Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Dream!

Freedom from Fear, Norman Rockwell, 1943

For the dream, for the plan, for the freedom of man as
it was meant to be;
Not for the structure set up so lustily, by rule of thumb
And overnight, bound to become
Loose, lop-sided, out of plumb,
But for the dream, for the plan, for the freedom of man as
it was meant to be
By men with more vision, more wisdom, more purpose,
more brains
Than we,
(Possibly, possibly)
Men with more courage, men more unselfish, more intent
Than we, upon their dreams, upon their dream of
Freedom, Freedom not alone
For oneself, but for all, wherever the word is known,
In whatever tongue, or the longing in whatever spirit
Men with more honor. (That remains
To be seen! That we shall see!)
Possibly. Possibly.
And if still these truths be held to be
Self evident.

from "Not for a Nation", Mine the Harvest, 1954
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1


  1. Wow. Thank you Willow. What a great thought at this hour.

  2. What a historic evening!!

    Words fail, all I can say is, Hoorah!!

  3. Do you feel as proud of our country as I do??? What a feeling!

  4. Oh, it's good to read these comments. I was just writing on my flickr photostream and my blog that I feel like we "did the right thing." I'm so proud of us all--I feel happy as an American tonight. What a beautiful poem--I never saw that one before. Thanks for sharing it, Willow!

  5. Oh yes, what a beautiful poem!
    Historic day, evening, bravo!

  6. I woke up this morning to see images of a country with pride and hope for a more positive future.

    Even though I am not of your nationality, and live an ocean away, I am blessed to have witnessed such an historic day for you.

    x V.

  7. Beautiful poel Lady Willow !
    Have a good day !

  8. Stunning post -
    The champagne's been flowing here, the tears of joy too..!
    What a relief it is to exhale and breathe easy...
    Barack Obama's impressive victory says a lot about America.
    Last night voters decided that they didn't want to look back. They wanted to step into the future...
    Bravo and thank you..!

  9. Wonderful poem for the morning after, WIllow. I'm still amazed at the result!

  10. I'm so happy, excited, relieved..... hooray!

  11. What an appropriate and beautiful poem to celebrate such an historic and amazing event that has just taken place in this nation and the entire world!

    I am SO PROUD of the people of this nation and of our new president, Barack Obama!

  12. An apposite post for a historical moment that your country is living. I should also praise your decision to switch sides even though you are a Republican, willow. In my neck of the woods people often criticise conservatives for various reasons and to me most of the time this type of criticism is lazy and patronising, smacking of European elitism. You voted for hope, simple as that. Let us see the human for what they are, human, and let's forgo boxes and categories.

    I love your new Native American proverb (maybe you had it before, but I missed it) and what can I say about this poem that has not been remarked upon by your coterie of faithful readers? I will only add that I have recited it to myself in silence five or six times now and each time it acquires a graver and more solemn tone, just like the historical moment your homeland has witnessed.

    Many congratulations to you and your compatriots.

    Greetings from London.

  13. I don't know about you, but I feel a huge relief, I feel hope for the entire world, to be somehow pulled out of it's stagnant pit of turmoil...I just can't stop the tears.

    Yippee for the world!!!

  14. beautiful picture and caption. Somehow I have not seen it before, for all the Rockwell portraits that are so familiar to us. Thanks for posting it.......

  15. I join the chorus of voices that have posted before me. Very appropriate words for today.

    I am telling my students to buy two or three newspapers today (at least one!) and keep them to show their children and grandchildren...

    Take care.

  16. Norman Rockwell was such a fine artist. I enjoy all his paintings. There's a new artist that is similar to him that Reader's Digest profiled many times on the back of their mag, but I can't remember his name. He is also a wonderful artist.

    The Dark Days ahead will undoubtably build character just like when Jimmy Carter was President. We survived that too. ♥ ∞

  17. PS: and on a totally silly note, you've been TAGGED by me... the tag is on my New Yorker in Houston blog today....

    I don't know if you're into that kind of thing, and it's my first time but I thought it would be really interesting to read your responses to the nine items listed.... !

  18. Wow I dont remember that poem. Edna was so wonderful, eh? Nice post. Onward.

  19. BEAUTIFUL post today, Willow. Oh I love that poem - and the quote, and the painting.

    Thank you so much.

  20. A new morning!
    A new day.
    People are out buying copies of ALL the newspapers.
    This is so thrilling.

  21. I feel go good this morning and I haven't even had my coffee yet!

  22. I feel go good this morning and I haven't even had my coffee yet!

  23. What a beautiful poem to read on this truly amazing morning. :

  24. I like your section in the sidebar about Enjoying, drinking etc and wonder if you'd mind if I copied the idea for my sidebar. Mine will be similar but slightly different things.

    By the way, I read Tess a long time aago and still remember the miles and miles she walked (I think it was she) to deliver a letter. Then back again to be home for work. Just the way back then they thought nothing much of walking walking.

  25. hope, peace, love and joy . . . all these things are possible when all unite in a common cause! i have never been more proud to be an american!!!! great post, willow!!

  26. A wonderful post for the morning after such a momentous night.

  27. Very proud and happy today! I have hope to see a woman one day as President too -- YES WE CAN!

  28. Most perfect coda to an amazingly energizing evening ...


  29. Lovely post Willow, as usual! Here the Prosecco flowed and we drank Obama's health and chorused God Bless America.

  30. You may think it strange for a mortal that lives over here, but I so know what this means!!!!

  31. Willow, Beautiful post! I echo the rest...I'm so proud of this election! The champagne is flowing as well as the tears of gratitude.

  32. A beautiful poem. And perfect for the sentiments of a country that is finally moving forward and making history, not being afraid of it.

  33. What a great time for our country, just think of the possibilities. Love your blog.

  34. We, as your neighbour to the North, and as a country who held its breath with many others last night, join in the joyous celebration of this new hour, this new day, this new era.

    HOPE - it is such a small word, but it is so full of meaning. We, as a world, feel immense hope, and we honour those who walk this great path of leadership. Thank you for this poem. It says it all, Willow.


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