Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Jeane to list "6 Unspectacular Quirks"
about myself. This is easy peasey because I am ultra quirky. Now
I just have to narrow it down to only six. This may be harder than
I thought! Okay, here goes. These are SO very unspectacular.

1) I wear the same shade of brownish red lipstick every
single day of my life. Even if no one else is in the house
but me, doing laundry, I have it on. It makes me feel in
control. If I'm having the absolute worst hair day of my
life, if I've got the power lipstick, it's a piece of cake. I can
handle anything.

2) My house is haunted and I've seen a ghost in my kitchen.
I could pick him out of a line up, if I had to. Do they identify
ghosts that way?

3) Even though I am not of the Catholic or Orthodox faith,
I collect lovely vintage rosaries and Russian Icons. They are
hanging and scattered throughout Willow Manor. I think I
am subconsciously trying to keep the ghosts at bay.

4) I have perfect pitch. I can tell you the exact note of any
particular tone. But just don't ask me to sing it. My brain
is not connected to my singing voice. This, however,
certainly does not stop me from singing bits of odd little
ditties, rhymes, show tunes and operas, not always on pitch.

5) 11:11 is driving me nuts. I see it consistently every morning
and night. Even if I happen to be asleep, I wake up and look
at the digital clock. I see it daily on my computer screen,
cable box, phone, microwave, even on blog posts. Is someone
out there trying to tell me something?

6) I adore foreign films. I love to repeat little phrases out loud
and practice getting my accent right, as I watch.

7) My kids tell me that when I laugh really hard, I sound
exactly like the owl in Disney's The Sword in the Stone.
Now, how lovely is that?

Okay. Now I have once again humiliated myself for your
absolute reading pleasure. Why do I do these things, anyway?
And yes, I know, I couldn't narrow it to just six! I'm tagging
these bloggies, (but only if you would like) to play along:


  1. OK...I have no ghosts and I don't see 11:11 everywhere...but I know I'm quirky enough to come up with a few.... LOL

  2. Cool! I've shared two houses that had a ghost in them, both perfectly nice and polite. I also have perfect pitch, and I see 9:24 everywhere -- 9:24 happens to be my birthday.

    I'll be posting mine later in the day. Thanks for the tag!

  3. Quirky I can do.

    Lipstick, ghosts, and 11:11....very interesting

  4. fascinating ... would love to hear more of your quirks. Quirky Rocks ! xo from the gang in Nova Scotia

  5. Being quirky is one thing I'm good at! I'll post mine later today. This sounds like a fun little project! 11:11 - Hmmmm.

  6. Did you read the Patricia Bosworth biography of Diane Arbus. I was taking photography and attending art college, visiting NYC and the MOMA and it's amazing permanent photography collection when I first discovered Diane Arbus and to say I was totally captivated by her work and her life would be putting it very mildly. Fortunately I also had a chance to see the most recent retrospective of her work while on a work trip to LA in 2004. I'm sure this is a book that you have read. Especially since you've seen Fur. cheers, S.

  7. Susan, the Arbus bio has been on my "must read" list, you know, the virtual stack, that I haven't gotten to yet. Thanks for the reminder. It take it, it's good? Arbus' photography is absolutely fabulous, isn't it?

  8. The Arbus biography is SO good because she was SO interesting. Completely fascinating and her work is genius, no question. I'm going to re-read it myself, in fact I'm ordering it from the library right now. xo, S.

  9. Me, too! I can do it online to be sent to my branch. Thanks, Susan! :)

  10. I find the 11:11 sightings the most interesting factoid you listed. I'm just speculating but maybe your ghost's demise happened at that time. Personally I've never seen a ghost and I don't want to start seeing them now.

    As to the lipstick thing, I have to have on lipstick or my lips don't feel right.

  11. Stevie, the 11:11 started last fall. Every single night, I would wake up, look at the clock and it would be 11:11. After about three solid weeks of this, I started to feel like Ground Hog's Day, the movie. Then I started seeing it everywhere, morning and night, everyday. It's the strangest thing.

  12. Don't you love it when your children don't beat around the bush? lol You don't sound any more quirky than the rest of us I'm sure! :)

  13. Hi willow!

    Thanks for tagging me and I'll have fun coming up with my list, too.

