Friday, May 1, 2009


Taurus, April 21-May 21, is the second sign of the zodiac, originating
from the constellation of Taurus, and the Egyptian Horus, the Bull of
Heaven. It's symbol, the bull, is known for it's strength and reliability.
Taurus is an earth sign, which means Taurans are practical and have
an earthy sensibility. They also are not afraid to get their hands dirty
and work in the soil, often having a "green thumb".

People with this sign have their feet planted firmly on the ground.
They do not like to be hurried and may be thought of as obstinate.
Taurans are slow workers, who enjoy the process as much as the
finished product. Most have a strong appreciation for beauty and
enjoy collecting beautiful objects. Material security is very important
and they feel most secure when surrounded by their possessions.
There are usually some fixations in the Taurus personality, which
may perplex other signs. They tend to stick with patterns and
experiences they know, which make them feel secure and

The body part associated with Taurus is the throat and neck. They
often have lovely speaking and singing voices. Their color is pink.
The gemstone is emerald and the mineral copper. The flowers are
rose, poppy, foxglove, daisy, violet and columbine. Countries
associated with this sign are Ireland, Switzerland, Iran, Cyprus, the
Greek Islands, Parma, and Capri.

Happy Birthday to all my lovely Taurus bloggy friends!
artwork: Taurus, ceramic by Picasso


  1. Interesting. I'll have to look up Sagittarius' information. I'm interested to know what flowers are associated to a Sagittarian. Lovely photo of Willow Manor.

  2. interesting...have never really studied the zodiac. do you find it accurate in reading people?

  3. Interesting! I didn't know any of this, Willow.

    'Rain on the skylight' - a lovely sound - brings back nostalgic memories of a previous abode!

  4. What a sweetie you are! I will show this to my Dad and niece. Can't wait until it is our turn: Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini and Scorpio. Yes, very interesting house.

  5. How timely Willow. Today is my birthday and I must say many of those attributes apply to me.

  6. Ellen! Happy Birthday! I timed that perfectly, didn't I?

  7. Happy Birthday, bloggy bulls.

    From an old goat - cashmere, of course. LBx

  8. Raisins, how fun. Happy Birthday to # 4 in line me thinks??..It all begins with an Aquarian. I Know. OK, well if I don't know I will still make the noise.

  9. My husband and daughter are both Taurus. I can attest to them liking things to be the same. My husband hates any furniture moved - ever - and my daughter will wear the same four things until she replaces them with the same four things. They are very sweet and reliable, though.

  10. I thought Taurus was a Ford car with so-so gas milage. See, that's why I blog.

  11. my father was and my only-last *real* love is Taurus...I learned something knew about my dad: "They do not like to be hurried and may be thought of as obstinate. Taurans are slow workers, who enjoy the process as much as the finished product." My love, Gera, is an artist and this is a true given fact about him...

    insightful post...

  12. Loves the earth: check!
    Fixation: (dogs) check!
    Vintage pottery collection: check!
    Obstinate: check!
    Perplexing: check!
    Friends from Iran ask if I'm part Iranian: check!

    OK, ready for my Rorschach now!

    And are you a Taurus, Willow?

  13. This is my mom's sign and stubborn she is. I actually think she is proud of this fact since she always reminds us of how stubborn she is. And she truly is.

    Thank you for posting this. I will have to see how many of those flowers she likes. She does not seem to be a flower person, but I think it would be a nice Mother's Day present for her.

    God bless.

  14. Yeap!Happy birthday to all Taurus!One of my friend is taurus too!

    May I add just a word,taurus men are very____ fill the blank :)

  15. Now, this is where I have to stop now. I love Taurus (and that's both in the friendship and relationship sense). They are so adorable and I find them easy to get along with. I have very good experiences with friends, bosses and exes who are Taurus. Many thanks for another brilliant post. Happy birthday to Taurus everywhere!

    Greetings from London.

  16. I like the image. It reminds me that my birthday is coming up. I am going on 75. LOL. Who would have thought it?

  17. Hello Willow,

    Don't know any taurans but will now be on the lookout for them!

  18. I dated a Taurus for a spell. It didn't go well. He was full of bull!


  19. Spot on with Taurean traits. I can always spot one by their hair; a true Taurus has the thickest, most amazing hair!

  20. I am a Taurus blogger and you described me to a tea! Other than the working slow part...I am methodical but speedy!
    When is your Taurus birthday?

  21. Hi Deb, I'm actually a Libra. I'm slowly working my way through posting on all twelve signs of the zodiac. Happy Tauran Birthday!

  22. I know very few Tauruns! I wonder if the signs have certain preferences for other signs? Certain characteristic draws?

