Monday, February 2, 2009

Annual Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading

There is a hush now while the hills rise up
and God is going to sleep. He trusts the ship
of Heaven to take over and proceed beautifully
as he lies dreaming in the lap of the world.
He knows the owls will guard the sweetness
of the soul in their massive keep of silence,
looking out with eyes open or closed over
the length of Tomales Bay that the herons
conform to, whitely broad in flight, white
and slim in standing. God, who thinks about
poetry all the time, breathes happily as He
repeats to Himself: There are fish in the net,
lots of fish this time in the net of the heart.

Fishing in the Keep of Silence, Linda Gregg

photo by Tashi Euqyal from Flickr


  1. Dear Willow,

    Thanks for posting this poem. Through your poem I can tell myself that God trusts us by giving this life, and we trust God for guarding our life like the ship sailing on the ocean to its desired destination.

  2. What a heartwarming poem. Thanks for that!

  3. That poem is just wonderful, thank you for it.

  4. What a beautiful poem, Willow. I have not read any by Linda Gregg before, but will certainly read more! Thank you.

  5. There are fish in the net,
    lots of fish this time,which likes the poem from your heart..

  6. Beautiful poem... loved it. You have an incrediblle blog.

  7. Beautiful poem.

    I like the redo of the blog redo!

  8. such a warm feeling came over me while reading this poem. thanks for sharing it. you picked the perfect photo as well!

    look at you in your new header! exquisite!!

  9. Beautiful love of the silence from within and through out, gives me eternal calm and grace to move foreward in this beautiful fishbowl of life.

    Love the new header and glad to hear the birthday went well with no worries.

  10. Beautiful poem snd piccie, I also love your new header. I am doing great btw :-)

  11. BTW, my son also celebrated his b'day. Good things come today!

  12. BTW, my son also celebrated his b'day. Good things come today!

    Love the HOPE poster, btw. Clever.

  13. BTW, check out the other ones one blog post below the last one just published. you might find them funny.

  14. BTW, check out the other ones one blog post below the last one just published. you might find them funny.

  15. Oh, Willow,I feel all warm inside after reading this poem ( is it a prose poem?) The photo is gorgeous. I'm going to check Linda Gregg at the library. Just exquisite. I keep saying it you are a poetry anthologist.Thanks for the post

  16. The beautiful picture goes so well with the poem.

    Both, together, are just fantastic.

    God Bless.

  17. Beautiful! Although I'm not very good at being silent! I'm still blowing a party horn for your husband...hmm what are those things called? I'm stumped!

    party horn..., noise maker....

  18. and.... I mean your son's birthday too.. not your husbands!

  19. "There is a hush now while the hills rise up and God is going to sleep..."

    At last I understand the sacredness of that moment.I've felt it many times.

  20. Wow. It brought tears to my eyes. What is it about poetry? It's not just that in poems just a few words say so much. There's something else about it - it's magic.

    I used to live in the SF Bay Area. Tomales Bay is a beautiful place.

  21. "God, who thinks about
    poetry all the time"

    That is such an inspiring line, to me.

    Great choice. I've never heard of Linda Gregg, but I will look for her on the shelves.



  22. Scrolling through the comments, it appears that I'm not that the only one to be introduced to Gregg's lovely poem.

    There is so much serenity in this poem, and surely that is what we all need a bit of now. (I didn't realize that God could ever nap . . .)
    And! your photograph complements it beautifully.

  23. This is a beautiful poem and very fitting today....I must look into some more of Gregg's poetry.

    I hope you're feeling better! We're all still clinging to the cold from you know where. :-(

  24. I like the line about God thinking of poetry all the time. Lovely.

  25. This poet is new to me, Willow. Love the poem and the picture. "God, who thinks about
    poetry all the time..." How beautiful is that?!

  26. What beauty there can be in mere words.

  27. Perfect melding of picture and poem. Both are beautiful--a bit of uplift for the day. Thank you.

  28. What a wonderful poem !
    Thanks for sharing....
    I have nominated you for an award-just pop on over to my blog.

  29. Lovely! Poetry is just good for the soul, I say.

  30. Beautiful words.

    CJ xx

  31. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing this, Willow.

  32. Though it's wording isn't appropriate for your beautiful and gracious Blog I did want you to know that I passed an award on to you at

  33. From one fish to another..thanks for showing me Linda Gregg. Mystical!

  34. A belated very happy birthday to your son - I've been busy catching up on my blogging! Best Wishes TPL!!

  35. Lovely poem. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  36. I have to confess I cheated Willow and read the poetry out loud...well not to loud...smiling. Wonderful imagery, thank you.

  37. The tone of this poem is really admirable-- a sort of calm, quiet humor. I'm not familiar with Lnda Gregg's work, but this does pique my interest.

  38. I pay a lot more attention to poetry now that I've met you Willow. Found this in my travels and thought you would like it as well.

    When I Am Among the Trees

    When I am among the trees,
    especially the willows and the honey locust,
    equally the beech, the oaks and the pines,
    they give off such hints of gladness,
    I would almost say that they save me,
    and daily.

    I am so distant from the hope of myself,
    in which I have goodness, and discernment,
    and never hurry through the world
    but walk slowly, and bow often.

    Around me the trees stir in their leaves
    and call out, "Stay awhile."
    The light flows from their branches.

    And they call again, "It's simple," they say,
    "and you too have come into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled with light,
    and to shine." ~ Mary Oliver

  39. Susan, this is absolutely beautiful. I love trees. Thanks for thinking of me through this poetry. Mary Oliver is wonderful, isn't she?

    Willow x

  40. I love the photo. Where was it taken?

  41. I added a poem last night...

    Glad you're finally feeling a bit better, btw!

  42. nice photo and poem.....thanks

  43. Beautiful poem and such a serene picture of the boat on the waters.


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