    I think we need to talk about the lipstick though...there are so many pretty colors in the world! Let yourself play a little. Or maybe even try a little pink gloss on top for a start (see, the makeup artist in me can't help giving out advice, forgive me).

    I want to hear more about your ghost. Who do you think it is?

    I happen to love 11:11 because that is my birthday. Every time I see it, I smile.

    Thanks for sharing! I'll start thinking about my list now, too.

  14. I loved these! I'm also a manic lipstick wearer! mine is a wine red color! a ghost?! and 11:11? fascinating - thanks for playing

  15. fun...

    my #1 kiddos swears she sees 11:11 many days too. i guess i might if i looked at the clock.

  16. Hello Willow !

    Tu es jolie quand Tu es tagguée...

  17. 7:47 is the one I see all the time ...

    And everytime, every single time, seriously every time .. I buy a lipstick I buy the SAME brownish red color .. no matter what the brand .. no matter what they call it .. when I get it home I realize its THAT color ... sigh ..

    Love your quirks ...


  18. Great quirks! My husband and I both make wishes when we see 11:11 (we both did that before we met) so maybe you are supposed to wish for something?

  19. So the ghost is a man and you see him in the kitchen. Maybe he's hungry? Do you know the history of Willow Manor enough to know who he is? I'd be leaving sugar cookies out every night to see what happens, but I'm not sure if ghosts still eat. Fascinating though.

    My husband says I sing like the little mouse in An American Tail. Or is it Tale? Anyway, he seems to thnk that's a good thing. I would rather sing like Kiri Te Kanawa myself.

  20. Pamela, I am pretty sure it is a man who killed himself here back in the 1970's. I've only seen him once. Everyone else in the family has seen a small elderly woman ghost, who also died here.

    Some where out there...beneath the pale moonlight... I love that Fivel Mouskevitch's singing!

  21. Interesting and I agree one does not feel dressed without lipstick. Only time I am without it is in the bath or in bed.
    I don't have a ghost though I am glad to say.

  22. These quirks are funny! I love the clock thing. That sometimes happens to me, I'll wake up five nights in a row at 2:38 a.m. But it sounds much more serious for you, Willow, if you are seeing 11:11 EVERYWHERE - it gives me chills to think about it!

  23. I did not think your answers were that quirky ~ what does that say about me...except maybe the ghost...

  24. I love the lipstick--and the ghosts! My husband also has a weird 11:11 thing. It makes me laugh--he's convinced it means something.

  25. I see quirks. Quirks to the right of me, quirks to the left. And from behind, in front of me, on top and from below.

    What should I Do? I know, call the Quirk Exterminator!!

    "Doc, oh doctor! You gotta a cure for the quirks?"

    "Yes" he said, "take two of these and call me tomorrow. OK?"

    "Two of what?" I asked.
    "Two Chill Pills, that's what", he replied.


  26. these are so charming and funny.
    I enjoyed getting to know you a little better.

  27. I am stuck in the middle! :):):)

  28. Fivel...yep, that's his name. My husband says it's a good voice for lullabys, and I have to admit, Apple loves it when I sing to her.


  29. In the world of dream interpretation, 11 means transition. 11 also stands for the prophetic. Believe it or not, I see 11'11 all the time too. Without sounding to may be going through a time of change / or transition in some part of your life. Also, (now here is where it get's weird), pay attention to your life, surroundings, etc when November 11th comes around. Maybe somethings coming up. (now don't weird out and freak thinking the worst. God doesn't work that way. He may just be getting your attention and giving you a heads up. OK?)

  30. It will be very interesting to see if anything unusual happens on November 11! :P

  31. Thanks for the tag! I'll get on this in the AM...You and I share a couple of similar quirks:)...It's all good, though...LOL!!..This will be a fun one, Willow...

  32. I absolutley love that you wear lipstick all day long and am in awe! A true GLAMAZON ;-)

  33. Your site is waaaay more fun than mine - so I'm posting my quirks with you... I guess that too is a quirk.

    1. I cannot use alarm clocks. I wake up multiple times anticipating the sound - hours before it is set to go off.

    2. Coke over Pepsi & fish and chips over hamburgers. No onions ever.

    3. I won’t try on or buy clothes with noticeable brand logos.

    4. I have over a dozen tape measures - spread throughout house and workshop - thus I never need to hunt for one or ask, “Where did I leave my tape?”

