Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feel Witty?

Someone recently left a comment on another's blog saying they didn't
feel clever enough to leave a comment. I don't know about you, my
bloggy friends, but I have certainly felt this way. Randomly popping
in on some epistemological discussion on a poetical piece and all that
comes to mind is "like it". That's it; total blank. Most times, since I
hate blurking, I go ahead and leave my simple, un-witty comment.
I know most bloggers, like myself, appreciate the feedback regardless
of the depth. I am totally envious of those bloggers who effortlessly
dole out lengthy chapters of intelligent, charming comments. I do
wonder sometimes, how effortless is really is, and how much time
they actually do devote to blogging. It's mind boggling.
When I started blogging, a year ago, I was clueless as to the scope
of the blogging community and the whole commenting process. After
over 25 years of carpooling, intramural sports, and being totally
surrounded by kids and their friends, my brain was pickled. My
vocabulary consisted of "cool", "awesome", "dude" and the dreaded
"like". I was forced to delve back in the dark recesses of my
formerly clever brain and learn how to communicate again, using
real words, adult words. (By the way, don't you love the way the
Brits pronounce words? Think Julie Andrews...wuds...so lovely and
sophisticated.) Sorry, I digress. Anyway, it would take me forever
and a day to leave a comment for fear of being labeled illiterate or
apathetic. Now, a year later, even though my adult communication
skills are somewhat revived, I am comfortable enough to leave a
simple "like it" on my little visits around the bloggyhood,
epistemologically witty or not.
I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any girl who isn't me tonight.
I feel charming,
Oh, so charming
It's alarming how charming I feel!
And so pretty
That I hardly can believe I'm real.
from West Side Story
lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.


  1. Mind Boggling Blogging...good one.

  2. There once was a lady from Nantucket ...

    No no no .. a priest a rabbi and a yogi walked into a bar ... no, that's not it. Let's see ... There was this Polish blonde ... wrong again.

    OK OK OK, I got it... I was sitting by the side of the road and this trucker stops and asks me where I'm headed and I said Blogland, which is near Disneyland and he said ...

  3. I love West Side Story and you LOOK like you should have been in it -- Natalie Wood look-alike you are. I thought it was "witty, and pretty and gay."

    But my mind 51 year old mind could have forsaken me. It sometimes does.


  4. yes, i am totally with you on this.
    sometimes I am just speechless and other times you cant shut me up.
    Still, i would rather have 'i like it' than nothing.

    I try to imagine what i would say to the person if i was sitting face to face with them, having a coffee.

    Lisa xx

  5. Sometimes I'm almost too tired to even write I like it, and just hope that the blogger psychically knows I'm there.

    I for one am trying to wipe the word "awesome" out of my vocabulary. It's hard, though!

    I like this post. ;-)

  6. well I think it is my spelling that is going down the tube. I love your poems and videos.

  7. Hi Willow, Sometimes the little pin hole in the wall that separates the concious mind from the subconcious mind gets stopped up when too many thoughts try to get through. My great aunt used to say if you just relax, the thought that you called forth will make it through when all the other thoughts go back to their places. I have a degree in psychology, and I've never heard it explained with such clarity. Pappy

  8. love the ding! bill is witty.. oh so witty... and you know the rest..lol
    great post!

  9. Heh. Like it. ;>)
    What's blurking?

  10. Dear Willow,
    You seem to be speaking for me tonight. My TV is tuned to TCM but the lure of your blog was too much.
    After a long day with teenagers, I need to connect with another plane of thinking...and here you are. Soon I will feel more comfortable leaving a one liner as a comment, but I truly want you to know how much I "relate" to so many of your interests. About tea, are you restricted to decaf? If not, Barry's Gold is quite a rich blend of black teas. My favorite is Yorkshire Gold, but Barry's is easily found at World Market. I too once was a coffee drinker for many years. One morning I became ill from what I perceived was a TOO strong coffee. Once I began to feel better, I could not bear the thought of it! I had always enjoyed hot tea, but now it is my constant companion. Cuppa tea, luv?