  23. Joanne, yes! I've always thought earth and water signs mixed well, as do fire and air. That's just my opinion, anyway.

  24. Thanks for the Taurus info; I was quite close to a Taurus & one time, & she does have a lovely singing & speaking voice-- interesting.

  25. I'm a Taurus, oddly accurate. Thank you. The poem is beautiful! I am borrowing your do not copy widget. I have some original poetry too :)

  26. Well......a lot of this fits me I think, but I'm a Virgo/Libra Cusp,
    September 22nd.
    However, sweet Molly is Taurus and she can be as stubborn as an overworked Mule at times!!!


  27. I was just thinking about this ... it doesnt apply at all to the friends who celebrate this month ... I wonder why

  28. My lovely SIL is Taurus and he is true to his sign.

  29. Happy Birthday to all you bulls out there. Now I know why I can't grow anything. I was born under the wrong sign. I am an old fish, but pretty true to the sign.

    Thanks for another informative posts. I never know I am going to find here.

  30. Interesting blog Willowy One....and a happy May Day to you.

  31. hmmmm, well, this is my sign and I do see myself in much of it, but I must have something rising somewhere else because some of it falls pretty far from me - I've always been called 'headstrong' and people do stay out of my way when I'm immersed on a project and I do love my home.....

  32. I sure fit that to a "T". Thanks for the kind birthday wishes. Your blog is so interesting.
    Hugs, Laura

  33. can i become a taurus ?

    i would like to be associated with capri, emeralds ,cut a music album,and grow a field a poppies !

    wink wink

  34. Well, if Capri is associated with Taurus, then it's a.o.k. with me. I like Picasso's bll. Your doorway looks fabulous. One of my dearest friends is a Taurus.

  35. Another Taurean checking in, Willow! May 12, to be exact. I find that most of the attributes apply to me, especially the stubborn ones! Or, at least that's what my family tells me.

    I've lurked for a while and have enjoyed reading. We're almost neighbors.

  36. I enjoy when you do these. Fun!

  37. As a Triple Aries (!!!) - I was once
    told that if it hadn't been for a bit of Taurus in my chart - - -
    I'd be totally intolerable!

    Thank You Taurus.


  38. i so love all the flowers of this sign -- rose, poppy, foxglove, daisy, violet and columbine.

  39. Willow--As a fellow Taurus, I totally agree with this post! I feel like it fits me to a T (for Taurua AND Teri!). Some of my best friends are also Taurus and so is my husband. Talk about locking horns though...we do that alot! I agree with Deb about being methodical and speedy. I can out-work most people. I agree with the neck and throat thing too. Do you think that is why I am having thyroid problems/scans/biopsies? Hmmmm...I had a wonderful boyfriend once who was a Libra. Said he was "made under the Christmas tree" because his BD was Sept. 25. Very sweet man. He has since passed on. I'm wondering where your wonderful house is? It is the most interesting place I have ever seen. I think that I could move right in with just my suitcase in hand.

  40. Thank you so much for this:)

    I am a Taurus myself. Never really believed in zodiac signs till now! That was like...describing me (except the color part-I mean I love pink but I like blue better lol)!

    Take care now

  41. I'm checking in here at about #168 or so...!! Heh! But I always enjoy your posts though I don't comment as often I as I would like.

    I remember back in the 70s people would always say "what's you sign?" That along with "what's your major?" were popular opening lines.

    I am a Virgo but on the cusp with Libra. I have heard Libras are a lot easier to be around than Virgos! It is always fun to read the daily horoscopes.

    Take care.

  42. I've never quite let go of Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs," book which paved the way to recognizing unique "star" identities, and the intermix of interactions that follow...

    I'm all earth! Virgo sun, Taurus moon with Capricorn rising, and feel the characteristics and energies of this triplicity within me all the time.

    Although, the Virgo in me has always, had a soft, soft spot for illustrious Taureans!

  43. Even though I tend to bump heads with them, I love Taureans. Tauruses? What's the proper plural form? I should know, but I don't.

    What they share with you is the planet Venus. For you Librans, you work with the power of Venus as she expresses herself intellectually. For Taureans (??) she expresses herself through the physical world.


    Happy weekend!

  44. It is hard to be a could I have missed your poem...wonderful...I was there in my mind's eye swirling with the continents, adrift in a sea of dreams...thanks...that was refreshing...thanks for the trip...

  45. Thanks Willow. That is so acurate! (May 12 here) Not afraid to get their hands dirty.... surrepticiously glancing down at my rust stained fingers....been hammering rusty metal onto my carvings since early this morning.

  46. I think I must be a natural Taurus on the strength of this. I'm leaving Capricorn forthwith.


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