Monday, March 23, 2009

Willow's Weekly Word

Aries, March 21 - April 20, is the first sign of the zodiac.
Accordingly, it is linked with beginnings. People born under this sign
are typically enthusiastic about new events and are adventurous.
The ram is the symbol for Aries and, like a ram, Aries like to charge
headlong into matters. Aries is a fire sign, as well as a cardinal sign,
signaling action and excitement. They are also said to be willful and
impulsive. Especially good at initiating projects, they have a direct
and dynamic approach, making them natural pioneers. Sharp
weapons are often associated with Aries and are often noted for their
sharp minds, as well as sharp tongues.

Originating from the constellation of Aries, in western astrology, this
sign is no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the
precession of the equinoxes. The astrological symbol for Aries is said
to represent the head and horns of the ram, and originates from the
cluster of stars which constitute the head of the Aries (constellation),
according to the work of Doctor Acacandam dating from 1592. The
head of Aries is given the name of Aluathay or Salhay, and it consists
of four stars.

In mythology, Aries is often associated with the Greek myth of the
ram which carried Athamus' son Phrixus and daughter Helle to
Colchis to escape their stepmother Ino, as well as the mythological
figure of Theseus, from the Greek myth of the Minotaur.

Traditionally, Aries is linked to the head. These people are
sometimes called headstrong because they have a strong will. Red is
the color associated with Aries; a bold, dynamic color linked with
anger. The gemstone is diamond, the metal is iron and flower is the
thistle. Countries associated with this sign are England, France,
Germany and Denmark.

Happy Birthday to all you dynamic Aries, out there in the

info from Wikipedia and Astrology by Darby Costello
photo from Google images


  1. it's amazing how much more sense i make whenever i read about my sign. thanks for the post

  2. My son turned twelve today and so many of those traits are just like him. Thanks for the post.

  3. Hi Willow. Many people call me headstrong but I was born in November! And I see in your sidebar you're starting a book? Kudos and well wishes on your project :)

  4. Hello Wills,
    Good luck with your new adventure in publishing. I hear writing a book is like giving birth to a baby.
    A big-headed baby.
    Keep us posted.

  5. Both my parents were Arians, so I had to cope with much head-butting in my life. My dad's birthday is coming up on April 2nd. He would have been 82. Mom's is on the 6th. They lived up to their zodiacal heritage.

    By the way,I thought it was a movie clip in your sidebar, with Shirley Jones and Danny Thomas, but finally unearthed it to discover it was The Danny Thomas show. I loved, "Make Room For Daddy" and "Carousel" is one of my favourite musicals. Great choice to launch us into the season.


  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes from this Aries. I learned a little bit more about myself here, explaining some of my nature.

  7. My brother is an aries and he is most certainly strong willed and has the sharpest tongue known to man. My daughter was born an aquarius but was so premature that she should have been an aries had she been full term. How does that work? Does anyone know? Will she end up with Aries traits or Aquarius traits? Please come over to my blog all of you and give me your opinions. I love visitors and especially love new followers. Clare

  8. My oldest brother is an Aries, and this reminds me I better send him a card.

    I love these astrological posts you do, Willow.

    Sorry I've been away of late, but having dire problems with my tap water these past couple of weeks. The city water inspector came on Friday and the test results will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks. Sigh.

  9. My husband is an Aries. He's very sweet and considerate - one of their beautiful traits. We're off to Texas on Wed. for shopping the other shows and then selling at our show. His birthday falls at that time - so of course we celebrate with lots of antiquing friends. Kim

  10. April 8th here and very Aries..right down to the's my favourite colour and always has been(didn't know that one was an Aries trait)

    I've had to work on the sharp tongue thing as it could be hurtful but's me...I'm an Aries! Smack dab in the middle Aries!


  11. Thanks for these details, Willow. I am married to an Aries.

    As you gave me the lead to what I most wanted to post on my blog for this date (yes, I took the big leap and decided to give it a go and set one up last weekend), I am officially inviting you over. It may not look like it, but this is an Engraved Invitation which you most certainly deserve. It is a heartfelt invitation to be sure. Once again, I thank you for leading the way!
    Kindest regards,

  12. Being an Aries myself, I appreciate your good wishes. Personally, I have always loved my birthstone!!

  13. This fits my good friend who is an Aries. Way to go on your memoirs, Willow! Kudos.

  14. two of my best friends are Aries - fits them to a tee! you are going to write a book? fabulous! a very ambitious undertaking and one you will be very good at.....

  15. I'm an aries! I'm an aries! I was also born in the year of the pig and they are said to be headstrong too!
    I must be really stubborn! lol
    Thank you again for another neat post and good luck with your book! I'm working on one too, a fiction...

    If Auntie's comments above are correct (I've never given birth before so...) then I must be going through "morning sickness" right now! lol

  16. My mother was an Aries and so are many of my friends. I am an Aquarian. Your post makes me want to explore these relationships more.

  17. Aries is a difficult sign for me. Being a Cancer and a cardinal sign as well, my soft, sensitive underbelly often comes into conflict with the "bull in a china shop", often very insensitive Aries. My father is Aries, as well as my ex-husband--both of them difficult people in my life. And there's a woman in my workplace who is Aries, with whom I come into conflict because she's frequently loud, bossy, and insensitive.