  11. OMG...wuz I supposed to say something witty? I feel pithy, oh so pithy.....

  12. Denese, you are too kind. I might have looked a tad like her in my younger days.

    Pappy, thanks so much for that clinical explanation!

    Sandra, blurking is lurking around blogs without leaving a comment.

    FireLight, I'm adding Yorkshire Gold tea to my grocery list. Thanks for the recommendation!

  13. Usually the best response I can summon is "nice, love it, I agree."

    I changed this simple comment at least 5 times trying to get it right. Oy!

  14. You make me laugh! So maybe the little comments aren't always lofty, but the blog is "awesome". HA, HA, HA...
    As you can imagine I have amused myself mightily! Thanks for making me laugh here at the end of the day!!!
    You are exceptionally creative. (Another e-word).
    xxxooo Cheryl

  15. "My vocabulary consisted of "cool", "awesome", "dude" and the dreaded "like". I was forced to delve back in the dark recesses of my formerly clever brain and learn how to communicate again,.."
    --I can so relate, like totally Willow! :) funny, funny.

  16. I don't know why, I feel like I own that line "witty, pretty and gay." But I digress. Many-a-times I have nothing to say. So I say nothing.On the other hand when I love a post I open the gates and let it all flow.

  17. I don't know where this performance anxiety rises from - especially when trying to post a comment. Maybe it is because there are so many statements more articulate than my own thoughts on the matter, but as a Poster - I know I live for the comments.

    Imagine me as the elderly person at the home who never gets visited, then when the man in the white coat shows up, I'm so excited - I act out, then am put into isolation for the remainder of my days. Maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut.

  18. My biggest trouble is that I can't spell!

  19. I never feel I leave witty comments. They are mostly brief. But I want to tell the blogger how much I enjoyed what they had to say.

    I loved the pic of the bell! I see you ringing it!

  20. I agree that even an unwitty (is that the word? Oh goodness) comment makes one feel loved, because their blog is being read!

  21. It was nice to read that you are somewhat new to blogging too. Initially, it takes a bit of experimentation to figure out the blogmenting system. Reconnecting and reopening neuropathways of buried communication skills are a boon. "Blurking"...so there is a term for what I was doing. I loved Great Aunt Texican's "Pin Hole Theory." Thanks for stopping by.

    A priest, a rabbi, and a comic went to sage the White House...

  22. I must say Willow, this post suprised me. Like the really popular person, who says they are shy at heart, and you think ,no, that can't be right! I find the world of blogging absolutely wonderful too, and remember leaving a comment under yours once, which simply said "Willow's right"...so there you go! By the way, I love the way the English say "wark" for work.I heard someone from Royalty use the word in an interview but I think they have a different meaning for the word.

  23. My very first blogging comment this morning was:
    "Brains. Braiiins? BraaaiiiinS?
    They're not there.
    Damn. Wonder where I left them... "
    They have not come back yet but expect (hope?) to find them at the bottom of my first cup of tea.
    So no wits from me.

  24. I love Natalie Wood. When I was a young girl I would dream about someday meeting her. Well that never happened and it was a sad, sad day in Hollywoodland when her star went out. It has never been the same.

    So thank you so much for the beautiful picture of her. The story about you being witty was great. You are so bright and have your own shining star here in "blogland".

    I always worry that I am writing too much in my comments and have been trying to shorten them. Now I am not sure. Thank you so much for your comment about my "b" letter. All of your comments are welcome.

    I always try to have a "go" at writing my comments.

  25. Me, feeling witty? Well, you are half right.

  26. I write from the heart, effortless, usually kind, but often not sophisticated.

    Just real.

    In cyber - space or face to face, 'real'is the best currency. The heart has no barriers or class distinction, no intellectual snobbery.
    Nobody could seriously look down on a heartfelt message.

