Linda and I were lucky enough to spend a month in the Highlands of Scotland a few years back. It was one of our most meaningful and rewarding vacations. I was glad to see it on your list and highly recommend it.

  34. Pretty cool! The back patio is gorgeous!

  35. your patio is amazing. it is almost ( probably really IS ) magical.

    love the trophy, love the suggestions.....the post is great.


  36. I enjoyed your answers, Willow. Amazing how little bits and pieces make up a whole amazing and lovely person. I also wanted to go to the Highlands...I went in 1980. I think it's an influence from literature...lavender fields... Thanks for sharing. <3

  37. I'm new to the whole blog experience but love that so many people from obviously different places share such fundamentally simple and pleasurable experiences. I love your wonderfully interesting and diverse range of snippets and those of fellow bloggers. Thank you for inspiring my blogmind to 'travel' more amongst such interesting people spread the world over (I'm in Australia).

  38. Really nice Willow.You posted it very well with your beautiful pictures.Also,your garden is just lovely.Thank you.I might do it too in days to come cause there are great questions.

    Have a great sunday :)

  39. This was a interesting reveal! I loved the nail polish, trophy, food and flowers. Willow Manor is a lovely place to live!

  40. I enjoyed reading this meme, so I passed it on - Thanks, Willow.

  41. Your garden looks like a nice hideaway and a place to read many books, in at least 2 3/4 seasons ; )

    Fig preserves ; )

  42. What a lovely way to get to know someone. Now, we know you better.

    Your photos went so well with your commentary. Love it!

    You had to get a photo of food in there, didn't you? I love homemade fries, but the lazy part of me (who else do I know hat is a tad bit on the lazy side?), says, "Too much cleaning after cooking them."

    And all I have is a old baked potato cooking on the grill. Drat!

    Loved the photo of you. Did the ghost take it? He/she is a bit lop-sided.

  43. Are your French fries really homemade?! Oooh. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the backyard pic you include, along with the daffodils beautifully set against the ivy on your side bar pic too. Ahhh.

    That dinner yor were abot to have sounded scrumptious as well. I 'm thinking my lowly ol tangerine is simply not going to suffice! Right! that does it, off to raid the kitchen.

  44. Happy that I finally came in from the springtime to catch this post. Well, don't you seem to have it all together..your pics made my day!! Beeeyootiful!

  45. I agree with Hilarywho! It's the simple pleasures, and you have many of them!

  46. your nails are gorgeous and i love the woolies!!! fun post, willow!

  47. Hello Willow,

    Some fun insights. I love the yellow roses, and the decoupage item behind your vintage cup! The back patio looks like a green oasis. I have been to Tuscany and had no idea I was so close to Cinque Terre!!

  48. Love the manicure .. beautification™ rocks!

  49. Always fun to read these. I love your patio. And I want to visit Elizabeth in NY, too.

  50. I wouldn't mind vacationing on your back patio with a good book....and a plate of french fries.

  51. I would love to sit on that patio....

  52. So fun. great to read and inspire more of us to open our minds, eyes, ears, hearts and humour! Always a pleasure sweetie!


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