    5. Rarely do I remember the date or day of week.

    6. Can’t remember birthdays, names or phone numbers.

  34. I loved reading your quirks. If you have more I think you should do a part 2. I find it very interesting. Your posts are always so fun thought provoking.

  35. you got to me from the Black Box? how odd... and how totally not random! 11:11 is supposed to be auspicious, though I can't remember why. But it's good... or so I hear. Unlike the number 23, which is an absolute mindf***.

    Foreign films? I started watching Bollywood movies, and got into them so much I bought the "Teach Yourself Hindi" course. mujhe maaf karo, yaar| vo tumhare bahin thi main nahin jantaa tha|

    Which means (roughly) "I'm sorry man. I didn't know she was your sister."

    So don't feel too humiliated. It could be much worse.

  36. Hi. Ta for stopping by.
    The widget is fun isn't it.
    Also loved your quirks.
    We often visit the same blogs and have been here a few times. Will be back to visit again soon.

  37. I just tried to post and the computer "timed out" so I'll try again--I love your quirky idiosyncrasies, Willow,and I was saying how it puts a smile on my face to picture you singing ditties around the house. Keep it up--that has to be good for the soul.

  38. Lettersll done. Tagged it is and come on over to hear about my quirky self. Is this fun or what.

    Ghosts, We have a few in Inglewwod in Calgary. There is a scary tour around the various haunts in the summer. My customers have tales of ghosts including baths that fill up with water and the tap is not even turned on!!

  39. Bill, I love fish and chips, too, only it's Pepsi for me over Coke! And I do the alarm clock anticipation thing, too, so if I want any sleep, it's better to not use it at all. And my name's Willow, by the way...teehee!! :D

  40. Hey WIllow I checked out the black box, what fun, more fun, how much fun can a person have. Installed with the added.. 'May the Force be with You'
    sweet dreams

  41. the widget brought me here but I have to ask you ..... how do you manage to keep to the same lipstick. whenever I find one I like i can never find it again when it starts to run out.

  42. Wow a haunted house!

    The back box sent me here!

  43. Wow what a great blog! The widget brought me here :)

  44. I am a power lipsticker wearer too! I even smear glossy chapstick on before I go to bed!

  45. Wahooo, I came via the black box. The Wahoooo is because I beet trixie here (thats not easy).

    Loved your 6 (7) list!

  46. Man I have already been here this morning, I like it but I'm looking for new ones

  47. Hey Willow, the black boxes widget sent me here ... and it obviously knows something because the 11:11 thing is something I can relate to. For me it's not just 11:11, it's also numbers which have a mathematical sequence to them, like 12:34 or 13:57. 11:11 and 22:22 are the best though.

    Good quirks!

  48. I love quirky books, quirky movies, quirky jokes... and quirky people, like you, dear Willow! Love Eleanor

  49. I've taken up the challenge and my quirks have been posted. Thanks for the tag!

  50. More about the ghost!!!

    As for 11:11... I've always heard it's lucky and if you see it, make a wish!

  51. 11:11? Hum that is a little odd, I wonder what it means? Lipstick does put a girl in charge!!

  52. You are so interesting! I love reading everyone of those about you! Now wear the pearls with the lipstick too:)

  53. Why in the world would you feel humilated when we all feel fascinated?

  54. This was an entertaining read!
    Not only because it's always fun to know random things about strangers, but because some of your quirks are mine! The 11:11 thing has been a part of my life since I was 15. Weird. I always make a wish now when I see it. *shrugs* can't hurt, right?
    Also, I repeat phrases from foreign films all the time! It drives my husband nuts. And, no joke here, a co-worker of mine (many years ago) told me I laughed like something she heard in a movie. A few days later she told me it was Archimedes in the Sword and the Stone. When I read your quirk # 7 I actually lol!

  55. 11:11 repeating itself is certainly a message from above. Hopefully you were thinking of nice thoughts, as when this happens whatever you are thinking will manifest.

    For Steph, her 9:24 is a message that everything is in perfect order.

  56. Barbara, thanks for your input on 11:11. I have been wondering about this, as it is happening every day. Intriguing!


Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence.
― O. Henry (and me)