  27. Yes, even if you are tongue-tied, just loosen up and leave a comment. They certainly are the spark that keeps the blogworld alight. Good to be here with you today!

  28. I've been so exhausted lately from the writing of my book, that posting entries on my own blogs have been a challenge, much less keeping up with making comments on others'. Please forgive my absence of late. My book is about 3/4 of the way there, now, and once I get the first draft completed, I don't think that the rewrites will be quite as difficult--I hope. Anyway, this is just to say, that I'm still reading your entries, although I might not always comment.

  29. I think we've all been there, wondering what on earth we could usefully say.

  30. Ah, haven't we all been humbled by other's words from time to time? Yet our own have value too, if even to say "thank you."

  31. =) [can there be less effortless than this?] =)

  32. Don't think I've ever felt witty. But when the words form( usually a jumble ), I somehow manage to sort them into something at least half-witty.

    To Bill Stankus-I've the clean version of that little limerick, as well as the conclusion. It's pretty funny and not what you'd expect.

    Willow- Natalie Wood & West Side story; 'nuff said( although I'm a huge Busby Berkley fan ). I think musicals have been too long, over-looked.

  33. Brevity....that's how I think of my comments.

    Thanks for the clue to where that song is from...my aunt Debby is constantly singing it!

  34. So clever. Been blogging since Dec. and don't really know the jargon. Never never say or have said, "awesome"!!
    I've always been Aunt Blabby, but I know there is a protocol to everything. Just have to put a lid on it!!!
    Still, a commentless post is lonely and cold.

  35. Willow, What a charming way to address the issue that comes to the blogger's mind at least several times a day. I love Marie Reed's non-comment comment [insert witty comment here].

    Still, I have enjoyed and connected with so many others through the comments. Does it matter if they are witty? In your case for brevity...hum...maybe you cover a lot of blogging territory in a day? How can you possibly respond to everyone in-depth?

    I like your visits to my blog. I think of you as the breathless visitor who must be on her way but still found a moment in her thoughts for me. <3

  36. Willow, I'm enjoying making connections, reading the prose/poetry of others, and gazing upon some pretty amazing photography. all from my at-home office. What more could any child want?

  37. Interesting post: from the standpoint of a commentor, sometimes I read posts that I enjoy a lot but don't see a way "in" as far as commenting goes. As a blogger, I love getting comments & have begun to build some satisfying online relationships in this way, but I also think it's important (for me at least) to post regardless of whether there are comments or not.

  38. Thank you for writing this! I adore your Blog and yet felt rather too intimidated to leave comments *L* I felt, coming here, like an uninspired "Plogger". My comment? I LIKE IT!

  39. Yes, it's super to get comments and know that someone out there has bothered to say hi!
    I think that's what blogging is about
    EM Forster's "Only connect"

    Witty is good - too witty is a pain
    just makes the rest of us feel inferior....! (sigh)

  40. I can relate, too! It's mommy-brain or something. I'm still stuck there! So, I'll just say "I love it" like I usually do! :)

  41. Soooo, I'm not the only one! You made me laugh and nod in agreement this morning.

  42. *By the way, don't you love the way the
    Brits pronounce words*

    Whenever I've been in the USA people have asked me to repeat things I've said because they like the accent. When I've done so, they then talk about the British accent. I blame Hugh Grant and Helen Mirren myself.

  43. i am still very keen on "awesome", and can't seem to part with it just yet! i think yours is very awesome, indeed! :-)

  44. You only started blogging a year ago? Wow! You are a phenomenon!

    I only comment when I have something to say. Trying to be clever never works for me.