  18. On behalf of all us Aries, we thank you.

    Now we know and you know and we know you know.

  19. Dearest Willow I hope you know I love your posts. Your St.Frances medal sings to be although I wear St.Christopher, I need lots of protection on my journey through life. St.Fraancis has always been my favourite among the saints. His gentle spirit and lovely pryer speak to my heart.
    I think I'm overstretching myself with the numbe of memes I do although I love them all.

  20. Oh yes, that is definitely my sign1 It´s amazing how you can find yourself in this description...

  21. You need to do October. I know so many people under the scorpion.

  22. Clare, WT was born almost exactly a month late. He was born in mid September, which would make him a Virgo, but he is a complete Leo (his actual due date sign) with not a bit of Virgo qualities to be found!

  23. Don't think I've known many Aries folks, but really nicely done. Love that graphic!

  24. I can feel the Aries Strengh around,it's bringing really good vibes when it comes to go ahead and turn thought into plans.Great help.

    Also happy birthday to come to all Aries.I know plenty.To me,they have a heart in gold,really helping others,but OMG,they are really stubborn and hard to reason!
    They don't listen but are always there to push you to the best,good when you are a Pisces like me for exemple.They are great persons,but I can't stay too long cause they suck my energy cause they have so much energy themselves!They are greedy for food as well.Eh?all the ones I know are!:)

  25. Love the Shirley Jones clip on the sidebar

  26. hmmmm, so that's why my brother is the way he is. lol

    hope all is well with you, willow. i se from your side bar that you've been out in your garden. wasn't yesterday just glorious??!! take care!

  27. Hello Willow,

    My father was Aries but I'm not sure I recognise much of him here, except the temper!

  28. Willow - I am a Scorpio and I have to say that I don't have a single Aries friend - is this a bad thing or a good thing!!!?

  29. A book on sun signs, which I read in the seventies, compared Aries people to babies in this one respect: They might often fall down, but could easily pick themselves up, brush themselves off and start all over again.

    This might often happen to Aries entrepreneurs, an occupation they would be drawn to.

    I have two Aries sons and all this does seem to be true of them. They are also cautious and sensible with money unlike the rest of their family.

    I think it has more to do with celebrating themselves in the late winter/ early spring than the influence of stars.

  30. Took a trip down your sidebar...wonderful news...a book in the future, sunflowers at the manor and a song from "Carousel"! Enjoying your chicken and dumplings and puttering in the garden...Spring is grand!

  31. My father is an Aries. His is 85 years old. Thank you for this post!

  32. This Aires girl thanks you for the timely post ... . .
    'cause TODAY is my birthday!
    I do love red and love to initiate new adventures .. . but, I must admit to another side of that trait -
    we can never "finish" anything.

    With the exception of : Cupcakes!
    So , do stop by and check out some pretty amazing cupcakes before they're all gone ... .
    I've saved one just for you!


  33. I birthed an Aries ...ouch !! she was 13 lbs at birth and we banged heads everyday. Now we are best friends -she'll be 24. I always knew those traits would make a fabulous adult but WOW were unnerving in a little girl ! drove me mad!

    enough - let's hear about the Book - ( and where's flying Shirley?)

  34. Hi Willow-
    Well, thank you, I'll take all the good, and as an Aries, I have trouble seeing the bad, but once I do, I leave it in a snap.

  35. I'm a Scorpio. I think I was down the shops when they came round with all the horoscopic attributes.

  36. Thanks for that- my baby girl is an Aries- true and true.

    Good luck with your memoir- Ive been fiddling with mine for 8 years now- got a bit of it published.I have taken great classes on UCLA online and Gotham. I'd love to be your online memoir buddy- we could push eachother along!

  37. Very interesting. Two very important people in my life were born today. Both of them are headstrong, and great initiators. I am completly on the opposite end of the zodiac.

    Congratulations on your new creative endeavor. The Shirley story has to be included!

  38. Ding-ding! It's official! My family has convinced me to begin the huge task of writing my very first book; my memoirs. Watch out Random House, here I come.

    can't wait to see you on larry king live and all the other book pormos. good luck


  39. I just love Janet Frame and have never met anyone who has read her. The autobiography is incredible but also I love her novels though not sure I have read that one.

  40. My best childhood friend is an Aries. That description is her to a T (or should I say A?).

    I find this series really interesting, Willow.

  41. I am a Pisces. Am I compatible with Barry?

    A book? Congrats! You will still be around the Blogosphere, won't you?

  42. Charging, headlong, headfirst, ramming :-).

    I love Aries, and have good memories of Aries friends over the years. Just don't put Aries and Scorpios together for too long. Believe me the results are not good at all ;-)

    Greetings from London.

  43. Hi,

    I'm also an Aries.
    Here in Portugal we don't use the latin names but the animals' names, so in portuguese I'm a "Carneiro".
    Although you mention the diamond, I've read that my stone is the Aquamarine, but could this be month related and not sign ?

    Best regards,



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