Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Juice Guy

This summer, both of my sons work at an upscale local deli. The older
is the manager and the younger is working there between college
semesters. At the dinner table they often talk about this odd character
who is constantly trying to convince my son to stock his international
boxed juice. The routine basically goes like this. Older son will be
back in the deli, busy whipping up a massive container of artichoke
dip, when he feels something tickle the back of his neck. He whirls
around and there is this quirky mumbling juice salesman, who, for
some unknown reason, likes to sneak in and stand as close as
possible to him, his beard actually touching the back of his neck!
This peculiar juice guy thinks my son is eventually going to give in
and stock his strange juice, if he becomes his friend. Now, I have
never seen this unusual man, but they say that he is short and has
a ten inch red beard, growing straight out from his face. When he
talks, he tilts his head back and actually peers up at you through
his dense red beard. In my mind, I have conjured a "Billy Gibbons"
kind of guy, with a backpack full of curious looking juice boxes with
flavors like beet-rye and some kind of unknown berry nectar.
Interestingly enough, this summer at The Manor, the term
"The Juice Guy" has amusingly taken on a similar connotation to
"The Cable Guy". If he shows up here this week, looking for my
son, he'll need no introduction. I'll know exactly who he is and I'll
tell him to leave a juice sample in the old ivy covered mailbox at
the front door!


  1. Ok...I'm laughing out loud! I can just imagine the expression on older son's face! Yes, he needs to leave a juice sample in your serpent laden mailbox...but be sure to have your camera ready when he does!

  2. yep.... get on your leathers and helmet... and jump on the back of the bike...

  3. Is this actually his picture, or did you steal from the ZZ-Top fansite?

    I would feel a bit intimidated if someone came up so close as to tickle the back of my neck with his beard. I don't like anyone invading my personal space zone.

    Having said that - I do like juice - especially when I freeze it into popsicles.

    That's quite the helmet the guy in the photo is wearing. It reminds me of Jesus Christ Superstar for some reason.


  4. Hmmmm, sounds like old Wildwood from the junk store down on High Street... except he would be peddling an assortment of vintage mod items, and perhaps some juice that is not quite legal! This made me chuckle.

  5. Betsy, good idea. I'll just park myself in that windowsill above the front door with my camera and wait for him.

    Kat, it's Billy Gibbons in the picture. ;)

  6. That is so funny, and just plain odd. Maybe he's some sort of crazy gnome with a sack full of magical juice that he is trying to trick your son and the store into trying!! You could really make a fairy tale out of this story. Oh my I hope he doesn't show up at the manor, he sounds a bit creepy. If he does maybe the ghosties will run him off.
    The juice guy is too funny!!

  7. The Juice Guy...ha!

    We all need characters like this in our lives...

  8. This is a really fun post Willow...the Juice Guy sounds a little creepy...I would be a little leary of the juice...How funny to actually find several boxes in your mailbox one day :)

  9. i can so relate to this. i am a bit uncomfortable with someone who does not respect my personal space. i worked with someone like that a while back and everyone commented on how eventually she would have you pushed up against the nearest wall or desk top as you tried to get your personal space back. luckily she wasn't peddling juice or anything though. smile!

  10. Hi Willow, I have popped over to say "Congratulations" to you, my fellow winner of the Arte Y Pico creativity award, given by Pat. Enjoy your award!

  11. Julie, if you knew my oldest and how he's a bit on the shy side, you would know how funny this scenario actually is! He doesn't like anybody in his space. :)

  12. Honestly. I don't know about some people. It might make sense to find out who he is working for an give them a complaint call.

    Either that or show him the point of my shoe.

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    I have invited bloggers to offer suggestions on a gift for me to give Patty and the list would not be complete without your ideas.

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  13. Z.Z. Top convention in town? The world is a more interesting vista with characters like these. Pappy

  14. LOL! When I first saw the photo on the top of this post I thought you were going to write a post about the band ZZ Top!

    My son worked in a deli between semesters once and told me he learned two lessons by the experience....1) always tip well --the "spare coin" cup on the counter really means something to those behind the counter, and 2) America disposes of too much waste in one day! :-)

    This juice guy sounds like quite a character -- I wonder what his night job is?

    Oh -- and another between semesters and summer job my son had when he was in college(he was really a lucky duck to get this one) was working as a temp stage hand for many venues in the Washington DC and VA area and he actually DID meet ZZ Top and said they were one of the nicest bands ... they invited the hands to eat along with them at their fancy buffet and actually serenaded them! Bob Dylan was another favorite. My son has lots of wonderful stories to tell from that experience!

  15. Looks as if he is part of ZZTop ...


  16. Good story about the juice guy. My sister Claudia used to just very boldly stare at a person and say to him or her (when they got too close for comfort):
    "You're in my bubble."
    Then, she'd stare them down, while the rest of us would just howl. It worked every time, though. The Juice Guy could make a good short story subject!

  17. Oh, I love that ending! Very funny.

    What a character though. Wherever you found this pic--it's perfect too.

    BTW, sorry, but no idea who Billy Gibbons is. Is he one of the men from ZZ Top or something?

  18. I wouldn't like that beard tickling the back of my neck. He seems like quite a character but a bit creepy for my liking.I had to chuckle at a brush with colours, "You're in my bubble" remark.

  19. A Brush and Robyn, I totally agree, I don't like it when someone gets in my bubble, either. That's what was so funny about this particular guy.

  20. Mmm, yes, Billy Gibbons is in (guitar and vocals) a group called ZZ Top. :)

  21. Did he escape from someplace where they hold goblins chained to dungeon walls? I'd be a little nervous drinking his juice..... even from a sealed box!! You can't be too certain about the food chain these days.


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