  45. Willow, I see your blog, and have from the first time I visited it, (surfed in from somewhere else) as a well-thought-out-presentation that draws me in and makes me think deeper than I would had I not stopped by. You set the standard high and your guests know it and repay you with their comments. I often stop and read, and appreciate what you have to say and show. I often learn something while here. I don't always add to your numerous comments, but I will from now on. It might just be the less than witty...'just saying hi', but I'll be here. : )

  46. I am considered witty by most folks but like you, when i go to, like, leave a comment there is nothing witty about it. Ugh

  47. Oh, I love this song. I sing it to Apple when I brush her every night. I do have a wee bit o trouble on the high notes, but she doesn't seem to mind.

  48. I am always thrilled that you choose not to blurk when visiting Black Street ... I will use all of the encouragement I can get. Love from snow, ice and bitter cold, S & les Gang

    a favourite three hours from CBC - our NPR.
    If you have the time to listen I'm pretty sure you'll love it. By Tuesday each week the latest show is available to listen to - this week chock full O' Darwin.

  49. As a "baby" blogger (?)I'm still learning just how vast this not-so-little-world inside my computer, like, really is. Cool post. Awesome--really, dude. ;)

  50. You nailed it.
    My inspiration dries up completely upon the sight of the comment box. It feels inadequate to respond to a carefully articulated thought with a valley girl quip. But you are right, a friendly "word-wave" can be enough. Your post will make me try harder.

  51. I'm pretty new to this whole blogging world, and I too get caught up in a bit of stage fright, worried that whatever I say in my comment will not appear as witty or intelligent as the other comments. I have to remind myself sometimes that a simple "Thanks for the post, I enjoyed reading it." will do.

  52. Leaving a comment is like having a conversation with a friend, you can't always be poignant or deep. Sometimes that acknowledgment is just the thing one needs.

  53. Susan, thanks for the heads up on the CBC program. I am definitely going to check it out. Thanks, dear friend!

  54. Wow these comments go on forever, good commenting and good blog. I agree about no knowing what to say. I only started blogging a few months ago. I have only had a few comments on my blog and I wonder sometimes if its boring, I dont know. I think I would rather people that read my stuff say something than nothing at all. I love following your blog, your work is exquisite. I invite you to check out my blog.

  55. Well, everyone seems to have a lot to say on this topic! I think we've all been there, for sure.

    I relate to the brain-mush aspect . . . and I love that blogging has reinvigorated that part of my brain that enjoyed playing with words. But yes, sometimes one FEELS so much after reading a post and it is very difficult to break it all down. I always hope that writing "this was beautiful" or "this is true" is enough. I think that we all like feedback -- never mind if it is witty or pithy or wise.

  56. Very clever post! Now imagine you want to say a lot but have to allways write in another language!... :-)

  57. Nice blog me Willow.......epistemmy, thingy bobbically speaking.

    Im busily counting the grinning cats.


  58. Seeing as I got here late, I'll just add "ditto"! :)

  59. I do a lot of blurking. Most times can't think of what to say on my own blog much less what to leave for a comment on others. I guess I could blame it on being in my "golden years" but, alas, that too is no excuse. I enjoy all the comments that are left on my blog, even the one word ones. Your blog is a fun place to spend some time even if just blurking.

  60. Oh yes,
    wit-less comments,
    all mine. I'd say.
    Or do I sway?
    No matter,
    remember what we wrote when we were young and clueless?
    "I have been here!"
    Only I forgot where.


    my problem with comments is that I feel so bad because I do not manage to visit as regularly as I feel I should.
    Some (some??? +sternlook*) days it is either posting or visiting and commenting. So I blog, to have a blog. To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

  61. @ FireLight & Willow,
    yes, Yorkshire Gold brews a great mellow tea! I used to buy it a lot back home, in DC. This and Taylor's of Harrogate, which I have found here too, thank heaven.

  62. Do I get something for reading all these comments?

    I was going to say, after reading them, that I posted once about what do dog barks sound like in your country? spell it out...

    And I got the most hilarious answers I ever got on anything. And I just came across that post last night. After reading this i might post that again and the answers.

