Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lala's Olive and Ham Loaf

Here's another great recipe from Lala. If you love olives, like we do,
you will really enjoy this wonderful olive and ham loaf. It's delicious
and savory; perfect paired with a big salad for a light summer supper.
I doubled the recipe and baked it in a loaf pan. Emmenthal cheese is
what we call Swiss. You can convert the grams to ounces online, or
eyeball it, like I did. Thanks, Lala! This was a wonderful treat!

Olive and Ham Loaf

180g of flour
200g of green olives
100g of ham
100g of grated Emmenthal cheese
1 dosis of baking powder
13cl of olive oil
10cl of milk
3 eggs

Slice the olives. Mix the flour and the baking powder. In a bowl,
whisk the eggs, the olive oil, the milk, salt and pepper. Pour the
preparation into the flour and mix carefully until the mixture
becomes homogeneous. Then add the olives, the cheese and the ham.
You can also add some herbs, parsley etc. Pour the preparation into a
mold and bake in the oven for 40 min at 180ºC. Let it cool. Serve the
cake lukewarm or cold with a salad or as an appetizer.

Note: As you can see on the photo, I use green olives stuffed with red
pepper. They're already salted so I don't add salt in the recipe.


  1. oh my goodness - olives, ham swiss cheese yum ! I'm adding this recipe to my collection. Thanks !

    Xo, S, Winn & Les Chats

  2. It's beautiful! Sounds delicious, too!

  3. I hope to make this on the weekend. It looks delicious.Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog recently. Also, I love the quote by Albert Schweitser that you have on the right hand side of your posting. It is not unlike the one about people who sing our song back to us when we have forgotten the words. Beautiful.

  4. Hello Willow !
    it looks GREAT !! glad you made it and liked it !


  5. Picnic in a loaf pan, wonderful!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I looked at your favorite books and movies: Edna St.Vincent Millay
    Billy Collins would definitely be among the first authors quoted on a list of mine, and you even have "The Hairdresser's Wife" among your movies, a rarity. I listed a few of my fav books on my Strawberry Fields blog, but that's only the beginning.

  6. This looks like a cookbook photo! Yum!

  7. Merisi, I love "The Hairdresser's Husband" and I can't wait until it is released in DVD format.

  8. Oh my Willow...Olive and Ham loaf on that beautiful plate...perfect! A lovely presentation indeed :)

  9. One of the specialty bakeries near my apartment sells something like this with sausage meat .. I dont eat meat but Husband does and he LOVES it ...

    Willow - that photo looks good enough to eat!


  10. Willow, I'm not much of a cook bu t will pass the recipe along to friends. Thank God for the microwave and Costo.

  11. Daryl, sausage would be great in this, too. I'll give it a whirl with that next time. mmm.

  12. It does look yummy, but we don't eat meat and you couldn't pay my husband to eat an olive! (I love them.)

    It's a great photo, though.


  13. Looks like my kind of loaf, what kind of flour did you use? Great for a picnic, should the good weather we are having in the U.K last...

  14. Oh, dear! I have a couple of recipes from your blog that I will be adding on to my 'music to listen to whilst eating' section. The gazpacho soup (I have not forgotten!) and this one. I am mad about olives, I like them pitted or stuffed.

    In Cuba we have a recipe that involves mincemeat, olives and raisins. The result is exquisite. I will have to upload it some day.

    Good photo, too. Mouthwatering.

    Thanks for popping by today and the answer is yes, listening to my Dad playing piano when I was little was magical and did help generate interest in classical music. So much that I played piano myself from age five to age twelve.

    Greetings from London.

  15. Queenie, just regular unbleached white flour...none of the fancy stuff.

    Cuban, I will be looking foward to that recipe with the mincemeat, olives and raisins...yum.

  16. oh, yum.... and oh, darn...I still don't have a gram scale to try some of the weight related recipes!! Sometimes I try to convert using my own method...but I can't actually trust it... and it is almost impossible to calculate from grams to cups measures...but... this one I am gonna try.

  17. Oh goodness, would we ever devour this in one sitting! LOL!!! I'm saving this in my recipe file..Thanks Willow amd Lala!

  18. Everything looks good. I guess the eyes and mouth are tied to the stomach as the picture makes mine growl.

  19. That sounds and looks like a delicious bread! Did you eat it as a sandwich bread, too? I wondered if it was good that way as well. Another one I'll have to give a go--sounds fabulous--I love olives! thanks for the good recipes!

    ps do you think it would toast, too?

  20. Brush, we didn't use it as a sandwich bread, it's fairly heavy...dense and cheesy. More cakish than breadish.

  21. Bumblevee, I estimated on the conversion and it was fine. This recipe is very forgiving.

  22. It's looks wonderful! I'm adding this recipe to my meagre collection. Thanks very much.

  23. Mmmmm, love olives and cheese! This is a recipe that I am going to try. I made up a horrible sounding supper recently that was really quite good...don't laugh...turkey hot dog dipped in pimento cheese. Eat each bit with an olive. Sounds sick...tasted pretty good.

  24. Mmm mmm mmm! I've printed it out, ready for a tryout.

    As for "The Hairdresser's Husband", I've never met anyone who knew it! That was a fascinating movie, with the same actor in the lead as played the company head in "Le Placard" (The Closet), a real favourite of mine.

  25. Wow that looks good. I wonder what if would be like either slathered in butter, or dipped in olive oil?

  26. BPG, okay, "Le Placard" has been added to my list! If you like it, I know I will, too. :)

  27. Strider, I tried it slathered both ways and I think the olive oil route is a tad better!

  28. It looks so delicious! I fell hungry already =)

  29. Since I cannot taste the loaf, I'd like to say, I like the design on the platter.

  30. Speaking of stuffed olives....at the moment I'm addicted to olives stuffed with smoked salmon which we can buy here in a tin. Delicious! The range includes, anchovies, ricotta and crushed almonds....all in an olive. Darn, I'm drooling again.


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