Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday Fun

Are any of you bloggies out there T.J. Maxx shoppers? It is a
hit or miss, treasure hunt kind of place, so you really can't have
anything in mind when you go. WT travels extensively, but when
he's home, we always eat lunch out on Fridays at our favorite
Chinese place, which conveniently happens to be located three
doors down from T.J. Maxx. Many times, I find absolutely nothing.
But this week I found one of my favorite Boleslawiec Polish pottery
mugs. Yay! And as you wait through the maze to the checkout
counter, all kinds of teasers are placed strategically along the route,
including books, one of my many weaknesses. This one, Williams-
Sonoma Breakfast, was lurking there, waiting for me. I can't wait
to try the Prune and Armagnac Clafoutis and the Broccoli Rabe,
Pesto and Smoked Mozzarella Strata. Mmm.


  1. Wonderful treasure you found there! I would have grabbed these two things up, too! Your little Friday outings sound so Chinese, too! ;)

  2. Your T.J. Maxx sounds like our "Value Village". I prefer to pore through the racks of Goodwill or The Sally Ann - not as many people, smaller venue and they just seem to be cleaner. (I wish WE had a T.J. Maxx).

    There's another commonality between us, Willow! I have a shelf dedicated exclusively to unique stoneware mugs. It used to be a pull-out ironing board, but I rarely iron (whoops, did I say that?)so, my husband (who is not a d.i.y. guy) made it into a terrific little shelf to showcase my mugs. He did a fantastic job too!

    As for the strata - Wow! You must be a wonderful chef. I prefer simplicity in my culinary arts. Lately, I am taken with a program called David Rocca's, La Dolce Vita. He's an Italian Canadian boy (molto bene too!) and he cooks up a storm.
    The show takes place in Italia, where he, his wife (the producer) and friends wander from locale to locale and he creates traditional dishes and then serves them up for his friends (usually al fresco or on the beach!) This is all accompanied by 60s-ish Felini-esque soundtrack. Viva Italia! I love it!


  3. I have an old vintage pull out ironing board cupboard, too! But it still contains the board. I do iron occasionally. It would be perfect converted into a shelf for my mugs!

  4. I have an eclectic array of coffee mugs (and a solitary teacup with saucer) that people have purchased for me over the years--mostly as birthday or Christmas gifts--but I've no more room to put them. I've taken to stacking them on one another. I should say, "No more!" but who can resist?

    I have a motley collection of plates and bowls, too. Friendlier, I think, than the uniformity of a matched set.

  5. I hate my things to be all uniform and matchy matchy. It is a more comfortable fell to mix the patterns, I agree!

  6. It's been years since I"ve been to TJ Maxx, but you have inspired me to schedule a re-visit! I'll let you know if I find a treasure, or two!

  7. okay, now you're REALLY making me hungry! the mug is gorgeous. I love green and blue together.

  8. My mother is a devoted T.J. Maxx shopper. She shops here for her 3 children, 10 grandchildren and her 10 great grandchildren, and yes she buys Christmas and birthday gifts for everyone. I can't believe she does it. We have been the recipients of many a treasure from the Maxx.

    Love your taste in mugs. Your collection, is each mug the same or do they sport different patterns?

  9. The mugs are various patterns. One is called "Peacock" and this is a new one, I'll have to look it up. I think they're so cheery. I also have a few bowls and plates.

  10. The covers on the Sonoma-Williams cookbooks are so appealing, it is hard to resist buying them. Glad you didn't... I know you'll share the recipes!

  11. No TJ Maxx here .. alas .. l love the mug and the book sounds yummy.. I rarely cook but I love to read recipes and watch cooking shows ..


  12. Beautiful coffee mug!I always gravitate towards blue and white crockery patterns.

  13. I love TJ Maxx. And I love that mug to!!!! I love to visit all those stores and search for neat treasures that I fall in love with at first sight.

  14. Sounds like our routine. Eat and then off to the bargain stores. Pappy

  15. Big fan of TJ Maxx....never know what you'll find...

  16. I happen to really enjoy TJ're right--it's definitely hit or miss, but I have found some wonderful things there (and at Marshall's, too.) Even when I'm on the road in the fall, I seek them out, because when you hit them on a good day, they rock! That eggs benedict looks delicious, incidentally.

  17. I've been hungry for eggs benedict ever since I brought this book home!


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