Monday, October 20, 2008

All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.

Hey, today is my birthday! Yes, that's little me in the above picture.
It was taken on my second birthday somewhere near Bloomington,
Indiana. Putting all festivities aside, I'm spending today in the hospital
with my youngest son, who is having unexpected surgery to remove
his gall bladder. Poor buddy. So I'll be out for the day. But I thought I'd
leave you with a few fun pictorial clues as to the exact year I was born!

Any guesses?
Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings.
I'm way over the hill!!


  1. Happy Birthday Willow!!!!!!! Today is my birthday too!! I always thought for some reason you were a Libra.
    Have a great one!!

  2. Happiest of Birthdays, dear Willow! I already know the "age answer" so I won't spoil it for others. We share the same one and it's a great year :)

    So sorry to hear about the unexpected surgery - hope all goes well and that you are maybe able to indulge a wee bit!!

    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday, dear Willow!
    Now that you're 22!! Tee-hee!! xo

  3. Have a great birthday (despite the surgery. I wish him a full and speedy recovery).

  4. I have mixed feelings on wishing you a happy birthday with the news that your youngest one is in hospital. So, wish you and your younger offspring a happy celebration together.

    52? Am I right? That's not old, my dear, they say fifty is the new 30, so that means that I am still in nappies (I will be 37 next month, 16th Nov).

    A Libra? I should have known! One of my better friends in Cuba is a Libra (15th Oct).

    Greetings from London.

  5. A very Happy Birthday, I hope you spend your evening in a little more company than your beautiful header picture. You were the cutest little moppet, not quite sure of what was expected of you but so sweet.
    Of course I have gleaned when you were born. You are two years ahead of my daughter and graced this world with your presence in the same year that Melbourne hosted the Olympics.
    An emergency op. for gall bledder is not much fun, although it is your birthday, I am glad you are there to stand by your boy. Hope also they could do it laproscopically.
    I'll raise a glass of bubbly to you to-night and thank you for the nibble of cake.

  6. Happy Birthday, Willow! (You were born in 1956.)

    And best wishes to your son. Eeeek! Gall bladder! Hope all goes well.

  7. Willow,
    Happy Birthgay, girl (over the hill? No I don't think so. Now me on the other hand....)
    We celebrated D's B'day yesterday.
    How close is 56?

    P.S. I hope your son's surgery goes well!

  8. Happy B-day to you,Well, I am over 50 to and its a beautiful age...:)

  9. You are always pretty photos, pictures or affiches...
    Happy birthday to ???

    Ha ve good day Lay Willow...

  10. Happy Birthday Willow. Hope you get a cake later. As for cholecystectomy, they do those procedures with the smallest puncture/cut these days. Speedy recovery for your son.

  11. Happy Birthday!

    All the best to your son.

  12. Best wishes on your birthday! Your two year old photo is PRECIOUS!

    Prayers for your son that he will do well with his surgery and bounce back QUICKLY!

  13. Happy day, Willow! Thinking about both of you today. I know you'll keep me posted!

    Can't really tease about the age since I'm only five years behind you! :)

    Now I must go wish Em a Happy Birthday, too!

  14. Happy birthday Willow! I hope you son is back on his feet in no time.

    "Age doesn't matter unless you're cheese." --Salada Teabag

    Although I do think woman become more beautiful with age. Being 20 again would seem like such an indignity now.

  15. Oh and I LOVE John Singer Sargeant!

  16. Wishing you a happy, happy day as you love on and comfort one of those whom you love most.

  17. Happy Birthday, Willow, and the best to your son.

  18. Happy Birthday to you!!!! You sure were a cute 2 year old. From the picture it looks like your second birthday party took place during an mid October Indian Summer.

    My guess for your birthday year is 1957. And has anyone told you lately "You look marvelous darlink!"

    Take care of your son. Hope he has a fast recovery.

  19. Happy Birthday, Willow. I came over from Betsy's blog. I only recently figured out you two were sisters.

    I figured out from the pictures and the convenient, immediate access of the world wide web and wikipedia what the answer to your question is. If it hadn't been for that, I would have guessed two years younger, four if I didn't know you were five years older than Betsy.

    I won't put the answer since I looked it up. Have a happy birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday!!

    I hope your son has a speedy recovery, Willow.

  21. it looks like you and i are the same age -- you were born in 52, correct? happy birthday, willow!!

  22. In 1862 a young English widow, Anna Owens, accepted the job of teaching the royal children of Siam.

    So, that makes you 146 years old. Noooo, that’s impossible.

    Television was invented in 1925. Are you 83?

    Elvis was born in 1935.. 73?

    Clues are just too confusing for me.

    Remember, lots of presents make birthdays better.

  23. Ok...after the last comment...I'll say 50 something, I'm too confused and you're still younger than me(isn't everyone these days)...HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway! That's a heck of a way to get to spend time with your son. The best to him and to you.


  24. Happy Birthday, Willow! What a beautiful little girl! So I thought I had the year nailed with the pictures - Especially Grace Kelly's wedding. But, is that the Titanic??? So I'm sitting here vacillating between 1956 and 1912. Perhaps I should take a closer look at that ship....
    Best wishes to you for a happy 52nd or 96th - whichever and wishes for a speedy recovery for your son!

  25. Happy Birthday!!
    I think you are pretty much the same vintage as me - perhaps a tad younger.
    I don't think color pictures were invented then......
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your son.
    All good wishes.

  26. Happy Birthday to you. Wow, what a gorgeous wedding photo. I see your name around the blogs and at OSI, thought I'd stop in. I am so sorry to hear about your son's surgery. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

    I'm guessing 55. Am I close?