  63. I got myself hooked on saying what you just read and forgot to say that I was always confused about what a person is supposed to say or is expected to say.

    If this is a photographers blog are we to comment on the quality of the photography or the quality of the picture or the scene? I never read which is right but I find most people just say whatever pops into their mind and somethings,especially on memes where people are trying to get around, that what they do say is altogether inappropriate.

  64. I have a hard time believing that you ever have a difficult time coming up with something witty!

    You're hilaroius and I love reading your thought provoking blogs. You make me want to get a cup of tea and blog all day!

    I'm jealous. :)

  65. Brilliant post..!
    So, so true...the following came to mind as I read your post:
    Head thick
    Brain dumb,
    Inspiration won't come,
    Can't write,
    Bad pen,
    Yours truly,
    Hope you like my modest contribution..!
    P.S: no idea where I picked it up but it goes a long long way back to my own childhood..:)

  66. This is sooo true. I do get the sense as well sometimes, that there's this bizarre competition out there for who can be the quickest-wit. As we know, comedy is hard - just ask any comic actors (preferably the dead ones, since they're the only ones who really understand what it was all about). Wit is subjective too. If you say something you think is hilarious, others may not even get the joke.
    I just try to speak from the heart, or from my gut. Sometimes it's reactionary humour and it's funny (at least I THINK it is), other times it falls flat.
    I often think I just say too much. Case-in-point: this comment.


  67. I appreciate people's comments so much whether they are short or long, witty or not!

    When I first started leaving comments, around the beginning of December, it felt quite daunting. But the bloggyhood is so welcoming, I now happily waffle on, constrained only by time!

  68. I'm so sick of my boring adjectives and tiresome exclamation marks! Great post BTW!

  69. "What mirror, where?"
    It's true--there are so many phenomenally creative people out there who truly are very quick-witted. I think some of us have to be the appreciators, though,...or at least that's what I'm telling myself!

  70. Glad I am not alone in that feeling of intimidation! And I too have found that blogging has been good for my vocabulary, though I become randomly attached to certain adjectives (such as "lovely") and consequently overuse them... Oh well, better than "awesome", I guess!

  71. Robyn and Claire, we need to create some brand new adjectives and punctuation marks. I am sick of the ones I overuse, as well!

  72. Here, There... Brilliant! I love it!! Very charmingly put.

  73. I am much like you, plus I put alot into my blog writing and it doesn't leave much over! Love this song very much.

  74. It's like you were reading my mind. Funny when someone puts into words exactly how your feeling. Blurking (lurking on blogs?) love it... going to use it..

  75. What a great post!

    I liked it.



  76. Hellow Willow,

    83, now 84, comments mean you most definitely have got your adult word skills back! And I like it.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. Yours is such a beautiful place! And Willow Manor remminds me of times gone by! Love the mood and tea. Let's keep in touch,although I just started a blog and there isn't much right now!
    Love to chat again and keep those wonderful poems coming!

    Thanks for letting me visit!

  79. I rarely feel at a loss for words when commenting on a blog I have found interesting, just like this one, Willow. Thanks for the beautiful words from West Side Story. I need to watch that movie again for old time's sake.

  80. Good Post! from another former blurker!

  81. Love your take on the British accent Willow - now if you're really up for it, how about dissecting the modified brand of English we use here in Australia. I think that research would tie you up in knots for months, you poor thing!

    I don't have an issue with throwing a comment or 2 around, but I think a lot of folk (especially the European bloggers) struggle with the entrenched Aussie thing of self-deprecating humour, so I really have to be careful how & when I use it on non-Aussie sites.
    Millie ^_^

  82. Oh I love this. I had momentarily forgotten it. Thank You!

  83. Thanks for this great post! I am in awe of these people who leave such amazing comments! I'm the worst! Let's see now...How should I end this?

  84. Well said Willow and from me, enough said..... xv


Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence.
― O. Henry (and me)