  27. PS: Ooops...I just took another look at the wedding photo, Grace Kelly right? Still a gorgeous photo.

    Happy Birthday again, G

  28. Many happy returns.

    Also born today:

    Bela Lugosi (1882), Dannii Minogue (1971), Tom Petty (1950).

  29. I hope to God that ship isn't Titanic... Just kidding! Have a happy birthday!

  30. Happy Birthday! I love those snippets of your birth year and your second birthday pic is too cute!

  31. WOW ... today would have been my dad's 99th birthday ... and I was feeling a little blue but knowing its your birthday has cheered me up!

    Happy Birthday .. Oct 20 is a very special day!


  32. Happy Birthday dear Willow from all of over here at 29 Black Street. xo Susan, Miss Dixon, Bleet, Oliver & Gus

  33. Happy Birthday to Yoooou,
    Happy Birthday to yooooouuuuu,
    Happy Birthday dear Wil-lowwww,
    Happy Birthday to yoooooooooouuuu.

    Sorry about the frog in my throat.

  34. Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear about your son --thank goodness that surgery is done with a very small incision now and a quick recovery....hope it all goes well!

    You must be near in age to me ... enough said! :D

  35. I won't guess the year. But I'll bet I'm farther over the hill than you!

    Happy Birthday, Willow and best wishes to your son. Who wanted a gall bladder anyway?

  36. happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, B-day! hope your son is feeling much better!

  37. Willow, Happiest Birthday today and all year. I hope you haven't been rushing around and misplaced your birthday wish list? Your photos are wonderful...such a collection of events and your birthday too!
    My best wishes for your son.

  38. Like Museswings, I was baffled by the picture of the ship (I knew it couldn't be the Titanic) so, what then? Is it the Andrea Doria?

    But the musicals gave it away - and of course Grace Kelly's wedding photo.

    So 1956 was a very good year then!


    Hope your son is doing okay. Still praying for him.

  39. Well, Happy Birthday! I gave you a wee shout out in my post today....even before I knew it was your birthday! I'm sorry about the hospital, though, and I hope your son feels better soon. Do what I do and make it a birthday week!!

  40. Happy Birthday my friend, hope the youngster does fine and you get to celebrate. Being a Brit' I am far too polite to even take a guess, needless to say you look fab!

  41. Happy Birthday, Willow! I just arrived in Ann Arbor, Michigan today, and on my itinerary, I'd jotted a little note to myself that today was "Willow's Big Day." So sorry you're in the hospital--hope your son will be fine, and hope you can see in your new year with some celebration. I remember all those images you posted, so I must be pretty old! Brought a smile to my face. Have a wonderful celebration when you can!

  42. Very many happy returns of the day WIllow.
    I can only guess by the pics it was the 1950's?
    Hope your son is OK.

  43. So you're a 50's gal! Ah we are a good vintage! So this birthday will go down as "the gall bladder birthday" will it? Myself, if have the "Good Friday tooth extraction".I do hope your son recovers well from his surgery, and that you have a wonderful birthday.Gall bladders and creamy cake are sworn enemies, so once he gets that bad boy out, its free reign for future birthday cakes eh?Much love Willow, I raise my glass to you, and wish your son all the best.

  44. 1956....BTW, tell Bach I miss his posts.

  45. Have a wonderful birthday! Though you don't look it, I would say, 50-something...I'm horrible at guessing ages...

  46. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!! Well, not very late, but I hope you've had a great birthday Willow, even though you've spent it in hospital.

    K had the same op a while ago and was fine. Best of luck to your son.


  47. To the Lady of the Manor, Hope you had a great birthday, even under the circumstances. I will pray for your son. I had the surgery a couple of years ago and it wasn't too bad. Hope you got some yummy birthday cake!!

  48. Happy, Happy Birthday! I was wondering if you would reveal which day in this great month belongs to you. As it turns out, October 20 is my dear Dad's birthday, too. My maternal grandmother's birthday was October 10, and I honored her (I think) by assigning that day to Jacob the dog b/c he needed an early October b-day. I love October people (and dogs), truly I do. No wonder I love your blog so much!

  49. Buon Compleanno Carissima Willow!

    ... and best wishes to the young master of Willow Manor for a speedy recovery...

  50. I should have guessed you were a fellow Libra - my birthday is tomorrow. I hope you had a very happy day and that your son's op went well and he's on the mend.

  51. Poor guy! Your son will be in my prayers today.

    Happy Birthday Willow! My guess is 26.)

  52. I am so pleased I called today to find you on your birthday! Have a lovely one, dear 50 something! I am keeping my slice of cake to have with afternoon tea. I am not a great tea drinker but with a piece of cake and lots of frosting, I do like a cup of Ceylon. Lots of love Eleanor

  53. Happy day of birth.

    Is that Libran or Scorpio or cusp?

  54. Oh-Oh, My Lambchop's b-day is October 20th also!

    Happy New Year to you Masta Blogga, oh Great One!

    I wish your son a speedy recovery too!

  55. A VERY 'APPY BIRFDAY to ya Willow :)

  56. Happy belated birthday, Willow. Gosh, I would have guessed 40 or so!

  57. Happy Happy Birthday! I've obviously missed the cake but I wish you a wonderful birthday year!

    I hope your son is feeling better.

  58. Happy belated Birthday, Willow!
    Over the hill? Never! Not somebody of your zest for life and spirit.
    Live your life con brio, and good health!

    I hope your son's doing fine, all the best to him too.


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